Ranking 11 of Your Fave Beauty Gurus’ Biggest Scandals, From NBD to OMG

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Nowadays, actors, models and musicians aren’t the only ones who are involved in controversies and scandals. Because blowing up on YouTube means that you now have a crazy fanbase that’s growing into the millions, which can sometimes spell trouble for the well-meaning kids that find themselves turned into Internet sensations.

These YT beauty gurus have been caught in all sorts of scandals since they came onto the scene and amassed their millions of followers. Between more common controversies, like being caught in their lies, and the more serious allegations of racism and lawsuits, these gurus may only be famous in the online world, but they’ve surely received a heavy dose of the negative side of fame:

Kat Von D's 'Underage Red' Lipstick

Back in March of 2015, fans and critics of Kat began to question her judgment when they realized that the name of her iconic red matte lipstick, "Underage Red," might not be the most pure name around.

The mogul quickly went on to clarify on a Facebook post that it was not her intention to offend her customers or make anyone feel uncomfortable, BUT she was not going to be sacrificing her creative freedom to make them happy. Oh.

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Nikkie Tutorials — LYING

Just last year, Nikkie Tutorials went viral for her "power of makeup" video in which she embraced her natural beauty by only applying makeup on half of her face and owning how powerful makeup makes her feel.

Fast forward a couple of months later, Nikkie is launching a major face palette called "Power of Makeup" in collaboration with Too Faced. After Nikkie goes on her YT channel to brag about how amazing her collab is, many a YT beauty blogger, including Stephanie Nicole, accuses her of lying to her fans and showing in real time that her product isn't as great as she made it out to be.

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Zoella's Ghostwriter

When one of the biggest YT gurus announced that she was releasing her first book in 2014, her fans understandably freaked out. Zoella's Girl Online broke massive records when it was first released and it even sold more than J.K. Rowling's first Harry Potter book did in its first week.

However, fans became suspicious of Zoella's claim that she had written the book herself when they noticed that she had thanked a well-known ghostwriter in the final pages of her book. This forced the beauty guru to confess that she had lied about her original claim and put into doubt the future book releases of her fellow YouTube stars in the process.

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Patrick Starrr's Rude Reaction to Fans

YT beauty superstar Patrick Starrr was caught in a bit of controversy last year when a video surfaced on YouTube showing the beauty maven dismissing and rolling his eyes at a fan. RUDE.

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Manny MUA Bullying Fans → Lawsuit

Last year, Manny MUA was caught in some serious controversy after he published Snapchats in which he and Gerard Cosmetics founder, Jen Gerard, bullied a fellow beauty guru who gave the makeup brand a negative review.

Adding fuel to the fire, neither Manny nor Jen ever apologized for making fun of the YT personality and instead went on the offensive and attacked anyone who commented on the controversy. At one point, things got so nasty that fellow YT beauty star Jaclyn Hill cut ties with the brand.

Nowadays, the face of Maybelline is embroidered in a lawsuit, along with fellow beauty guru Jeffree Star, courtesy of Black Moon Cosmetics. According to a complaint, filed by McArthur Law Firm, BMC was "the first cosmetic company to use packaging incorporating a mark consisting of holographic crescent moon on a black background to distribute cosmetic products," which Manny & Jeffree use in their new collab.

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Jeffree Star's Twitter Fight... with a Customer! Plus Lawsuit

Love him or hate him, Jeffree Star has made quite the name for himself in the beauty world. And as one of the top beauty bloggers on YouTube, with his own brand to boot, his products sell out really quickly.

However, things did take a turn for the worst when, a couple of months ago, a young fan of his tweeted at him to let him know that she found a piece of hair in her brand-new highlighter.

Instead of trying to make the young customer feel better about the situation, Jeffree began an all out Twitter war with her and the back and forth resulted in the blogger blocking the fan on social media.

More recently, there's that lawsuit we talked about (with Manny MUA).

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Jaclyn Hill's Lawsuit

Speaking of Jaclyn Hill, the famous beauty guru faced a serious lawsuit just last year when a former friend and creative collaborator alleged that she refused to pay him for creating her now famous YT logo.

Jaclyn, however, said that she did pay for the logo at the time it was made, and that this former friend was just after a bigger paycheck now that she had made it.

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Michelle Phan's Lawsuit

Back in 2015, the OG beauty guru Michelle Phan was sued by Ultra Records for using the studio's music in her YT videos. The company alleged that Michelle was making serious bank using their records for profit in her videos without caring about publishing rights. The lawsuit ended up being settled out of court.

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Bretman Rock's Cultural Appropriation

Bretman Rock skyrocketed to fame in the past two years with his hilarious and honest beauty tutorials and comedy skits. That, along with his love for dressing up, wigs and dramatic makeup, has made him a social media superstar.

But a couple of months ago, the teenager was accused of appropriating black culture when he dressed up in an afro for his high school's spirit week.

Once his fans bombarded his social media channels, letting him know their feelings on the matter, he made sure to directly apologize to all of them via Twitter and explain his inspiration behind the outfit.

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James Charles' Offensive Tweets

Newly-minted COVERGIRL spokesperson James Charles received major backlash a couple of weeks ago when he tweeted then deleted, "'I can't believe we're going to Africa today omg what if we get Ebola.'" 'James we're fine we could've gotten it at chipotle last year.'"

Suffice to say that no one, including COVERGIRL, was happy with his comments and his fans made sure to let him know why. James went on an apology tour via Twitter and directly responded to several fans, too.

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Bethany Mota's Blackface Accusations

Between her huge deal with Aeropostale and competing on a season of Dancing with the Stars, many of us are quick to think that YT superstar Bethany Mota has a super clean image. And for the most part she does.

But back in 2015, YouTube's biggest comedians, Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles, both accused Bethany of appearing on camera in blackface during her "Nicki Minaj tutorial."

The teen star has stayed mum on the subject.

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