10 of Your Fave Celebs Who Actually Had the Worst Prom Nights Ever

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With prom night steadily approaching, we’re all starting to hunt down the perfect date, the coolest nail art and the best hairstyles to don on the big night. All this time spent on prep is totally worth it, because prom is supposed to be a night to remember for all the best reasons. Sure, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato crashed a prom and had a total blast, and Debby Ryan had a #noregrets fun-filled evening with her BFF. But for some stars, reality doesn’t live up to the expectations at ALL.

For some, the big P can turn out to be a complete and total disappointment. If that’s how it was/ends up being for you, at least now you know that you are definitely not alone — some of your favorite stars even left for prom looking like that scary Snapchat filter IRL (you know, the one with all the makeup smears and mascara dripping like you just went to a My Chemical Romance concert). Check out the gallery below to hear about the bad dates, bad dresses and just all-around bad celebrity experiences at prom:

Josh Hutcherson

Having been homeschooled, J.Hutch told Teen Vogue that homeschool prom is "about as exciting as it sounds."

He continued, "It was with a bunch of home-school kids in Kentucky. We went to the local church and stood awkwardly while they played music."

In another interview, he dished even more, saying, "It's so depressing! Basically you get a bunch of home-school kids together and they put them in a place and make them try to interact with one another. Typically home-schooled kids are not very good interacting with human beings so that was quite the awkward experience, to say the least."

Photo: Instagram (@jhutch1992)

Emma Roberts

Julia Roberts' niece definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to glam, so you would think that her prom night look would be worthy of an A+. Unfortunately, that was def not the case, as Em made a huge prom faux-pas.

"I had a really bad spray tan, because I used to get made fun of for being pale," she explained. "I thought, 'I'm gonna get a spray tan and be really glamorous,' but I looked like I rolled in mud." Yikes!

The Scream Queens star claims she has no photographic evidence. She continued, "So, umm, that was really fun." Do we detect sarcasm?

Photo: Instagram (@emmaroberts)

Crystal Reed

Crystal got to have a romantic school dance moment with Tyler Posey when the two played Scott and Allison on Teen Wolf, which is nice because, IRL, the actress was totally dissed by her date at prom!

"I went to prom with my boyfriend," she said, "but after the dance, he left me at a party all by myself. It was awful!" D-bag alert!

Luckily, the actress has gone on to date much better dudes, like Teen Wolf co-star, Daniel Sharman, and her current BF, Darren McMullen.

Photo: Instagram (@crystalmreed)

Molly Tarlov

Molly's character, Sadie, on Awkward. makes fun of Jenna all the time for her ugly AF outfits, but Molly herself wasn't exactly a fashionista in high school, either. Looking back, the MTV star wishes she'd made different style choices, especially when it came to prom.

"[For] my senior prom, I put together a very weird outfit," Molly told Entertainment Weekly. "It was, like, a polka dot dress. I had on a houndstooth fedora, so I got a rhinestone bowtie. I loved Britney Spears. I wore [the tie] on my ankle, even though it was a necklace… I wish I had just worn a normal prom outfit."

OMG, arhinestone tie worn as an ankle bracelet? FEDORA? We're cracking up over here!

Photo: Instagram (@mollytarlov)

Jenna Ushkowitz

This Glee girl has no fond memories looking back at the biggest night in high school. "My prom was awful," she exclaimed. "The prom was supposed to have a beach-front view, but there were no windows! It was a big let-down."

So, JU has some tips for people looking forward to the dance, saying, "My advice is to go into prom without super high expectations and you'll get the most out of it!" Good call, Jenna!

Photo: Instagram (@jennaushkowitz)

Nick Cannon

The King of Nickelodeon may stand at a cool 6 feet nowadays, but because prom was pre-growth-spurt, the night was pretty painful.

"I was a short guy and I remember going to prom with this girl and she was, like, 5'10" and I was, like, 5'2," he recalled. "I remember having to make her take off her high heels in the prom pictures and I still had to stand on my tippy toes. I was still shorter than the girl... I always had height issues when it came to school dances and prom."

Well, at least Nick doesn't have to worry anymore about being shorter than his dates.

Photo: Instagram (@nickcannon)

Channing Tatum

Channing was Amanda Bynes' dream date for her debutante ball in She's the Man, but he must've been a pretty terrible partner for his actual prom.

"I don't really remember much about my prom because I was hammered," the actor said while promoting 21 Jump Street. WTF? Hopefully it was a lesson learned — these memories are supposed to last a lifetime!

Photo: Instagram (@channingtatum)

Jonah Hill

Channing's 21JS co-star didn't have the best prom either. "I got sick on prom night… while making out with my girlfriend," the slimmed-down actor revealed. Whether this was drinking related or not is unknown, Jonah didn't specify.

Photo: Snapchat (21JumpStreet)

Reese Witherspoon

You would expect there to be a line around the block of people who would want to take this Legally Blonde actress to their school dance, but on the night of prom, her date actually stood her up!

The mother of three wound up taking her dad in the guy's place. NGL, that sounds pretty awkward.

Photo: Instagram (@reesewitherspoon)

Erica Dasher

Even though Erica did make an appearance at her prom, she didn't stay very long.

"I did go to prom, but it was pretty lame," the Jane by Design actress spilled. "My friends and I ended up leaving to go swimming!"

Basically, the lower the expectations, the better — and always have a plan B!

Photo: Twitter (@erica_dasher)

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