13 Ladies Who Awkwardly Flashed Their Underwear During a Concert

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We’ve all had moments where our clothes didn’t cooperate with us and resulted in a little too much being shown. Yep, having a wardrobe malfunction has to be one of the most embarrassing things to happen to anyone EVER! But imagine flashing your underwear in front of thousands of people who have cameras — MORTIFYING! Unfortunately, celebrities like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift had their undie-mishaps documented forever because they occurred in the middle of a freakin’ concert. *covers eyes*

Whether it was a gust a wind out for vengeance, or crappy costume design, these stars showed fans London, France, and much, much more. On a positive not, at least their bits were covered up by their undergarments and no one’s privates peeked out! Always look on the bright side of things, people.

Taylor Swift

We definitely know why Taylor's a fan of jumpsuits now. While she was performing "You Belong With Me" at a concert in 2011, a huuuge gust of wind made the singer involuntarily recreate the famous scene in The Seven Year Itch where Marilyn Monroe's white dress flies up unexpectedly.

Unfortunately for Tay, it was less glamorous than MM's now-iconic 'oops' and definitely had more of an 'oh sh*t' kind of vibe. At least the singer was smart enough to have long nude boy shorts under her dress just in case!

Photo: YouTube

Demi Lovato

Demi may be comfortable showing her naked body to the world now, but we doubt this was a proud moment for the body-positive crooner. During a fun performance on Good Morning America in 2012, a poorly timed gust of wind paired with her dancing caused her leather skirt to fly up and expose her undies to the crowd, hosts and viewers watching at home.

Luckily for her, nothing too scandalous was peeking out of the costume for the millions of watching eyes to see.

Photo: Getty Images/ Debra L Rothenberg/ FilmMagic

Selena Gomez

Sel loves to perform in flowy dresses, but sometimes that spells trouble for the singer. The "It Ain't Me" crooner ran into a problem during one of her We Own the Night Tour stops a few years ago when her nude boy shorts decided to say hello to the audience.

Photo: YouTube

Katy Perry

This "Chained to the Rhythm" crooner is no stranger to sexy outfits. While she's constantly showing off her insane cleavage — and with those boobs who wouldn't? — she's been the victim of an embarrassing wardrobe oopsie more than once. In this instance, people got a peak of Katy's white underwear simply because they were sitting at a slightly awkward angle. That's def more than they paid for, huh?

Photo: Getty Images


Queen B is as elegant and perfect as they get, but she's not immune to wardrobe malfunctions. During a 2006 performance on Good Morning America, the singer's animal-print dress had a mind of its own thanks to the handful of high-powered fans. The NYC audience got an eye full of Bey's nude boy shorts, but just look at her face — does it look like she cared?! Absolutely not. The show must go on!

Photo: Getty Images/ Jemal Countess / WireImage

Charli XCX

Charli barely wears any clothes on stage as it is, so it was only a matter of time before she flashed her underwear (or something more) to the world. NGL, this wardrobe malfunction was one of the singer's most tame — she has accidentally showed off WAY more than just her panties in the past.

Photo: Getty Images/ Roberto Ricciuti/ Redferns

Lily Allen

Lily took a cue from Miley Cyrus while supporting her on tour in 2014 and showed a little too much skin to a crowd. Not to be outdone by the pop star, the British singer gave the audience a peek of London...which, in this case, happened to be a bright blue pair of undies.

Lily definitely thought ahead in case something like this would happen since the brightly colored pair of underwear matched her electric-blue skirt perfectly.

Photo: Getty Images/ Gilbert Carrasquillo/ Getty Images Entertainment

Tove Lo

Now if we're talking body, we can't leave out Tove. The Swedish singer rocked a hot metallic skirt at the 2016 Y100 Jingle Ball pre-show and gave the entire audience an early Christmas gift. While showing off her moves, the 29-year-old's skirt rode up a little too high and her nude underwear could be seen under her black fishnets.

Photo: Getty Images/Aaron Davidson/ WireImage

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