10 Offensive 13 Reasons Why Products People Legit Thought Were Good Ideas

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When we showed you all of the products 13 Reasons Why fans would actually appreciate, we warned you that there were quite a bit of awful products that were supposedly inspired by the Selena Gomez-produced show. Our exact words were, “some are simply distasteful, while others are vomit-worthy.” Welp, that’s what you’re about to see, folks.

While we’re glad to say that a fair amount of offensive merchandise was taken off the Internet — we’re talking bloody cassette tape T-shirts, people — there are still other items that, as of press time, remain on the web. Here are ten such awful AF 13 Reasons Why products that people legit thought were good ideas:

"Welcome to Your Tape" Pillow

By now, we're sure you've seen the 13 Reasons Why-inspired memes that suggest that Hannah was hurt by trivial incidents, because she referred to someone like Ryan Shaver as one of the reasons she killed herself 'cause he published her poem in his magazine. Here's one meme example:

Chipotle employee: Guac is extra

Hannah: Welcome to your tape

The point that's missed is that ~Everything affects everything~ — one particular incident didn't cause Hannah to commit suicide; 13 incidents did.

Getting back to the pillow, it's further trivializing Hannah's actions.

To think, this pillow is probably the least offensive item on the list. You'll see...

Photo: Red Bubble

"I Killed Hannah Baker" T-Shirt

As if this is a reason to be proud.

Photo: Red Bubble

"Bryce Walker and Jail is My Favorite OTP" T-Shirt

Really? Your favorite OTP out of all the possibilities — Clay & Hannah, Justin & Alex, literally anyone & anyone — is a rapist & jail. Like... we understand that it's like saying Bryce belongs in jail, but, personally, we wouldn't want a two-time rapist's name on our clothing.

Photo: Red Bubble

"Don't Be One More Why" T-Shirt

O... M... G...

Photo: Red Bubble

"Don't Touch Me Unless You're Zach Dempsey" Sticker

Except, even if you are Zach Dempsey, don't do any touching unless explicitly asked to do so.

Photo: Red Bubble

"Justin Foley Deserved Better" T-Shirt

Hannah Baker deserved better. Jeff Atkins deserved better. Jessica Davis deserved better... especially from her boyfriend. Sure, Justin had a tough upbringing, but he allowed his best friend to rape his GF. Let's all remember that.

Photo: Red Bubble

"Justin Foley is Such a Smol Bean" T-Shirt

Oh, yes, such a smol bean that he took a picture of Hannah's underwear while she was coming down a slide, then let everyone believe he got to third base with her. And when his best friend sends out the picture to everyone at school, he doesn't even try to apologize to Hannah. Yeah, rele smol bean.

Photo: Red Bubble

"Your on the List" T-Shirt

Even if you disregard the spelling error — it's supposed to be Y-O-U-APOSTROPHE-R-E — what's this shirt meant to do? Be a threat?

Photo: Red Bubble

"Kill Myself and Chill" T-Shirt

It doesn't outright mention anything to do with 13 Reasons Why, but it was tagged with the name of the show on redbubble.com. You have to see why this is awful, right? Right???

Photo: Red Bubble

Hannah Baker Noose-Around-Neck T-Shirt

Some seriously disturbed Internet troll actually took the time to create this. We are so done. Goodbye.

Photo: Red Bubble

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