Squee, Your Favorite Family of YouTubers Just Added Another Baby to the Brood!

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It’s time to celebrate, everyone! Though her brother is in hot water with his family and friends right now (for reasons you already know), Carlie Butler is flying high, along with her husband, Jackson Wood, because… they just had another baby!

The YouTube star, known to her fans as CarlieStylez, announced the birth of her son a couple hours ago. “Elliot Jay Wood,” she began on her Instagram, “I can’t even write this without tearing up.7 pounds 4 oz. and 21″ of perfection. Your spirit has already blessed our family and filled our hearts completely. ❤️👶🏼 #babywood17”

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Her husband echoed her sentiments on the platform. “Elliot Jay Wood,” he captioned his own photograph. “I don’t have any words…. ❤️🤘”

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Carlie is already the proud mother of a 9-year-old boy named Cooper Colonel, her son with ex-husband Christian Colonel. Considering the journey of infertility she suffered through while trying to conceive her newborn bebe, we’re ecstatic that the family can finally rejoice.

Kayli Butler, you’re up next!
These eight beauty gurus also announced their pregnancy on YouTube:

Louise Pentland

Louise, a.k.a. Sprinkle of Glitter, is always open and honest about her personal life, even when it's not the best. She has gone through a marriage, pregnancy and divorce on YT, and continues to share it all with her subscribers. Back when she was just getting her start on the video site, the British beauty released a video reflecting on her wedding and then announced that she and her then-hubby were expecting their first child. It was a quick video, but it was obvious that Louise was both shocked, and super excited, about becoming a mother. Her daughter Darcy is now a regular fixture on her YT page.

Instagram (@sprinkleofglitr)

Anna Saccone-Joly

Anna, better known as being one half of the SacconeJoly daily vloggers, is used to sharing her personal life. Her and her husband, Jonathan, live in the UK and post daily videos showing off their life as a family. The couple has two children, Emilia and Eduardo, and both pregnancies were uniquely documented on YT. In addition to the happy times, Anna also shared her most recent pregnancy and miscarriage with the world.

Instagram (@annasaccone)

Samantha Maria

Beauty/fashion blogger and business extraordinaire Sammi Maria is the most recent beauty guru to announce her pregnancy. Just this month, the British beauty revealed her baby bump in the cutest Instagram picture and revealed that she and her husband are expecting their first baby due later this year. This is Sammi's first pregnancy and we absolutely cannot wait to see what amazing maternity outfits she creates and how she changes up her beauty regimen.

Instagram (@samanthamariaofficial)

Judy Travis

In the eight years that It's Judy Time has lived on YouTube, she's has gotten engaged, married, had one child, and then announced she was pregnant with twins, all while giving us the best makeup and hair tutorials ever. Two years ago, the Seattle native surprised us all with a quick video where her first-born daughter, Julianna, was crawling around in a onesie that said, 'Big Sister;' and the surprises didn't stop there. The beauty guru also announced on video that they were going from a family of three to five because they were expecting identical twin girls! The Travis family now daily vlogs on It's Judy's Life where fans can watch all three of the girls grow up right before their eyes.

Instagram (@itsjudytime)

Tiffany Denny

The name behind Makeup By Tiffany D announced her first pregnancy in the most perfect way. Not only was she absolutely glowing (probably a mix of really good highlighting skills and having a bun in the oven), but the reveal happened on her actual birthday! It was a double dose of fun and Tiff began a weekly pregnancy vlog so we could follow her daily routines and how she was taking care of herself through those nine months. Little Olivia Belle was welcomed to the world in January 2015.

Instagram (@makeupbytiffanyd)

Kandee Johnson

Although she is known for creating amazingly outrageous makeup transformations and being one of the most sought after makeup artists on YouTube, Kandee is more than just a pretty face . Before she even began to share beauty tips on YT, the 37-year-old had a blog devoted to her pregnancy. As much as she would love to share more about her four kids with her fans, Kandee has mentioned on Instagram how their father asks her to not show pictures and to keep their faces hidden. Although we may not always see them, the beauty guru talks about them so much we feel like we know 'em!

Instagram (@kandeejohnson)

Lindy Tsang

Lindy is the beauty and brains behind the mega-popular Bubz Beauty and gives us the best need-to-know info on how to perfect our beauty routines and live a healthy lifestyle. On her second channel, bubzvlogz, Lindy shared with us the exact moment she found out she was pregnant and how she surprised her husband. Not only did he have the sweetest reaction to finding out he was becoming a dad, but the news came on Christmas Day, which made it extra special. Now that their son is growing up, Lindy continues to bring him on camera and incorporate motherhood and her pregnancy into her videos.

Instagram (@itsbubz)

Emily Eddington

Emily, known as EmilyNoel83 on YouTube, announced her pregnancy two years ago in the cutest way. In a FAQ video, the brunette addressed the fact that she is always asked when she and her husband are planning on having children. After explaining that their lives are busy and she doesn't know when they'll have a child, Emily's husband walks in and asks if she wants to have one the following September and reveals a sonogram! We love the joking nature of the video and how open she continues to be about life with an infant.

Instagram (@emilynoel83)

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