Popular Singer Criticizes 13 Reasons Why for Doing More Harm Than Good

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13 Reasons Why is a force that’s completely taken over the entertainment industry in the last few weeks, but while millions of people are watching the Netflix hit, not everyone is a fan…and for good reason. Zara Larsson, the singer who rose to fame with the song “Never Forget You,” recently opened up a can of words when she tweeted (and deleted) eight simple words — “13 Reasons Why is mehh don’t @ me.”

While many people assumed the 19-year-old was criticizing the series produced by Selena Gomez for some trivial reason, it turns out she had much bigger issues with the show.

“In my opinion it romanticizes a revenge suicide and it doesn’t bring up mental illness or depression AT ALL,” she wrote in response to a fan who told her it “literally doesn’t matter if it’s meh…the reason behind it is why it’s being talked about so much.”

Someone else said she “did not understand what the series really wanted to pass on to people,” which she fiercely denied. In fact, Zara responded by saying she DOES understand the message, but “the show is just not [her] cup of tea [because it’s] too unrealistic [for her].”

If we’re being completely honest, we understand where Zara is coming from with her concerns. Sure, 13RW has the potential to help a lot of people understand the dangers of bullying, but numerous mental health professional have spoken out saying that its graphic nature and unrealistic depictions of mental illness can actually do more harm than good to people who are suffering.

Unlike Zara, these celebrities ARE fans of 13 Reasons Why:

Selena Gomez

When you think of 13 Reasons Why, you think of Selena Gomez. The 24-year-old star was originally supposed to star in this adaptation when it was set to be a movie, but ultimately decided to pull out because "a book is frightening for [her] because [she] knows the cult following it has." That being said, Selena didn't totally remove herself from the story — she's an executive producer on the Netflix series!

The "It Ain't Me" crooner recently spoke to E! News about her passion for Jay Asher's story and why she fought to get it brought to life.

"I think the message, how I felt when I first read the book, I felt like Hannah, and now, seven years later, I still felt like Hannah even more than I ever did," she explained. "So I think the message and people, no matter what age you are, can relate to the story. Everybody has gone through this, and more than ever it should be talked about today."

Photo: Instagram (@selenagomez)

Perrie Edwards

Little Mix is currently on tour with Ariana Grande and doesn't have a ton of time to just chill, but that didn't stop Perrie from binge-watching 13 Reasons Why just like the rest of the world. In fact, the "Touch" singer was so affected by the Netflix series that she posted a lengthy note on Twitter about her feelings.

"I just watched the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why and it was one of the hardest things to watch. The way they got the message across was amazing, and although I found it upsetting and massively disturbing I feel like every person going to school/high school should watch it. Bullying is a disgusting thing that young people have to go through on a daily basis. If you or anyone you know is being bullied please don't sit back and stay mute. Do something about it. Life is too short and there is always someone you can talk to. We can stop bullying if we stick together and show love and support to one another."


Photo: Instagram (@perrieedwards)

Lauren Jauregui

Some people only discovered the greatness that is 13 Reasons Why thanks to the Netflix series, but this Fifth Harmony girl has been a fan for years.

"#13ReasonsWhy is lit," she tweeted following its release. "I read this book in 7th grade and it was my favorite for a while...so exciting to watch it."

Photo: Instagram (@laurenjauregui)

Kylie Jenner

When a fan asked Kylie if she watched 13 Reasons Why, the 19-year-old simply responded, "I just want Clay," with a sad face Emoji. WHY WHY IS CLAY PERFECT?!

Photo: Instagram (@kyliejenner)

Andrea Russett

Andrea finished 13 Reasons Why shortly after it was released, and tweeted, "It was hard to watch, and pulled a lot of buried emotions out, but wow I am so thankful for the show @13ReasonsWhy. Important message."

The YouTuber hit the nail on the head. While the on-screen adaptation of Jay Asher's book is receiving tons of support, it is incredibly graphic and discusses subjects that are intense, heartbreaking and truly terrifying.

Photo: Instagram (@andrearussett)

Connor Franta

Like Andrea, this YouTube star also found 13 Reasons Why pretty disturbing, but loved it nonetheless. Here's what he tweeted after binge-watching the Netflix hit:

"Wow 13 Reasons Why was really good.. chilling.. a bit unsettling.. but good. Well worth the binge."

Photo: Instagram (@connorfranta)

Lili Reinhart

This 20-year-old actress is riding her own wave of success, with Riverdale being one of the most successful new shows on TV right now, but that doesn't mean she's not a fan of other series.

Lili recently tweeted, "Shoutout to my pal @RossButler — your work on 13 Reasons Why is touching. Bravo."

Friendship goals!

Photo: Instagram (@lilireinhart)

Ricky Dillon

"Guys I've been riding a roller coaster all day aka I've been watching 13 Reasons Why all day and I'm almost done," is how this YouTuber first told fans that he jumped on the Netflix bandwagon. A few hours later, Ricky finished the series and continued posting on social media in a series of tweets that are SUPER relatable.

"I JUST FINISHED 13 REASONS WHY OMG. Wow. 13 Reasons Why is so amazing and done so incredibly well I'm speechless. I literally learned valuable life lessons from watching this. Be nice to people y'all. It's so much easier to be nice to someone than to be mean. Don't wanna tweet spoilers so I'll be vague but I relate incredibly too well to one of Hannah's 13 reasons...bullying is real and hurts. Who is y'alls favorite character? Mine is Tony."


Photo: Instagram (@rickydillon)

Mae Whitman

Mae not only starred on Parenthood with Miles Heizer, who plays Alex on 13RW, but the two are also best friends IRL. That being said, you already know the actress was going to watch and love the series and encourage everyone else to do the same.

"K you need to be thankful to the lord today that he's given you 13 Reasons Why," she captioned a picture of Miles on Instagram. "You should stay on your couch and watch my beautiful best friend/roommate in his new show... 13 Reasons Why. Do not smite me go watch immediately Miles is a f*ckin golden god. Also my other son @dylan_minnette, who is a truly brilliant actor and all around very good boy, is on it, too. I'm telling you this show is the sh*t people ok bye."

Photo: Instagram (@mistergarf)

Jasmine Villegas

While 13RW made Jasmine V cry (um, same), she still thinks the show "is amazing."

Photo: Instagram (@jasminevillegas)

Hannah Stocking

Being obsessed with 13 Reasons Why has cost a lot of people a TON of sleep, including this Vine star.

"13 Reasons Why is the one reason why I pull all nighters," she wrote on Twitter.

So true, girl. So freakin' true.

Photo: Instagram (@hannahstocking)

Bex Taylor-Klaus

While this Scream: The TV Series hasn't finished the Netflix series yet, she's been a fan for YEARS and already loves the hit.

She tweeted, ".@jayasherguy 's #13ReasonsWhy saved my life in high school. Watched the first ep of the @13ReasonsWhy series and felt the same love."

Photo: Instagram (@bex_tx)

Nyle DiMarco

We're not sure what this Dancing with the Stars winner was thinking when he watched 13 Reasons Why at the airport (rookie mistake, TBH), because he later tweeted that the show caused him to cry in public.

Photo: Instagram (@nyledimarco)

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