6 Gay Characters Who Lost Their Virginity on a Teen Television Show

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While some characters on teen television shows chose to wait until they got married to have sex for the first time, others made a different decision. TONS of Pretty Little Liars characters lost their virginity throughout the series, including Emily Fields, a gay character who had to navigate her mother’s confusion about her sexuality AND her first time in the same episode.

TV series have come a long way in the past few years. While the thought of ANYONE, let along a member of the LGBT community, losing their virginity on screen was once a crazy thought, many shows have tackled the subject that tons of teens face in their real life. Shows like Shadowhunters, Degrassi and Glee all featured strong, powerful gay characters, and while some on-screen hits get accused of using them to gay-bait audiences, these shows did a great job showing issues ALL teenagers deal with, no matter their sexuality.

Alec Lightwood

It was the moment all Shadowhunters fans had been waiting for — Alec and Magnus' first time having sex. Unfortunately, the moment wasn't as magical as they thought, as Matthew Daddario's character was super eager to lose his virginity, even though his boyfriend was a little hesitant. Fans of the Freeform hit were upset because while the show's writers confirmed consent was meant to be implied, it was never shown on screen.

Darren Swimmer, the Shadowhunters Showrunner, tweeted, "We thought it was a given that Alec wouldn't have forced anything, but a fair point that we could have made consensus more clear on screen. Consent: a big issue. Thank you for sharing your POV on this topic."

Nonetheless, Magnus and Alec did, in fact, have consensual sex, and the latter had no regrets about losing it to his more-experienced bae.

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Emily Fields

While a lot of Pretty Little Liars viewers are fans of Emily's relationship with Alison, it was Maya who she decided to lose her virginity to.

The girls' first time came after a horrible dinner with Emily's mom, which caused Maya to ask for her girlfriend's forgiveness and give her a second chance. EF, of course, did, the girls said "I love you" to each other and the scene cut as they laid down on the bed to have sex for the first time.

Photo: Freeform

Blaine Anderson

Blaine started to think about losing his virginity to boyfriend Kurt Hummel after Artie mentioned that his and Rachel Berry's duet of "Tonight" from West Side Story was lacking sexual chemistry because they were virgins. Both Glee characters then began grappling with the decision to have sex with their S.O. for the first time.

Blaine eventually gets drunk and tries to get Kurt to have sex with him, but the latter shuts him down because while he wants to, he doesn't want him to forget it in the morning. In the end, the boys decide that they love each other and want to celebrate that by making love, which is how the season-three episode closes.

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Kurt Hummel

Refer to the previous slide to read about Kurt's experience losing his virginity to boyfriend Blaine Anderson.

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Marco Del Rossi

Although Degrassi: The Next Generation never explicitly showed Marco losing his virginity to boyfriend Dylan Michalchuk, the issue was brought up in an episode titled "Moonlight Desires" after he learned that his bae had cheated on him. Although the couple broke up briefly, they eventually got back together and tried to make a long-distance relationship work. Spoiler alert: it didn't.

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Tristan Milligan

While they didn't show Marco and Dylan having sex for the first time, Degrassi producers DID have a scene dedicated to Tristan losing his virginity to his boyfriend, Grant Yates.

Tristan initially freaks out and leaves his bae's apartment when he tries to take making out to the next level, which leads to an argument and Grant calling him "immature" (WTF??). Eventually, the blond decides he wants to make the relationship work and goes back to the dark-haired guy's apartment to apologize for panicking and tell him that he wants to go all the way. The boys make up and end up having sex for the first time.

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  • Jake Jackson

    They didn’t forget about Justin. How could they? He was the first gay teen on television to lose his virginity. He was unapologetic, unashamed and eager to express — and enjoy — his sexually. They intentionally didn’t include him. Ask the editors and writer of this article why. They’ll probably make up some reason like QAF was too explicit for teens. But if you’re a teen clicking on this article, my guess is you’ve seen the show. The real reason is their political correctness, which is another term for moral hypocrisy. Most P.C. gays, which includes gay people in the media and gay political organizations hated QAF. They say it’s because the show promoted negative stereotypes. The translation for that is, it showed behavior they don’t want straight people to know they engage in. (Ex. millions of gay men on Grindr instead of the image they want to project, which is gay men getting married, having babies and moving to the suburbs.) But despite their dishonesty and cowardice, QAF lives on all over the world, with millions of fans. The lesson in all this is, be like Justin. Out, proud, unapologetic and unashamed.

  • Mary

    Guess they forgot about Justin Taylor from Queer As Folk. I know it was from 2000, but it was STILL a groundbreaking show!!!