9 Musicians Who Threw Major Temper Tantrums Backstage

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While Twitter rants and indirects are all too common for some celebrities, many seem to do a good job at keeping their cool in front of the public eye. But when it comes to disasters on stage, there are a few musicians whose rage took centerstage. Nothing proves that more than when they throw public tantrums backstage that either get picked up by their microphone or seen by eyewitnesses.

Luckily for us non-famous peeps, our meltdowns can be done at home, whereas with them, we can relive ’em as if we saw them firsthand. From cursing into a mic to breaking a window and threatening staff, see which stars have thrown hissy fits during their performances here:

Selena Gomez

Things were not merry and bright for Selena Gomez's 2013 Jingle Ball performance. Sel had some MAJOR sound issues during her LA performance, resulting in her furiously ripping out her in-ears and then storming off stage.

While the mishap revealed she was lip-syncing, it didn't fail to pick up her potty mouth. Unfortunately for her, the entire sold-out crowd heard her say, "What the f*ck?"

She returned to stage only to get through a single song before she left the stage... for good. Yikes!

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Taylor Swift

It seems SO unlike Taylor Swift to throw a tantrum backstage, but rumor has it she was a total monster once.

In Tay's defense, she had reason to freak. Apparently, someone left her dressing room door wide open and her cat, Olivia, was on the loose. We'd definitely have a panic attack too if our pet escaped. One report states, "Taylor went mental and threatened to sack everyone involved!"

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Ariana Grande

We love Ari, but it's no secret she can be a diva sometimes. This was the case backstage at a show in Toronto after the singer slipped and fell in front of the crowd. Instead of brushing it off, Ariana had a temper tantrum behind the curtain.

"Ariana screamed when she got backstage after that number," says one site. "It was one of those screech-like screams that only a 12-year-old girl could pull off — or a big diva. She kept telling her management that she couldn't believe that happened. Everyone tried calming her, but she wasn't having any of it. Ariana threw a bitch fit."

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Nicki Minaj

It's rumored that the rap goddess threw quite the fit at the 2014 Fashion Rocks concert. While Jennifer Lopez was able to run through her song twice, Nicki was told she couldn't have multiple rehearsals, which pissed her off big time!

Reports say "she was acting completely out of control, and threatened to walk off the show. The CBS executives told her she was being inappropriate, and that she should leave."

She got back at them by breaking the "no suggestive dancing" rule CBS put in place.

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Kanye West

Kanye must have taken some tips from his kids because he had an epic meltdown backstage at Saturday Night Live. The rapper went on a cursing rant complaining about the set, saying he's 50% more influential than any other artist, and called Taylor Swift a "fake ass." Kanye threatened not to perform and had to be calmed down by both Kim Kardashian and the SNL creator.

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Britney Spears

While only in the spotlight for a few years, a then 19-year-old Britney Spears learned quickly that you should never sh*t talk when you have a mic.

Before her Rock in Rio performance in 2003, the pop star threw a HUGE tantrum backstage when she found out no music was being played before her set. The songstress yelled, "Don't tell me they're just letting the audience f*cking stand out there like that," she said, apparently not realizing that her mic was on and that her words were being recorded.

"Oh my god," she added. "Let's hurry, all, seriously. This is retarded. They told me they were going to do a vamp."

Photo: WENN

Chris Brown

Chris was having none of Good Morning America's ish when he started being asked about Rihanna instead of his new album, which he was there to promote.

After getting fed up with the interview, Chris stormed off stage once his performance was done. But that's not all — he then proceeded to smash his dressing room window out of rage and left the building. Anger issues? Chris? Nah.

Photo: WENN

Billie Joe Armstrong

While it happened on stage, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong had one epic meltdown at the 2012 iHeartRadio Festival. Billie wasn't happy when a sign notified him that the band only had one more minute to play. So instead of using the last 60 seconds to play music, he raged. In true punk rock fashion, Billie screamed the F-word not once, but 22 times, and smashed a guitar before leaving the stage.

Photo: WENN

Fiona Apple

At performance in NYC, Fiona Apple broke down in tears only 40 minutes into her set. She left the stage after sound issues kept her from continuing and proceeded to cry backstage. She also yelled at journalists to not blame her for the bad performance. A then-virtually unknown Jimmy Fallon opened the show and even tried to cheer her up to no avail.

Fans in attendance called it a train-wreck after she left the stage for "a break" and never returned.

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