You Can’t Deny That an IRL TVD Pair is Back Together After Seeing These Pics

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Fans of The Vampire Diaries were absolutely shocked when they learned that Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin called it quits in March after dating for about four years. But their heartache didn’t last for too long, as the TVD co-stars were seen hanging out together just about a week after they broke up. While everyone was pretttty sure something good was happening between the two, no one knew for sure — until now.

The 34-year-old actor and 27-year-old actress were seen out and about at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday…oh, and did we mention that they were holding freakin’ hands?!?! ‘Cause they were!

It’s not like Paul or Phoebe came out and said they’re back together, but come on — the proof is in the pudding! And fans are pretty darn convinced that Weskin is officially back on.

The couple’s EXTREMELY short-lived breakup forces us to wonder if they really even split in the first place, or if the story of a separation was just another example of Hollywood rumors. Guess we’ll never know for sure!

All of these adorbs couples, including Phoebe and Paul, met on the set of TVD:

Nina Dobrev & Ian Somerhalder

This is probably the most well-known relationship in TVD history, almost as legendary as the love triangle between Nina's character Elena, Ian's Character Damon and Paul Wesley's character Stefan… almost. The couple seriously dated for three years before ending their romance in May 2013.

Although they parted ways they still worked together up until 2015 when Nina left the show. They have always been super supportive of one another and let's face it their nice words about each other makes us miss when these two were an item. Ian went on to date and marry Nina's friend Nikki Reed in April 2015, while the Bulgarian actress has been linked to numerous Hollywood hotties including her most recent beau Austin Stowell.

Photo: WENN

Michael Trevino & Nina Dobrev

After her split from Ian, Nina was briefly linked to her co-star Michael, who plays Tyler Lockwood. Their entire 2014 relationship was all hearsay with no real evidence. In April, after Nina posted a photo of the pair bowling, the Internet automatically jumped to the conclusion that they were on a date and Nina was quickly replacing Ian with Michael.

The pair never confirmed an actual romance and their relationship looks a lot more like friends than BF & GF. Plus, Michael dated Glee’s Jenna Ushkowitz for a really long time and was still technically with her when these rumors started to swirl, so this pairing doesn't seem very legit. Sorry Nina and Michael shippers!

Photo: Instagram (@michael_trevino)

Nina Dobrev & Chris Wood

Another TVD hunk, another dating rumor. According to HollywoodLife in February 2015 the actors who play Elena (Nina is no longer on the show however) and Kai, were getting very close and way more than just friends. After they competed in the Spartan Race, which is a mud race, Chris posted a photo looking pretty smitten with Nina and an adorable husky puppy.

Sources also explained that they had hooked up but were not serious. "They are great friends who have hooked up on the recent times they have been out together but they are not currently looking to start a relationship," a source told HollywoodLife. Hmm, we're not sure what part of this is accurate, but Chris and Nina would be cute together.

Photo: Instagram (@ninadobrev)

Paul Wesley & Phoebe Tonkin

Paul is used to working with his loves. In fact he got his ex wife Torrey DeVitto a role on TVD when they were still together. After the couple got divorced, the 33-year-old star started dating Phoebe (who played Hayley on the show), who he met when she was on the series (she is now on The Originals as a main cast member). The two have been linked since 2013 and they are super cute together. In fact even though the couple rarely talks about their relationship to the press, they love sharing photos together that show off their love.

Photo: Instagram (@phoebejtonkin)

Zach Roerig & Candice Accola

On screen these two were SO cute, so it makes total sense that there would be some chemistry off set as well. The couple started dating in 2011 and dated throughout that year according to reports. The pair even had matching Halloween costumes, Candice was a toddler in a tiara and Zach was her coach, before calling it quits in 2012.

Side note: Can Matt and Caroline (who these two play on the show) get back together? It would be really nice to see these two dating again in Mystic Falls. Don't worry everyone, we're also team Stefan and Caroline!

Photo: Twitter (@zach_roerig)

Steven R. McQueen & Candice Accola

Can you believe it? Candice and Steven were an item! Okay so it was a really short-lived relationship, but it's pretty crazy that these two hooked up. Back in 2010, the two were spotted making out at a club in Catalina, California and there are pictures to prove it. The two were an item for a brief moment after that make out sesh, but Steven eventually moved on to a production assistant on the show and Candice started dating Zach. We know this isn’t that weird, but imagining Caroline Forbes and Elena Gilbert’s little bro together is a bit odd.

Photo: Instagram

Joseph Morgan & Persia White

Joseph played Klaus on the show and still plays the vampire hybrid on the spinoff series The Originals, but he met Persia on TVD set during season three and their love has been growing ever since. Persia played Bonnie's mom on the show, for those of you who might have forgotten. Despite a lot of the show’s off screen couples breaking up, Joseph and Persia have been happily married since 2014 when they tied the knot in Jamaica.

After getting hitched in a small ceremony, Persia told People that in addition to working together on more projects the two were hoping to start a family soon. "Little cute mini Josephs!" Persia told the publication.

Photo: Instagram (@therealjosephmorgan)

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