I Tried Dove Cameron’s Pink Coachella Hair & It Looked Ah-MAZING

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Dove Cameron rocked the most gorg pink hair during Weekend #1 of Coachella 2017 and it’s actually super easy to steal her look — you don’t even have to use dye!

i hugged a lot of strangers this weekend

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Dove’s hairstylist, Chad Wood, used Joico’s Color Intensity in “Soft Pink” to add some low-key pink streaks to her platinum blonde locks — the perfect touch to her whimsical and fun festival style.

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As a blonde myself, I totally dug how awesome Dove’s hair looked with subtle pink highlights in it and I immediately wanted to try it, but didn’t want to commit to any permanent or semi-permanent dyes. Luckily, a few brands (like Garnier and Splat) make wash-out colors with super-easy applications that don’t damage your hair. Wash-out colors create a thin color-coat around your hair fibers without penetrating it so that it comes out after 2-3 shampoos, which is perf if you have a wedding, dance recital or prom coming up but want to experiment with some temporary vibrant highlights.

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Here’s a cheap and super easy way you can emulate Dove’s bubble gum-tinted locks without bleaching or dying your hair.

What you will need:
Garnier Color Styler Intense Wash-Out Color – Pink Pop (OR other Wash-Out Hair Color product)
Vinyl gloves (if your wash-out color kit does not include them)
Leave-In Conditioner
Hair Brush/Comb
Hair Dryer

Jessica Norton

Jessica Norton

-To prep, wrap a towel around your shoulders and make sure your hair is dry and free of any tangles.
-Select a small section of hair that you want to add color to and brush it out.
-Spray/apply leave-in conditioner from root to tip so that the selected section of hair is damp.
-Brush out the section of hair to even out the conditioner and free it from any tangles.
-The leave-in conditioner will keep your hair from getting dry and knotted once you apply the color.
-Put on your gloves and spray/apply a thin layer of leave-in conditioner to your gloved finger tips.
-Squeeze the color product onto your gloved fingers and spread it by rubbing your fingertips on both hands together.
-Grab your section of hair and slide your gloved fingers (with coloring + conditioner) downwards and repeat until the section is coated and soaked with color.
-Let the section of hair air dry for about 15 minutes. If it is still damp after 15 minutes, use a blow dryer to speed up the process.
-Once it is thoroughly dry, gently brush through your newly colored section of hair.

The outcome of the wash-out color will differ depending on your hair color and texture (i.e. It’ll probably show up better on very light hair and be hard to see on darker colors), but it’s definitely the perf way to copy Dove’s cool Coachella hair and test out new colors without damaging your hair.

Here’s the final result on me:

Jessica Norton

Jessica Norton

Pretty sweet, right?
NGL, we’re totally crushing on Dove Cameron — just like these stars:

Bella Thorne

Who could forget the SERIOUSLY flirty Twitter exchange that happened between Bella and Dove at the beginning of this year? Basc, a fan asked if a hookup between the girls would ever happen because it "would be goals." The Shake It Up actress responded saying, "Yeah trust me. I have thought about it," complete with a suggestive winky Emoji!

The Liv and Maddie girl tweeted then deleted a post saying, "We would look pretty cute together #powercouple," before switching it to say "Bahahaha #powercouple." Guess she didn't want to get Bella's hopes up? Who knows!

Photo: Getty Images

Thomas Doherty

This is Dove's current bae so it's no huge shocker that he has major feels for Miss Cameron. Even before they went public with their love, her co-star was covering his social media pages with pics of the beauty — proof he was crushin'? We think so.

Photo: Instagram (@DoveCameron)

Katherine McNamara

Dove and Kat's friendship is serious #BFFGoals... but could it be more? The blonde tweeted at the Shadowhunters star saying, "Date me," and Kat didn't skip a beat responding, "I'm all yours, babe! I thought you'd never ask!"

While they were PROBS just goofing around, a ton of fans began to ship the pairing.

Photo: Instagram (@DoveCameron)

Jennette McCurdy

You've gotta love honesty and this Nickelodeon star was completely upfront about her feelings towards her rival network's young star!

The iCarly actress took to Twitter to share her ~feelz~ saying, "@DoveCameron hi i have a crush on u." We love it!

Photo: Twitter (@DoveCameron)

Ariana Grande

From one Sam & Cat star to the next! Ari and Dove starred in Hairspray Live together and the two went from total strangers to tight AF in no time at all.

On Dove's 21st birthday, the "Dangerous Woman" singer declared her love for her blonde co-star on Instagram when she wrote, "I really love you @dovecameron."

They're both in pretty serious relationships, but we've gotta admit they would make an adorbz couple!

Photo: Instagram (@ArianaGrande)

Garrett Clayton

Aaaaaand anotha one from Hairspray! Dove's on-screen bae has also admitted that he's attracted to the Liv & Maddie actress IRL when he captioned an IG with the words, "I love how @dovecameron and I always find each other like two little overexcited magnets."

Also, we can't forget how these two were seen smooching when cameras WEREN'T rolling...

Photo: Instagram (@GarrettClayton1)

Ryan McCartan

These two former flames may be over and done with, but just because Dove's moved on does not mean her ex has! In fact, Ryan admitted on Instagram that he still loves his former fiance!

When a fan commented "U should luv Dove," he wrote back saying, "I do. Sometimes things just aren't meant to be." Considering he announced that their breakup was the lady's decision, it appears he's not over it yet.

Photo: Instagram (@DoveCameron)

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