6 Successful YouTube Stars You Had No Idea Dropped Out of High School

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While some YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles and Phil Lester have a master’s degree, others didn’t even make it to their high school graduation. Can you imagine having that conversation with your parents? “Hey mom and dad! Just wanted to let you know that I’m not going back to school because I really think I can become successful by sitting in my room and talking to a camera for strangers to watch.” It obviously sounds crazy, but a lot of people’s decision to pack up, move to Los Angeles and pursue their dreams WITHOUT the help of HS actually worked out.

Listen — we’re not saying you should drop out of school to become a YT celeb, or any kind of celebrity for that matter. Education is super important, but it’s obviously not the only way to achieve your dreams.

Andrea Russett

Before Andrea was a social media queen, she attended a Catholic high school in Indiana. When the girl decided to move out to California to pursue her career, she enrolled in online HS...before deciding school just wasn't for her.

"I had a half of a year left when I stopped," she said. "Just because I feel like everybody learns differently and I don't learn by reading and writing a report. I need to be doing something to learn."

Although she was once planning to make a video about being a high-school dropout, the YouTuber has hardly talked about her experience and it's a fact that not many fans know.

Photo: Instagram (@andrearussett)

Jake Paul

Jake wanted to get out of his hometown and go to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting so badly that he basically just up and left. The 20-year-old Internet star "left five days early" and "didn't even technically finish" his high school career.

"From that day on I told myself I would never go back to that school, just 'cause how much of a negative environment it was, unless I was in a Rolls Royce," he explained.

Photo: Instagram (@jakepaul)

Timothy DeLaGhetto

Before he dropped out of high school and became a YouTube sensation, Timothy Chantarangsu, popularly known as Timothy DeLaGhetto, promised his parents that his Internet career would eventually help him pay off their mortgage. In 2014, he was able to fulfill his promise.

The 31-year-old YouTuber recorded himself giving his parents a check (of course he did), to which his dad replied, "I knew you could do it!" Awww!

Photo: Instagram (@timothydelaghetto)

Casey Neistat

Though Casey Neistat didn't drop out of high school to become a YouTuber, he still never finished taking classes. Someone once asked him, "Do you regret dropping out of high school?," to which he immediately responded, "Regret? No. I dropped out of high school because I had no other option. I had to get a job."

Times were obviously tough for a while, but the 36-year-old is one of the most successful YouTube stars right now, so things def worked out in the end.

Photo: Instagram (@caseyneistat)

Kristen Leanne

This beauty guru has always been open about being severely bullied in high school because she was different and liked bands like Blink 182. The hate got so bad that Kristen attended multiple different schools in hope of escaping the bullies, but they just wouldn't go away. Eventually this lead to her saying, "I don't have to deal with this anymore and I'm not going to," and she dropped out.

Photo: Instagram (@kristenxleanne)

Morgan Hudson

British YouTuber Morgan Hudson, better known as Morgz, dropped out of school at age 15 to pursue YouTube as a full-time job. In a video posted to his channel about his decision to leave he talks about how participating in HS and YouTube was nearly impossible.

The YouTuber explained that it takes about 10 hours for him to fully put together, film, and edit a video, making it impossible to do both. At one point his school even asked him to quit YT because it was taking up too much of his time. Joke's on them, we guess!

Photo: Instagram (@morgzyt)

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