12 Awesome YA Books to Read if You’re Obsessed with Famous in Love

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Famous in Love just premiered on Freeform, but before this new hit show was on TV it was a best-selling novel by Rebecca Serle! NGL, all of our favorite television series were once books! Ever wonder how Bella Thorne got involved with the new small-screen project? She was a HUGE fan of the paperback first, became friends with the author and the rest is history.

While FiL is airing every week on the same network that gave us shows like Pretty Little Liars and Shadowhunters, the whole first season is already available to stream online. That being said, there’s a good chance you’re already done with the show and are looking for other things to do pass the time. Check out the gallery below to see a list of awesome YA novels you’ll absolutely ADORE if you’re a fan of Rebecca’s book!

Truly, Madly, Famously by Rebecca Serle

Truly, Madly, Famously is the sequel to Famous in Love, so you know we had to include it on this list. The second book in Rebecca Serle's series continues the story of Paige Townsen as she continues her life in Los Angeles and becomes half of Hollywood's 'It Couple.' Not everyone is trustworthy, however, and the girl must find out who is betraying her and who is keeping secrets of their own.

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The Edge of Falling by Rebecca Serle

From the author that brought you Famous in Love comes another YA novel. The Edge of Falling follows a young girl named Caggie who is mourning the loss of her little sister. On the outside she may be keeping it together, but on the inside she's still blaming herself for her sister's death...that is until she meets the new kid in school, Astor.

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Autumn Falls by Bella Thorne

In her debut book, actress Bella Thorne tells the story of Autumn Falls, the new girl in school who is extremely clumsy and awkward. Somehow she managed to get on the wrong side of the most popular girl in school then finds out that her crush is part of the popular crowd.

When she starts to write how she's feeling in one of her father's old journals, everything she wishes for starts to come true. Can writing in this diary solve all of her problems? You'll have to read to find out!

Photo: Delacorte Press

The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

Everyone knows about the movie version of The Princess Diaries starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, but did you know that it was a best-selling book first?

The novel follows Mia Thermopolis as she goes from a nobody to the princess of Genovia, just like Paige Townsen goes from being a small-town girl to a famous actress.

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Another Little Piece of My Heart by Tracey Martin

At the request of her dying mother, Claire dumps her boyfriend, Jared. Not only is it hard for the girl to deal with the loss of her mother AND boyfriend, but suddenly her ex bursts into rock-stardom because of a song he wrote about their breakup! Every time his song plays on the radio, Claire's heart breaks a little more.

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Bird Barrett is used to being on the road — she grew up singing backup in her family's band, after all! One night she fills in as lead singer for her father and is spotted by a talent scout who offers her a chance to go solo. Now she's so caught up in the world of fame and glamour that she may just loose her roots along the way. Follow Bird as she breaks out and finds her own voice in this hit book.

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Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan

When a national dance competition comes to Bea's school, she decides she wants to audition...too bad she's shy AF. Follow the girl on her journey to ~fame~ in Jenny McLachlan's tale of friendship and romance!

Photo: Bloomsbury Childrens

Exile by Kevin Emerson

Catherine Summer Carlson is a student at the PopArts Academy, which is the same school in which rock legends Allegiance to North got their start. But Catherine isn't a musician, she's a music manager and is just as good as the pros. But what happens when she breaks the number one rule and falls in love with Caleb, the lead singer of the new band she's managing? If you're looking for another YA romance to quench your thirst after reading Famous in Love, then Kevin Emerson's Exile might just be that book!

Photo: Katherine Tegen Books

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

Andie had her whole life planned out. She was going to go to medical school, get a great internship, and, most importantly, avoid her father. That last one isn't too hard, considering he's a politician and is never around. But then things change.

Thanks to a political scandal, the girl suddenly wakes up every morning in the same house as her dad, takes a job as a dog-walker, and starts letting a cute boy into her life.

Photo: Simon & Schuster

Tonight the Streets are Ours by Leila Sales

Arden Huntley always thought of herself as recklessly loyal. She considers caring for her loved ones her purpose in life, but lately she doesn't seem to want to be around anyone because everyone is taking her loyalty for granted. The girl feels lost until she comes across a blog written by a boy named Peter from New York City.

Leila Sales takes readers on an adventure for the entirety of her novel. Like Famous in Love, this story is about finding romance, the truth, and who you really are.

Photo: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines

If you're in need of another YA romance novel after reading Famous in Love, then Abbi Glines may have just what you need! Wes Ashby has always been a cocky, popular, good-looking, star football player. On the inside, however, he's been battling the grief of watching his father slowly die of cancer. As his sadness becomes overbearing, he opens up to the one person he know won't reveal his secrets, Maggie Carlton.

Maggie's life fell to pieces when her father murdered her mother. After she told the police what happened, she stopped speaking and hasn't uttered a word since.

Photo: Simon Pulse

Debutantes by Cora Harrison

It's the 1920s and London is filled with jazz, dancing, and all the parties you could ask for. Four girls, Violet, Daisy, Poppy, and Rose Derrington would do anything to be a part of the excitement, but instead they're stuck in an enormous house in the country that is falling apart with no money and no fashionable clothing.

The girls all have a plan for escaping the mundane — Rose wants to be a novelist, Poppy a jazz musician and Daisy a famous film director, but Violet has something else in mind. She wants to be the perfect debutante so she can go to London and catch the eye of Prince George. Can she do it, or will the secrets of their home, Beech Grove Manor, ruin everything?

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