6 Riverdale Cast Lookalikes That are Even More Shocking Than the Show

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Riverdale is EVERYTHING right now — that’s why we spent so much time looking for our Riverdale bae and finding out whether we’re Betty or Veronica. So, is it any wonder that when it came to researching celebrity lookalikes this week, we opted to search for the cast of the CW drama’s twins?

Of course you know that one particular member has an actual famous twin — ‘sup, Cole Sprouse? — but we’re talking about matching up your favorites from the television series with an unrelated star. Lo and behold, there are some really good matchups out there — most of which we didn’t have to dig very deep for. KJ Apa even found his doppelganger all on his own! Wanna see for yourself? You know what you need to do:

KJ Apa | Myko Olivier

At the premiere of co-star Ross Butler's new Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, the guy who plays Archie, KJ (right), met his celebrity doppelganger, actor Myko Olivier (left).

"My long lost brother," KJ wrote as the caption for an Instagram of the two of 'em, "seriously, it's weird."

"Just to throw a [monkey wrench] into the works," Myko wrote on his own Instagram at the same event. "#SPOILERALERT! Here's a nice #Season2 #Riverdale #Wondercon #Spoiler: Archie meets his long lost half-brother [wink face], Who he finds out is Josie's secret lover."

Sadly, he was kidding... or was he?

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Lili Reinhart | Brittany Murphy

People often compare Betty Cooper's alter ego to the late Brittany Murphy, who passed away in 2009. Some even suggest that Lili should portray the 8 Mile actress in a biopic.

Kaley Cuoco has also been brought up as a decent matchup for Lili.

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Camila Mendes | Phoebe Tonkin

Start typing in "Camila Mendes looks like" on Google — you won't even get halfway through "looks" before it finishes the sentence for you: "Camila Mendes looks like Phoebe Tonkin." Basically, Miss Veronica Lodge is like the Latina version of the Originals star.

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Cole Sprouse | Anna Kendrick

Cole has a literal twin to be his doppelganger — love ya, Dylan Sprouse! — but he's wayyy too obvious. Some people like side-by-sides of the cutie who plays Jughead and young Leonardo DiCaprio or Alex from Target. Personally? We're fans of Cole opposite the Pitch Perfect actress.

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Madelaine Petsch | Holland Roden

Like Camila, you can barely get through "Madelaine Petsch looks like" on Google before it finishes with "Holland Roden." Not only does the real-life Cheryl Blossom have the same beautiful red tresses as the Teen Wolf favorite, but their to-die-for lips are pretty identical, too.

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Ross Butler | Ki Hong Lee

Ross has a lot going for him at the moment. Originally, you got to know him as Brett on K.C. Undercover and Nathan on Teen Wolf. Now, he's killing the game as Reggie Mantle on Riverdale and, even more recently, as Zach on 13 Reasons Why.

Plus, he's got that whole Ki Hong Lee thing going on, too — and you know how we love ourselves some of the Maze Runner actor.

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