14 of the Most Outrageous Outfits Harper Wore on Wizards of Waverly Place

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A lot changed throughout the four seasons of Wizards of Waverly Place — Alex’s hair went from long to short to SUPER long again. Justin went from having scrawny arms to somehow being toned AF out of nowhere. And then we can’t forget about little Max, who had the joy of going through puberty in front of our very eyes.

But one thing that never changed was Alex’s best friend, Harper Finkle’s, wonderfully insane outfits. While probably around 84 percent of the girl’s fashion choices would never fly IRL, you’ve gotta hand it to her for always completely committing to a look. There was never a theme that the redhead would shy away from, even if it was something outrageous like ducks or lampshades. For nearly 100 episodes, Harper made sure that you KNEW when she walked into a room…ICONIC QUEEN!

'Rubber Ducky, You're the One'

The best thing about Harper's outfit, which is literally covered in actual rubber ducks, is that she wore it to her internship at a fashion studio! Well, that's definitely one way to be memorable.

Photo: Disney Channel

'I Love Lamp'

Is the best part of this outfit the lamp-printed dress, the lamp shade hat, or the fact Harper took the time to choose two sets of matching orange, fuchsia, and lime green bracelets? All of the above, of course! That's a whole new level of coordination.

Photo: Disney Channel

Hot Wheels

No car? No problem! For this race car look, Harper chose to forego a more traditional choice of tiny nameplate necklace by instead putting her name on a license plate and sticking it right on her stomach! The car jewelry and steering wheel hat only help drive (lollzzzz) the theme home.

Photo: Disney Channel

Excessive Floral

This outfit is a lot, even for Harper. Maybe it's because you don't know where to look first. Do you start with the daisy antennae headband? The giant flower necklace? The plastic earrings? The options are endless!

Photo: Disney Channel

Hat Ensemble

What's that? A hat! Sorry — we had to do it.

A tiny hat to match your purple and pink hat-print dress? Flowers, ribbons, and bows? A bonus ombre necklace? Visitors to the Waverly Sub Station were sure in for a surprise to the eyes!

Photo: Disney Channel

American Pride

There's never a wrong time to express your love for your country! Harper chose to do so in the middle of the school hallway, decked out in her finest combination of red, white, and blue stripes. God bless America!

Photo: Disney Channel

Grown-Up Baby

Only the most fearless of individuals would be brave enough to wear a shirt with a onesie and baby shoes sewn onto it. Harper takes that confidence to the next level by wearing it in public with a HUGE smile on her face.

Photo: Disney Channel

Geisha Girl

This potentially controversial outfit could be considered cultural appropriation, but even if you don't see it like that you can agree that it's totally over the top.

Photo: Disney Channel

Jungle Queen

Matching headbands are a familiar territory for Harper, but having an entire stuffed animal perched on her shoulder? Groundbreaking! Bonus points go to the actress for managing to make it through this entire scene without even acknowledging the cat next to her face.

Photo: Disney Channel

All Orange Err'thang

The episode "My Two Harpers" meant two things — more Harpers and more of Harper's outfits! The clone of the character got her down to a science with the citrus ensemble only she could pull off.

Photo: Disney Channel

Matching Owls

Harper traded in her signature headband for a matching owl-print bandana this time around, because it's always good to mix it up a little bit. Her necklace pairs with the look quite well, too, don't you think?

Photo: Disney Channel

Sailboats from Head to Toe

Boat shoes are not enough if you're Harper Finkle. The WoWP girl chose to take the nautical vibe to a whole new level in this sailboat dress paired with both a matching cardigan AND headband. ICONIC!

Photo: Disney Channel

Cupcake Chic

With the cupcake on the front of her zipped jacket, it would be disappointing if Harper wasn't also wearing a matching headband! Say what you want about Harper, but she commits to her matching headbands!

Photo: Disney Channel

Conservative Chicks

Wanna know what's crazy? This ensemble, complete with chicks all over it, is one of Harper's most conservative looks. She just really has a things for birds, okay?

Photo: Disney Channel

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