8 TV Teachers Who Scandalously Dated a Student on a Teen TV Show

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There are probably a lot of us out there who, at some point or another, have had a crush on a teacher. Even so, we’ve gotta admit that if they ever showed any interest back it would be seriously creepy. Not only is it considered statutory rape if you’re under 18, there’s definitely an unhealthy power dynamic going on there that would make us want to run away… fast.

Yet, time and time again, we see steamy student-teacher relationships introduced on our favorite television shows as cute and sexy couplings that aren’t creepy at all. Why is that?! Most of these illegal affairs end in tearful goodbyes and the teachers end up dropping everything to leave town instead of face the scandal. Every once in a while, the results are somehow even more shocking… in good and bad ways. Check out the gallery below to see seven TV teachers who scandalously coupled up with a student:

Mr. Ezra Fitz on Pretty Little Liars

Sure, when Ezra met Aria he thought she was of legal age and not his student, but their academic relationship didn't keep their romantic relaysh away for long.

The duo has a lot — and we mean a lot — of ups and downs (including seven breakups, a one-night stand and Ezra writing a frickin' book about Aria and her friends), but, ultimately, the student and the teacher get engaged during Season 7.

Photo: Freeform

Miss Geraldine Grundy on Riverdale

In the Archie Comics, Miss Grundy was a sassy, white-haired older woman. When she made the jump to television, she de-aged about 40 years... probably so that her illicit affair with teenage Archie is a bit more believable.

Basically, Archie goes to Miss Grundy, the school music teacher, for help with his songwriting skills and ends up getting a whole lot more than music help. But Archie and Miss Grundy's steamy romance is over almost as quick as it begins. Once the adults of Riverdale catch on to their inappropriate relaysh, they force Miss Grundy to quit her job and leave town. TBH, that's 100% for the best — Archie needs to start focusing on ladies his own age... but should it be Betty or Veronica?

Photo: The CW

Mr. Nick Chavez on One Tree Hill

As with Ezria, when Nick and Brooke Davis start dating, he has no idea that she's in his high school english class. But again, Brooke's status as a high school senior doesn't keep new-teacher Nick away.

As if hooking up with a student isn't D-baggy enough, he proceeds to cheat on her, too! Brooke Davis takes no sh*t, so she dumped him ASAP.

Photo: The WB

Miss Rachel Carr on Gossip Girl

Technically, Rachel isn't Dan's teacher, but she is Serena's Shakespeare teacher, so it's definitely still an effed up coupling.

While their relationship seems totally innocent at first, just two literature buffs bonding over books, it quickly turns sexual. In fact, Rachel is the oldest woman that Dan ever sleeps with.

While the two engage in some steamy encounters, Dan decides to break things off after he finds out that Miss Carr told Yale that Blair hazed her, which was their reasoning for rejecting the cunning brunette from the Ivy League.

Photo: The CW

Shelby Corocan on Glee

Shelby and Puck's steamy smooch is ~controversial~ for several reasons: Not only is she a glee club teacher at William McKinley High School, but she's also Rachel's birth-mom AND his biological daughter's adoptive-mom. Talk about complicated webs we weave.

After their confusing kiss, Puck sings "Hot For Teacher" and goes into pursuit mode for the much older woman... and succeeds!

After they sleep together, Shelby comes to her senses and calls the whole thing a mistake (which, yeah, it was!).

Photo: Fox

Miss French on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Technically, Miss French doesn't go after Buffy and Willow's BFF in hopes of dating him — she really just wants to mate with him... and then kill him!

On Season 1's "Teacher's Pet" episode, Miss French lures some of her virgin male students to her house at night and just when they think they're about to get lucky... she turns into a praying mantis (or "She-Mantis").

Luckily, Buffy gets there just in time to save Xander and another classmate named Blayne. It's a twist on the typical teacher-student relationship and somehow it's even more icky than usual!

Photo: The WB

Ms. Tamara Jacobs on Dawson's Creek

Ms. Jacobs is a 30-something-year-old high school english teacher (seriously, what is it with english teachers always dating their students?) who falls for her sophomore student. Like, that's pretty bad.

After they kiss, she tries to deny her feelings but eventually their fling turns to full-on affair.

Tamara is taken to court over the allegations, but Pacey sacrifices himself and says he started the rumor to seem cool. Still, though, the teach decides to leave town as the scandal dies down. When she returns for Season 2, they both get some much-needed closure so Pacey can find someone a little more age-appropriate.

Photo: The WB

Angie on Skins

Angie is Chris' psychology teacher (yet is only ever referred to by her nickname); the two grow close after Angie helps him with some personal issues. After spending a lot of time together, feelings develop on both ends and the two start seeing each other.

All bets are off, though, when Angie's fiancé returns, leaving Chris heartbroken and angry and leading to a nasty confrontation between Chris, his psychology teacher and her fiancé. Complicated!

Photo: E4

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