8 Nick Jonas Roles That Will Make You Forget He Was Ever on Disney Channel

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It’s hard to believe, but Nick Jonas has been acting and singing for more than 13 years(!). Back in the day, Nick was hard at work on his solo venture, as well as a joint career with his two brothers as part of the Jonas Brothers — which took off way before he reached solo success — and the band shot to fame in 2006 after touring with Aly & AJ and releasing music with Disney.

Of course, the adorable trio quickly became known for their many roles on the Disney Channel, including their very own series, JONAS, as well as their featured parts alongside pal Demi Lovato in 2008’s Camp Rock. How’s that for a #TBT?!

They became huge stars seemingly overnight, but Nick was always determined to succeed in his career beyond his Disney roots. Since then, he’s released music with his brothers and as a solo act, and he’s made some seriously impressive acting moves, both on TV and in movies, as an adult. Here are Nick’s most shocking roles that will make you forget he was ever on the Disney Channel:

Nate Kulina on Kingdom

In his starring role on this intense drama series, Nick plays Nate, a closeted MMA fighter. This role has been subject to plenty of controversy and criticism due to an explicit and disturbing scene on the show's second season. Before he reveals he is gay, Nate is drugged at a party and sexually assaulted, which understandably upset viewers and critics alike.

Despite the controversy, Kingdom will air its third season in May of this year.

Photo: DirecTV

Boone Clemens on Scream Queens

On the hilarious black comedy, Nick plays a college student named Boone who's more than a little obsessed with working out… and killing people. Seriously!

Of his provocative role, Nick told Entertainment Tonight, "I think it's all about being true to who you are. For Boone in particular and this show as a whole, everything is not as it seems... I've been so honored to play some really strong gay characters."

Nick played Boone for five episodes of the show's first season.

Photo: Fox

Doug Martin in Careful What You Wish For

Nick's first movie role after Disney came in this 2015 thriller, and it was a steamy one. Nick played Doug, a younger guy who loses his virginity to a slightly older married woman during a sordid summer affair. When she claims to "accidentally" kill her husband, Doug becomes involved in the coverup, entangled in a royal mess. While Doug is pleading his innocence, the whole town grows suspicious that he was actually behind the murder. So scandalous!

Photo: Starz Digital

Brett in Goat

Nick received rave reviews for his role in the 2016 indie. He played Brett, a senior frat boy whose brother is determined to join his big bro's fraternity as a freshman. The fraternity brothers force new recruits to submit to disturbing and humiliating hazing tactics as part of hell week, and things go horribly wrong when one student is murdered in the process. It's a dark and intense movie that exposes the horrors of Greek life when hazing happens.

Photo: Paramount Pictures

Ryan on Last Man Standing

Nick made a guest appearance during the first season of this sitcom, and his role was a doozy! He played Ryan, a deadbeat dad who fled when his girlfriend, Kristin, became pregnant.

On his episode, Ryan decided he wanted to be in his child's life, shocking Kristin and her family. It was a pretty grown up role for Nick, who was only 19 at the time.

Photo: ABC

Unknown Role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Okay, so this one hasn't come out yet, but we're seriously so excited for it! Nick is starring alongside Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock) and Jack Black in the upcoming reboot of the beloved board game classic starring the late Robin Williams. We don't know much about Nick's role just yet, but we're sure that it will give him a chance to flex his comedic muscles.

The movie is scheduled to be released in December, and we can't wait to check it out.

Photo: Columbia Pictures

Ian Wright on Hawaii Five-0

For three episodes of the popular '70s police reboot, Nick played Ian Wright, a seemingly innocent slacker who was actually up to no good. It's revealed that his character is actually a sociopath, using his smarts to hack secure areas to sell security codes for a big price... all leading up to an intense plane hijacking in which he threatens to take the plane (and its 300 passengers!) down, killing them all! Nick's character manages to escape arrest... only to be killed. RIP, Ian!

Photo: CBS

Lyle West on Smash

In a nod to his Disney star roots, Nick played Lyle West, a former child pop star looking to invest in a Broadway musical... which we thought was the perfect way to honor his own life as a teen pop sensation while giving him a seriously grown-up role.

Photo: NBC

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