Every Harry Styles Song from His New Solo Album & Who They’re About

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Oh, what a time to be ALIVE. Harry Styles‘ self-titled debut solo album is finally here, and we are absolutely LIVING. Not only does it feature his beautiful single, “Sign of the Times,” but it also brings to light nine other fantastic tracks that’ll leave you begging for more.

And, as you can expect, the One Direction fandom (as well as general Harry stans) are dying to know who/what each song is about. So, we did a little digging into what fans are saying, as well as our own detective work, and think we’ve got a decent grasp on the sitch. Here are all of Harry Styles’ songs from his new solo album and who they’re about (supposedly):

"Meet Me in the Hallway"

Overwhelmingly, 1D fans (primarily, Larry Stylinson stans) really seem to believe that the first song on Harry's solo tracklist is about his old pal, Louis Tomlinson. There are some smatterings of female names, but with lyrics like "I walked the streets all day // Running with the thieves // 'cause HE left me in the hallway..." you can bet that Larry shippers are all over it.

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"Sign of the Times"

What's this? Harry Styles has a song about... Donald Trump???

Calm down, calm down.

In an interview with the New York Times, the 23-year-old was asked how events such as Brexit, #BlackLivesMatter and the election of Donald Trump affected his new material. "We're in a difficult time, and I think we've been in many difficult times before," he explained. "But we happen to be in a time where things happening around the world are absolutely impossible to ignore. I think it would've been strange to not acknowledge what was going on at all. For example, 'Sign of the Times,' for me, it's looking at several different things. That's me commenting on different things."

When asked, specifically, about the aforementioned three occurrences, he responded, "Everything you were talking about — just the state of the world at the moment. It's very much me looking at that. It's a time when it's very easy to feel incredibly sad about a lot of things. It's also nice sometimes to remember that while there's a lot of bad stuff, there's also a lot of amazing people doing amazing things in the world."

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With a name like "Carolina," it wasn't a far leap for fans to jump to the conclusion that the track is about Harry's former flame, Caroline Flack.

HOWEVER, the curly-haired singer said that you can find the name of the person its about — whom he only met one time, according to him — within the lyrics. So, everyone's thinkin' that these particular words are the most telling: "Moved all the way 'cause her grandma told her // 'Townes, better swim before you drown'..." WHO'S TOWNES??

Harry said the aforementioned person didn't even know Harry wrote a song about her — she found out from her dad after he saw Harry on The TODAY Show earlier this week!

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"Two Ghosts"

"Same lips, red; same eyes, blue // Same white shirt, couple more tattoos..." Guess who!

There's no question in our minds... it's about Taylor Swift! And, so far, Harry hasn't denied it. "I think it's pretty self-explanatory, right?" he said on BBC Radio 1 about the tune. "I think it's about, sometimes things change, and you can do all the same things, and sometimes it's just different, you know?"

Photo: Tumblr

"Sweet Creature"

The Larry shippers came out to play for this song as well, plus believers that it's about H's first-ever girlfriend, Abigail Crawshaw.

But we're seeing a lot of theories that suggest it's about someone who's been special to him throughout his entire life: his sister, Gemma Styles.

"Two hearts in one home // It's hard when we argue // We're both stubborn, I know..." Hello, they are two separate hearts, but they literally lived in the same house when they were growing up.

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty Images

"Only Angel"

You can find a lot of people who believe that the eponymous album's basically a dedication to Kendall Jenner, but "Only Angel" is the #1 pick for her.

The one piece of evidence that continues to show up: the 21-year-old Keeping Up with the Kardashians alum has walked the Victoria's Secret runway as an angel on more than one occasion.

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According to top investigators the fandom, "Kiwi" is more about an event than a person; that event is... #babygate.

The repeated line, "I'm having your baby, it's none of your business..." has people reminiscing over Louis' son, Freddie Tomlinson, with his fling, Briana Jungwirth.

It's a bit of a stretch, in our opinion, but you never know.

Photo: Instagram (@louist91)

"Ever Since New York"

When the song title was first announced, Haylor lovers were DYING. Taylor Swift has a song called "Welcome to New York," they both went on a NYC date through Central Park... CLEARLY, Harry's song was meant for T.Swift.

Unfortunately, the lyrics don't seem to support that notion. Any other guesses, people?

Photo: David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images


"Woman" seems to be the one track that's leaving everyone stumped. Is it about Taylor? Is it about Kendall? Is it about some no-name? So. Many. Questions.

Photo: Tumblr

"From the Dining Table"

"We haven't spoke since you went away // Comfortable silence is so overrated // Why won't you ever be the first one to break? // Even my phone misses your call, by the way..." You know who went away recently? Zayn Malik.

Most of the song seems to be about a girl, though, so... We're not sure how else this theory holds up.

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