9 Big-Name Actors Who Actually Stole Props from the Set of Twilight

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Taking souvenirs from movie sets USUALLY isn’t allowed, but that hasn’t stopped some of your favorite actors and actresses from walking away with memorable items from their time on a film. Some stars take meaningful mementos that’ll hold a place in their hearts forever, while others swipe things simply because they feel like doing so. Think about it — you spend months working on a film set for 12+ hours a day, and suddenly you’re supposed to just say goodbye without anything personal to remember what you accomplished? No thanks.

The celebs of The Twilight Saga made sure not to let the series wrap without bringing home some of their favorite trinkets. The film’s biggest stars like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene all took items home with them, and we’re sure they still have ’em today. Even though some people may not be thrilled with their decision to work on a YA film in the past, props are def still a nice memory to have.

Robert Pattinson

Your favorite sparkling vampire took — wait for it — his underwear from the set of the YA films!

"They have the best underwear, and I have no idea where they get it from," Rob explained. "I use it every day."

The 30-year-old actor also revealed that he tried to take one of Edward Cullen's cars, but was denied. No sh*t!

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Kristen Stewart

Some Twilight stars may have taken things like socks and underwear, but Kristen Stewart took a memento that meant a lot to both her AND her character, Bella Swan.

"I took the rings," she revealed. "I have the engagement ring, the moon ring, and the wedding ring, which are really, truly quite important to me."

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Nikki Reed

While Nikki didn't steal a pair herself, her co-star did make sure she took them home

"I have my shoes from the baseball scene in the first movie, but that's because Kristen [Stewart] stole them for me," she said during a Comic-Con panel. "I'm such a rule-follower, and I couldn't possibly steal anything even if I wanted to."

That's what friends are for, right?

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Ashley Greene

In a panel interview at 2011 Comic-Con, Twilight star Ashley Greene admitted she DID, in fact, take a souvenir from the set when the movie series wrapped.

"I took my original Alice Cullen necklace with me, which is pretty cool to have," she said. SUPER cool!

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Kellan Lutz

This 32-year-old actor who played Emmett Cullen in The Twilight Saga didn't have to steal anything from the set — he was given the item he wanted!

He said, "From the first movie [I kept] my baseball cap. That's it."

Maybe a baseball cap isn't the BIGGEST item to keep as a souvenir, but it's definitely memorable AF.

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Peter Facinelli

"I kept my Carlisle ring," actor Peter Facinelli said. "You can buy it on Amazon for $12.99 now. They sell replicas of them, but this is the real one and it means a lot to me."

Sure it'd be cool to have a replica of that iconic piece of jewelry, but the actor totally came out with the best deal here.

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Elizabeth Reaser

A lot of actors would be happy to walk away with an item from a film set, but not ER!

"I stole socks. I actually feel kind of guilty for it. I ran out of socks. But I feel bad. I don't think it's good to steal from sets, or anywhere."

Stars, they're just like us.

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Jackson Rathbone

Okay, so, the actor who played Jasper Hale didn't exactly steal something memorable from the movie set, but he did take one thing home with him — his chair from his trailer!

"It had my name on it," he explained.

Fair enough.

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Bill Condon

We know the director of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn isn't technically a cast member, but we just HAD to include him on this list — wait until you hear what he took from set!!!

"I have Michael Sheen's [who played Aro] head," he said. "It's in my living room. I don't if it will stay forever, but it's been there for a while."

Can we get an update on that ~decoration~, Bill?

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