Surprise! Harry Styles Drops Debut Solo Single “Sign of the Times” Cover Art

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Solo Harry Styles is rising!!!

The youngest member of One Direction is taking a cue from his fellow boy band members, making plans to drop new music sans the rest of the group — and really soon, too; we learned that earlier this week when he released a surprise teaser about his first solo single — tapped for dissemination on April 7 — during a recent episode of The X Factor. Little did everyone know that we’d be getting even more of a tease today!

On Instagram, the 23-year-old singer announced the name of his first solo song, “Sign of the Times,” plus revealed the cover art! That means a solo debut album’s gotta be around the corner, right? Right???


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Considering he Instagrammed three blank images earlier this week, we should’ve seen some sort of big announcement like this coming. After all, the cutie did the same thing six months ago, right before he promoted three covers from his shoot with Another Man magazine. Here’s one example:

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Zayn Malik was, of course, the first member of 1D to venture into the world of one-man tunes, via RCA. (Except, unlike the rest, he announced a complete departure from his four comrades.) Soon after, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Harry followed suit, signing with Capitol Records, Universal Music, Syco Music and Columbia Records (One Direction’s label), respectively. Harry was the last one to have any of his newer, non-1D track information to hit the web, though; he had other projects in the works. (Psst, his movie, Dunkirk, hits theaters on July 21!)

After “Sign of the Times” makes waves on April 7, there’s already more Hazza plans in the works. He’s tapped to perform on Saturday Night Live on April 15. Rejoice!
Music isn’t the only thing on Harry’s mind. Here are six roles you didn’t know he almost filled:

Mattheus, Tulip Fever

Harvey Weinstein is one of the film industry's biggest executives, so when he offers you a movie role, you do not say no. Except for when you're Harry Styles.

The producer and studio owner told MailOnline, "I offered Harry a role in Tulip Fever but he was touring so he had to turn it down. The part ended up going to Matthew Morrison and let me tell you this, the very first scene he shot was one of him kissing Cara Delevingne."

Well, that would've been awk! Maybe touring responsibilities wasn't the only reason why Harry passed on the offer...

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Fiyero, Wicked

Wicked is possibly Broadway's most well-known play of all time, so it's really only a matter of time until someone adapts the story to fit on the big screen.

"[Harry's on] top of the Wicked team's wish list to play the romantic lead role of Fiyero,” a source told The Sun. "Movie makers see him as a new Zac Efron and think he would be a perfect casting for a movie musical.”

While comparisons to Zac Efron are definitely great, the movie still has no solid production plans, so the official cast list won't be revealed for a long time.

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King Harald Hardrada, King Harald

A few months ago it was revealed that Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly offered Harry the role of King Harald Hardrada in the latest historical film he's working on with his production company, Appian Way.

"[Leo and Harry] have been friends for a while now, and got chatting recently about Harry's acting career," a source told The Daily Star. "Leo would love to be the man to turn him into a movie star. Leo's asked Harry to take the role, but has promised him it won't interfere with his commitments to One Direction. The movie is in its initial stages so a filming schedule would be fit around the band's tour dates."

Hmm...seeing as One Direction will go on a hiatus after the On The Road Again Tour is done, Hazza may have more time than expected.

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Young Frank Sinatra, Untitled Film

When it comes to Martin Scorsese's upcoming biopic about Frank Sinatra's life, Harry Styles has a lot of competition. According to reports, Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, James Franco and Eddie Redmayne are all in the running to play the young icon. A source revealed, however, that Harry's real life could give him the advantage.

"It won’t be lost on Scorsese that Sinatra himself was a brilliant young singer before he hit the silver screen. If Harry can master character acting on top of being the great singer we all know he is, there’s no reason why this can’t be the platform that launches him as a major movie star."

The Sinatra movie is still in its early stages, but a Universal executive confirmed that the 21-year-old singer is “definitely on the short list."

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Unknown Character, The Bad Education Movie 2

After 1D announced their upcoming break, one of Harry's friends knew exactly how he was going to capitalize on his pal's new-found free time -- getting him in his film!

“I should’ve written him a part in The Bad Education Movie," Jack Whitehall told The Sun. “Maybe I’ll send him the first one and he can decide whether he wants to be in [the sequel].”

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Unknown Character, Ab Fab: The Movie

The UK is FREAKING out over the upcoming Absolutely Fabulous film, and to make the news even more exciting, Jennifer Saunders apparently wants Harry Styles to be in it!

"Jennifer has told friends she wants Harry to be part of the movie,” a source said. “She’s got some great cameos in the bag already, but wants to give the film a young, hipster edge."

There's no official word if the 1D guy will accept Jennifer's offer, but the movie doesn't start filming until later this year, so there's plenty of time for him to decide.

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