11 Style Crimes the Jonas Brothers Committed During Their Disney Years

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Boy bands were a huge part of the ’90s, but one group managed to make them cool again in the early ’00s — the Jonas Brothers. There was the quiet and shy Nick Jonas (HA! Remember when people could describe him like that?!), the ~rebellious~ Joe Jonas, and the mature Kevin Jonas. No tween was immune to their curly locks, charming smiles and ~innovative~ fashions. But looking back on it, turns out their styles actually weren’t as amazing as we once thought.

While not all of their outfits resulted in a complete fashion fail, there were some choices that are definitely worth forgetting. Don’t hate us — we’ve still got mad love for the JoBros and wish more than anything that they’d reunite. Plus, Joe and Nick (Kevin’s been laying pretty low lately) have proven they have way better style currently, so we can forgive them for any transgressions they committed for the sake of fashion during their time on the Disney Channel

Captain's Hats

If you're a diehard Jonatic, you'll remember the time Joe couldn't step out of the house without one of these on his head. Did he buy them from a legit boating store? Party City, perhaps? The world may never know.

Photo: WENN

Strange Neck Accessories

We are starting to sense a theme of a lot of bad neck fashion choices happening for the Jonas Brothers back in the day. Joe is literally wearing an ascot with a bowler cap. Unless they meant to go to the year 3000 and ended up in 1842 by accident, then this look shouldn’t have occurred. Not to mention Kevin literally tucked his tie into his shirt and decided to throw on a paperboy cap and call it a fashion statement.

Photo: WENN

Oversized Suits

Joe was recently asked about the biggest fashion mistake he and his brothers made back in the JoBros days, to which he replied:

"There was one time, me and my brothers went to the Kids' Choice Awards, and I think we hit that age where we didn't want to be kids anymore, and we were trying to be adults. We wore really oversized suits to the Kids' Choice Awards, which is just kinda fun and wild and crazy. I'm not saying it was a bad look; it just probably a little bit premature and wasn't right, exactly."

The 27-year-old is right — this wasn't the Jonas Brothers' worst fashion choice of all time, but it definitely wasn't a positive stand-out either.

Photo: Getty Images

Bow Ties

When Joe wore this bad boy years ago, people tried to make it seem ~edgy~ and ~trendy~, when in reality it was just kinda strange. Say it like it is, people!

Photo: WENN

Foolish Fedoras

We all need to take a moment to really take in everything that is happening in this photo. Let's first start with the fedoras, which even in the late 2000s, were still a bad idea.

Next there are the bright red glasses that Nick apparently stole from his mom (or a snowboarder). Once again, Joe goes for the classic scarf look to round out an outfit that's clearly being worn on a hot, sunny day. The real winner of this pic, however, is Kevin's oh-so-stylish phone clip. Need we say more?

Photo: WENN

Weird Prints

Joe wore a suit to the Jonas Brothers 3D Movie premiere with what we're guessing is supposed to be a picture of smoke, but instead looks like someone spilled baby powder all over him. We're all about men doing something different with formal wear, but maybe this wasn't the best option.

Photo: WENN

Brightly Colored Pants

The Jonas Brothers were once not only the KINGS of skinny jeans, but also neon pants. Joe could occasionally pull off a pair of red or purple trousers, but Nick's bright yellow slacks are on a whole OTHER level of intense and we simply can't get behind 'em.

Photo: WENN

Rope Headbands

We truly believe in our hearts that this look could have worked, but then Joe had to go and throw it all off with the weird headpiece. So close, JJ! Well, hopefully he saved that contraption and can recycle it for Coachella this year — add a couple flowers and it's gold!

Photo: WENN

Shiny Fabric

Generally speaking, the boys look pretty darn good here. But then when you really inspect their ensembles you notice that Kevin's suit is made of some strange fabric that shines like Edward Cullen's skin. No bueno.

Photo: WENN

Baby Ties

This one goes out to Joe Jonas. That whole little tie with the blazer and jeans look is so classic 2007, and while it may have worked back then, it's totally making us cringe right now. Not to mention the long locks that all the girls went crazy for, but why!? JJ's look was almost saved by the fact that Nick and Kevin look fairly normal, but not much.

Photo: WENN

Scarves & Sunglasses

Let it be known that if your outfit requires a scarf, then it proooobably does not also require sunglasses. If you find yourself wearing both, please immediately think about your decision and ask the question, "Is this really necessary?"

The JoBros were obviously trying to look ~cool and rebellious~ in the cold, and we respect that, but it was def NOT needed.

Photo: WENN

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