5SOS Guy’s GF Shades Arzaylea for Buying Followers After Cheating Scandal

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Arzaylea Rodriguez has kept pretty quiet since rumors started to swirl that she cheated on Luke Hemmings and ultimately caused their breakup. Sure, the ~model~ occasionally posts a picture with a lengthy, slightly confusing caption, but her Instagram-upload pace is no where NEAR what it used to be. Pair this with the fact that she, ya know, was probably not faithful to a celebrity with millions of young girls supporting him, and it makes sense that she was losing followers pretty rapidly. But suddenly, the 22-year-old went from have 466,000 to 475,000 followers on Instagram in basically a blink of an eye. Weird, right?

A lot of people accuse stars of purchasing fake IG accounts to up their follower count, but NGL — Arz’s newbies are definitely a bit sketchy.

Will we ever know for sure if Arzaylea actually bought followers in the wake of the cheating scandal? Probably not. But what we DO know is that Crystal Leigh, Michael Clifford‘s girlfriend who USED to be the brunette’s close friend, seems to be pretty sure this is what’s happening.


CL’s diss comes exactly one week after Halsey seriously shaded the 5SOS guy’s ex, proving that basically no one in the 20-year-old’s circle is a fan of Arz.

Add this to the list of feuds Arzaylea’s gotten into in recent months:

When she went to war with the #5SOSFam

It's tough for fans when they realize their fave is dating someone who isn't them. Heck — Justin Bieber deleted his whole freaking Instagram after his GF at the time, Sofia Richie, started getting hate from his fans. But perhaps no famous girlfriend has gotten more hate than Arzaylea, and TBH, it's probably because she bites back!

There have been reports of Luke Hemmings' former GF insulting fans on multiple occasions — including one time when she called security on them at a Blackbear concert in 2015. (Psst: Blackbear will come back later, so remember that name).

Fans also feel she purposely and callously flaunts her relationship. One named Lindsay Weber told Vice, "But you don't have to be pessimistic or even biased to see that she's thirsty for fame, inconsiderate, and an alien to anything but a privileged life. Seeing our young, awkward, adorable Luke dating someone like that made the majority of the fandom upset."

The social media star obviously doesn't take the fans' comments seriously, however. "[Luke's fans] want me to be this really horrible person, but I'm not," she said in the same Vice article. "I'm just a really normal girl who just happens to date someone not so normal."

Photo: Instagram (@LukeHemmings)

When another celeb tried to swoop in on her man

If you caught Bella Thorne commenting on your boyfriend's Instagram, you'd probably start feeling a little feisty... which is exactly what happened to Arzaylea.

The Famous in Love girl wrote,"Oh my god," in response to his photo of a cute AF pup, to which the brunette replied, "Stay in your damn lane honey."

Then, out of nowhere, the teen posted a Snapchat with the caption, "Stay in your damn lane honey." .... ummm... does she not know Arzaylea's extensive experience in social-media feuding???

Arz took to Twitter to fire back saying, "Bruh i am lolling so hard... at least @ me." Clearly the former Disney star got the message and let it go (at least for now).

Photo: Instagram (@BellaThorne)

When she didn't even name-drop, but everyone knew who she was shading

Halsey's friendship with Luke and his band members has been heavily documented through the years, but it looks like Arzaylea's meet-the-friends didn't go quite as planned.

The "New Americana" singer doesn't often engage in dumb cyber-feuds, but when Arzaylea tweeted, "Lol @ female artists who preach girl power and promote the feminist movement then when u meet them IRL and they're rude to other women……" after seemingly spending some time at the singer's crib, Halsey snapped.

"Lol at people who disrespect you in your own house because they forget they're not the most important person everywhere they go," she wrote on her own Twitter page shortly after. BOOM; that's too good.

Photo: Instagram (@iamhalsey)

When she double-crossed her bae

What bigger way can you diss your boyfriend than by freaking cheating on him?!

Remember when Arzaylea got Luke's fans thrown out of a Blackbear concert? Well, looks like the pair are actually pretty ~tight~ to say the least, as recent rumors place her leaving the 5SOS guy's side at Coachella to hang with the rapper.

The guy wrote a tweet about getting a BJ (what a d*ck move... no pun intended) then posted a pic with Arz tagged on his crotch.

As if that wasn't enough damning evidence, the #5SOSFam discovered that the girl was hangin' on the musician's tour bus and wearing his clothes. While there's no strict "proof" that the 22-year-old cheated, things aren't looking too good.

Photo: Instagram (@Arzaylea)

When she didn't know how to take a joke

Considering Arzaylea's well-documented proneness to starting sh*t on social media, Andrea Russett shouldn't have been too shocked that the girl came after her for tweeting a 5 Seconds of Summer joke.

The YouTuber tweeted, "Ever since I dyed my hair purple parents look at me w such fear in their eyes. Like I'm gonna steal their kid & force them to listen to 5SOS."

Many fans thought this was funny, but Arzaylea definitely did not. She quickly responded to Andrea's tweet saying, "Lol. Keep it cute or put it on mute girl. You are not cute for this."

Andrea wasn't going to let Arzaylea start stupid drama again and wrote back, "Lmfao wtf stop looking for something negative in everything. I love them and their music." But Arz, thirsty for the last laugh, continued the feud. "You made it negative by saying you'd have to force them to listen to a GREAT and talented band. Next."

What's the life lesson here? Communicating over Twitter when feelings are hurt is PROBS not the best way to get your point across. Next.

Photo: Instagram (@AndreaRussett)

When she (FOR ONCE) wasn't the person starting all the drama

Okokok, so generally Arzaylea trolls the Internet looking for someone to fight, but not this time. Madison Beer popped on social media to jot down her feelings about the last-nameless lady after seeing a video of her being rude to fans on the phone.

The 18-year-old said, "Girl... you are constantly rude to fans. It's crazy. If you ever want them to even tolerate you that attitude is gonna have to change. Wow."

While she didn't call out Arz by name, she did favorite a tweet that read, "I swear to god if Arzaylea doesn't STFU somebody will make her. She has no respect for anything yet she wants respect from us. Like hell no."

As you may have guessed, the 22-year-old didn't take any responsibility for anything, responding to Madison saying the video she watched was fake and, "I'm not rude to anyone and everyone makes things up about me." .......K.

Photo: Instagram (@MadisonBeer)

When it was Family Feud IRL

Typically siblings stand up for their bro or sis when haters get them down, but Arzaylea's brother, Arzel, actually hopped on board the hate-train!

His series of tweets started, "My older 'sister' is the biggest fool I know... about to expose my sister... sad how my own blood would rather choose her friends versus her own family.. enough pity lets get to it..."

The boy then exposed her for doing some pretty sh*tty stuff to her own family.

"Pt 1: my sister decided to clear out a bank account my mom setup for me/younger siblings because she felt as though she 'deserved it,'" he wrote.

But it didn't end there! He then referred to Arz as a "manipulative liar," commenting that their own mother is "disgusted" by her.

You know that the girl wasn't just going to let her brother talk major sh*t without getting a word in. She claimed he was mad over her not posting about him online because "he's problematic," exposed his secrets including his decision to get liposuction and begged him to "get off [his] high horse." Daaaaaang! That must be a tough fight for a family to get over.

Photo: Twitter (@arzel)

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