12 Beloved YA Books That Actually Had the WORST. Endings. Ever!!

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Everyone loves a good book, but no one likes a good book with bad ending! YA series like Twilight and The Hunger Games have a HUGE amount of fans, but they also have quite a few people (we’re not gonna say haters, because they read the books!) who simply cannot stand how the respective authors decided to end things.

We scoured the Internet (book-review forums, social media pages, etc.) to see what diehard YA book fans who HATED the way popular sagas ended had to say. Before you jump down our throats, hear us out! Just because certain people didn’t like how these young-adult novels ended doesn’t mean YOU have to agree. “Never judge a book by it’s cover,” people say — and don’t judge a book by its ending, either!

Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Along with Harry Potter, Twilight, and Divergent, The Hunger Games definitely ranks as one of the best YA-book series of all time. It's too bad that most of fans cannot stand how the books end...

Goodreads.com user tinattv wrote, "What. the. f*ck. Words can't begin to express my disappointment."

Another user named Nowaitykatie chimed in, "WHAT THE F*CK KIND OF AN ENDING IS THAT?!"

@AmanaHayes was also pretty upset with the way the series came to a close, writing on Twitter, "The ending of The Hunger Games was so bad that I forgot the series was over." SAVAGE

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Allegiant by Veronica Roth

The Divergent Series may be a successful book and film franchise, but fans wish the novels would've featured a different (re: better) ending.

A fan known as CafeReads took to Goodreads.com to write a review that said, "I could literally write another essay on why this particular ending sucked balls."

Tumblr user ok-pls-stop wrote, "Finally got round to finishing the last book in The Divergent Series. What the f*ck ending is that?!" Sammmmme.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

The Harry Potter franchise is arguably the most successful book series ever. But even though the books are beloved by almost all, many fans were a bit disappointed with how it all ended.

Twitter user @ProblemWerewolf wrote, "God the Deathly Hallows ending is underwhelming, good thing the rest of the book is honestly pretty solid."

Other fans didn't say they disliked the ending, only that it should have been different. Tumblr fan nerdvanauniverse wrote, "I really wanted the Harry Potter series to have a different ending. It would be cool if Harry had actually died and everything, and everyone at Hogwarts stopped fighting because they thought it was over and they'd lost, and then Neville steps up and kills Voldemort because he was actually the chosen one but nobody knew and just assumed it was Harry."

That would've been interesting, to say the least.

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Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

There's no doubt that Twilight is an extremely successful franchise, but that doesn't stop everyone from hating on it, including the actors from the film adaptations and the series' fans. Some even took to social media and review sites to explain what upset them most about how the last book ended.

"I held off judgment in hopes that the conclusion would redeem the series," Goodreads user Goodreadsannalisa wrote. "The verdict? Hard-to-swallow soap opera. A car crash you can't stop staring at in hopes that something salvageable comes out of the wreckage. But nothing does. I recommend you write your own ending. Or better yet, take your book back and get your money back."

Even Twitter had something to say about the ending, though not quite as harsh. @siumo tweeted, "OK, finally finished w/ The Twilight Saga. Didn't hate the ending, but I felt like it was a big letdown. Big cop out on the writer's part."

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The Death Cure by James Dashner

@WombatDragon is confused with the way James ended his book series and wrote on Twitter, "The Maze Runner has the most awful ending ever. Basically billions of people die horribly but no one seems to mind in the books?"

@Sansaastark didn't offer an explaination and simply said, "The Maze Runner had the worst ending of any series I have ever read." Well, that's blunt.

If you look at Goodreads, fans of the series explain their disappointment a little more thoroughly.

"NO. No, I do not [recommend this book]. Especially when the end, which in this case is the supposed resolution of 900+ pages' worth of suspense and mystery, ultimately ends up being bullsh*t," one user wrote. "There is no explanation for anything and what little there is turns out to be the biggest f*uckfest I have ever had the misfortune to read."

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Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

Though many loved the book, the Vampire Academy movie never really gained traction like its predecessors... Maybe this happened because a lot of fans absolutely HATED the ending.

Twitter user @brittny704 said, "Ugh the ending of the #VampireAcademy series pissed me off! I don't like unanswered questions. 6 books. Wasted." We're sensing a theme here.

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The Last Star by Rick Yancey

Before The 5th Wave was a movie starring Chloe Grace Moretz and Nick Robinson, it was a fave YA book series. That is, until the ending was revealed in 2016.

"I'm very disappointed with The Last Star (5th Wave third book) ending. I expected better," tweeted @darkxmoonedits.

@REspinal22 chimed in and said, "Logan was right The 5th Wave sucks. I'm not about the ending of the series." We're not sure who Logan is, but she should have listened!

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Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

When the final book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy was released in 2011, fans were super excited... until they got to the ending. Readers were so upset with how the series concluded that many of them refused to read Sinner, the novel that came out as a spin-off of the trilogy.

@_JackTackham tweeted, "Wolves of Mercy Falls book series 0/10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. The horrid ending of the last book voids how good the other books were. PISSED."

@ThatNicaraguan also took to Twitter to say, "The book series with the sh*ttiest ending was the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. That ending was such bull, I have never been so angry."

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Maximum Ride Forever Series by James Patterson

"I finally finished the Maximum Ride Series yesterday and I wanted to scream WHAT KIND [OF] F*CKING ENDING," says Twitter user @stansjimin.

Okay. It's safe to say that some fans definitely didn't agree with James Patterson's ending choice, but @stansjimin wasn't the only one to rant about it on Twitter.

@deerlings_ tweeted, "The Maximum Ride Series has literally the worst ending I have ever read in my life and I want to die."

We thought that was a bit dramatic until we saw that @Kelseyy_noelle wrote, "The ending of the Maximum Ride Series makes me want to strangle someone." Guess fans REALLY disagreed with the author!

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The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong

The Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong includes three books — The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning. But unfortunately it is another saga that did have an ending that lived up to fans' standards.

Twitter user @teena_evans said, "The Reckoning. Just needed a bit more description to build the fight scenes. Not the best ending, a bit abrupt. Ok though." @fathyasmin also wrote, "Not very satisfied with the ending of The Darkest Powers Series."

Not TOO bad, but definitely not good reviews.

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Requiem by Lauren Oliver

Lauren Oliver is known for a few YA books, including Before I Fall, which even got a movie adaptation. But even though they love that novel, many fans can't get behind how she ended The Delirium Series.

Twitter user @chelseamagbanua tweeted, "The ending of Requiem sucked... The whole book kind of sucked. Was expecting so much after Pandemonium."

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Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo

"Just so you know the ending of The Grisha Trilogy is kinda disappointing and cliche AF," tweeted @veloursrouges.

But this fan wasn't the only one who was underwhelmed by the ending of Leigh's book series. @niniadepapa chimed in, "I can safely say that The Grisha Trilogy has the most anticlimactic and disappointing ending in book history, my god."

It just seems that no one can get the ending of a book right!

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