6 Harry Potter Actors Who Actually Stole Things from the Movie Set

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There’s no denying the Harry Potter movie set was one of the most magical places in the world. Where else could you find Time-Turners, centaurs and magical wands all in one place?! So, not gonna lie, we can’t entirely blame the cast of the film franchise for wanting to decorate their own houses with items they spent most of their lives around. Despite there being people on set whose only job was to search actors and protect continuity, six cast members got away with swiping beloved items.

Yes, even the rule-abiding Hermione Granger (played by Emma Watson) couldn’t say goodbye to the movie without taking a few prized possessions. Read below to see all things she hid in her purse on the last day of filming, as well as what her co-stars still have in their possession today.

Daniel Radcliffe

It should come as no surprise that Daniel took home Harry Potter's glasses from his iconic role as the Boy Who Lived. "I only wanted Harry's glasses; I didn't want the wand. I definitely didn't want the broom," he said. While it was a big deal for actors to go home with props from the HP set, the star of the film got exactly what he wanted.

"I ended up getting two pair of the glasses. I have one pair that is lens-less. Often the glasses I wear on set are lens-less, because there are camera reflections. Those are from the seventh film, and I also got a pair with lenses from the very first film. So I've got two pairs, one from the first film and one from the last. I'm very happy with them."

We would be, too!

Photo: Warner Bros.

Emma Watson

Hermione Granger was the one who tried to keep Ron and Harry out of trouble, but Emma clearly has a bit of a rebellious side to her IRL. You see, the girl didn't just swipe one thing from the Harry Potter set — she grabbed three!

She explained, "I took my wand, I took my time turner, and I took a cloak. That's about it really."

Sneaky? Yes. Deserving? Absolutely.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Rupert Grint

Like Dan and Emma, Rupert wanted his own mementos once the series was wrapped, so he went back to where it all started...4 Privet Drive.

"It is shameful to say that on the last day, I took the street number on Harry's house on Privet Drive," he revealed. The actor also took Dumbledore's Deluminator, which technically belongs to him, since it WAS given to Ron.

Photo: Warner Bros.

Matthew Lewis

Out of everyone in the Harry Potter cast, Matt stole the grossest item to remind him of his character, Neville Longbottom. He explained:

"I have got the false teeth at home. My parents have this weird sort of shrine for me, this shelf in the corner that has memorabilia and pictures and stuff from the films over the years and the teeth are in there. They were the bane of my life for a couple years, but it's nice to have them. It's kind of gross, though."

Yeah, Matt — that's really gross!

Photo: Warner Bros.

Alan Rickman

It wasn't only children who took items from the Harry Potter world. The late Alan Rickman, who played Severus Snape, was busted for stealing from set by none other than Jason Isaacs, who played Lucius Malfoy.

"It was very difficult to steal things because Alan, god love him, he nicked all of the Gringotts coins on the very first day," he said. "Maybe if the fab three invited Snape to break into the bank with them things wouldn't have gone so terribly wrong."

Photo: Warner Bros.

Derek Hough

While Derek was only an extra in the first Harry Potter movie, he knew how huge the film franchise was going to be and wanted some ~memories~ to take home with him.

"I was in Ravenclaw — I stole the robe, the tie, the scarf, and I stole cutlery from the Great Hall," he told People magazine. "I was like, 'I'm taking this!' It was a big no-no; it was a big thing. And I was like, 'I'm taking a chance.' It was funny because we knew those movies were gonna be such a big deal."

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