7 of Your Favorite Teen Wolf Stars Who Actually Stole from the MTV Set

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Filming for the last half of the final season of MTV’s Teen Wolf has officially wrapped up, as of March. After six years and 100+ episodes, the cast and crew must bid farewell to Beacon Hills and all the spooky supernatural sh*t that happens there. While we’re sure dread doctors, ghost riders and a-hole werewolves won’t be missed, the sets, props and clothes will be. So, why not steal them, right? The OG cast and members of the new crew have dished about the trinkets they’ll be taking.

That’s right, the series biggest stars, like Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and Shelley Hennig, all took mementos home with them, and we’re sure they’re on display in their own houses. There was no way these celebs were going to just say goodbye to Beacon Hills — nope, Los Angeles and beyond will forever hold a piece of everyone’s fave werewolf pack. Join us as we take a look at seven of your favorite Teen Wolf stars who actually stole (or plan on stealing) from the MTV set:

Tyler Posey

Scott's lacrosse gear won't cut it for Tyler — he wants to walk away with something even more epic from set.

It should come as no surprise that the leading man actually wants to take something large and expensive from the Teen Wolf set. Case in point, Tyler recently revealed he's going to steal Scott's motorcycle.

"I'm gonna wheelie away," he says. Executive Producer Jeff Davis even signed off on it, saying, "It's okay, there's, like, three of them."

Only the star of the show could get away with stealing a motorcycle from set without a blink of an eye from the creator of said show.

Photo: MTV

Dylan O'Brien

Dylan's former on-screen love interest, Shelley Hennig, totally snitched on the cutie, and said he wants to take Stiles' Jeep. Have fun getting that one off the lot, Dyl!

Photo: MTV

Holland Roden

Holland actually has a good reason for what she wants to steal from the McCall house: a blanket.

"One of them is actually mine," she reveals. "I brought it to take a nap once and it stayed there." So technically, the props department stole from her!

Photo: MTV

Shelley Hennig

Shelley is proving she's as bada** as her Teen Wolf character, Malia, when it comes to the item she plans on taking — it wasn't even her own character's! Yep, she has no issues having sticky fingers on the TW set and knows exactly what she wants to take.

"The ghost rider's cowboy boots," she says of what she has her eye on once they're done filming the last season. As long as people don't start disappearing all of a sudden in a cloud of green smoke, we like her souvenir.

Photo: MTV

Dylan Sprayberry

While Dylan's character, Liam, is a more recent addition to the Teen Wolf fam, it hasn't stopped him from feeling entitled to take his own souvenirs home.

From his three years playing the new pack member, Dylan has been looking forward to the day that he can finally run off with a few items from the Beacon Hills High library. So what does he have his eye on? "The beanbags in the library. I'm taking those," he dishes.

Photo: MTV

Khylin Rhambo

They say people dating for years end up morphing into the same person after awhile, and it can also be true for actors. It turns out Khylin is a fan of his character Mason's TW style so much so, that at the end of filming, he confesses a jacket will be missing from the wardrobe department.

"The coat that I'm wearing for Episode 6.13," he says. We'll have to wait until the very last season, 6B, premieres later this summer to get a glimpse of the jacket he fell in love with, but we bet it's awesome.

Oh yeah, he also says he wants to take a dread doctor's mask.

Photo: MTV

Cody Christian

Teen Wolf's Theo may be a total d-bag at times on the show — remember when he tried killing everyone? — but IRL, Cody is a total softie who just wants a good cuddle. Awww.

"I still stand behind it. There are throw blankets in the McCall house that they put on the back of the couch," he says of the item he's adding to his own house. "They're the softest blankets I've ever felt. I don't know why. I don't know where they got them." Huh, we wonder if he's talking about Holland's.

Photo: MTV

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