12 Celebrities Who Took Luke Hemmings’ Side After the Arzaylea Cheating Scandal

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It’s been almost one whole week since we last talked about Arzaylea Rodriguez, which is a long-a** time considering that the drama that came after she allegedly cheated on Luke Hemmings with Blackbear was basically never ending. All has been relatively quiet on the OUTSIDE of the Larzaylea breakup front (meaning, neither the 5 Seconds of Summer singer nor the social-media personality have started sh*t online), but there’s still obvious rumblings internally.

While a lot of celebrities cut all ties with their exes (like Luke did with Arz) following a breakup, we don’t often see a bunch of that star’s friends also hitting their unfollow button. NGL, the 20-year-old must be really popular among his pals, ’cause a ton of them (some of whom were once actually close with the 22-year-old) removed her from their following lists almost immediately after the cheating rumors started.

If you’re wondering why we didn’t include Ashton Irwin on this list, it’s because he apparently never followed Arzaylea to begin with (el oh el — savage). And no, as much as you’re obsessed with the Hemmings family, they don’t count as celebrities, so they’re not on here even though they also unfollowed the girl.

Michael Clifford

While Michael and Luke hated each other back in their school days, they're now best friends. The 5SOS guitarist allegedly unfollowed Arzaylea on the same day as some of their other mutual pals, which basically confirmed to fans that something bad was going on between the couple.

Photo: Instagram (@michaelclifford)

Calum Hood

Calum, Luke and the rest of the 5 Seconds of Summer boys are basically brothers at this point, so when fans saw that the 20-year-old was still following Arzaylea after all the drama went down, they were confused AF.

Eventually, Cal smashed the unfollow button just like his friends, bandmates, etc., so there was probably nothing more to it other than that he doesn't often go through his Instagram following list.

Photo: Instagram (@calumhood)

Alexa Losey

This YouTube star used to be besties with both Arzaylea and the 5SOS boys, but now she's kicked the 22-year-old to the curb. Alexa was quick to hit the unfollow button shortly after the cheating rumors first started swirling.

Photo: Instagram (@alexalosey)

Brian Logan Dales

Luke Hemmings refers to The Summer Set's lead singer as his "friend, brother and doppelganger," so it's safe to say they're very close. We're not sure if BLD was ever as tight with Arzaylea, but they def hung out on multiple occasions throughout the Larzaylea relationship.

Brian unfollowed the Instagram model at some point during the breakup drama, proving that he has Luke's back NMW.

Photo: Instagram (@brianlogandales)

Crystal Leigh

This rainbow-haired beauty (who's dating Michael Clifford) spent a lot of time with Arzaylea while their boyfriends were on tour, and often hung out with her while 5SOS was performing. In addition to unfollowing Arzaylea, Crystal allegedly also shaded her for buying followers after fans got wind of the cheating rumors.

Photo: Instagram (@crystalleigh)

Bryana Holly

Bryana dated Ashton Irwin while Arzaylea was dating Luke, so the girls quickly bonded both alone and with their boyfriends. While the blonde and brunette once posted TONS of pics together, tweeted each other, etc., it all suddenly stopped, which sparked rumors that they're no longer friends.

The 23-year-old has remained pretty tight-lipped about the who Larzaylea situation, but actions speak louder than words, and she is NOT following Arz any longer.

Photo: Instagram (@bryanaholly)

AnneMarie Morin

AMM, A.K.A. CloudyNoir online, is the ex-girlfriend of Blackbear, the guy Arzaylea allegedly cheated on Luke with. Add in the fact that she was also once super close with the 22-year-old until, ya know, she found out that Arz was hooking up with her ex, and you can only imagine how quick she cut ties.

Photo: Instagram (@cloudynoir)

Nia Lovelis

Hey Violet's drummer has multiple connections to 5SOS (her band is signed to their label and opened for them on two separate tours, and she was also one rumored to be romancing Calum Hood), so she obviously hung out with Arz on more than one occasion. We don't think the girls were ever close, but the 20-year-old actually unfollowed the 22-year-old back in October 2016, pretty much foreshadowing the doomed romance.

Photo: Instagram (@nialovelis)

Rena Lovelis

This HV singer was inspired by her sister's social-media actions and also unfollowed Arzaylea seven-ish months ago.

Photo: Instagram (@renalovelis)

Mitchy Collins

Mitchy is one half of Oh Honey, and also super tight with the 5SOS boys. He was also once close to Arzaylea (if you followed either of them on Twitter, you would've seen TONS of back-and-forth convos), but unfollowed her on the same day as Michael Clifford.

Photo: Instagram (@mitchycollins)

Roy English

If you've ever wondered where Arzaylea gets her "I'm Not Here" merch, it's from this guy right here. While the two were obviously once close enough to be sharing clothes, he removed her from his following list once the drama started.

Photo: Instagram (@royenglish)

KayKay Blaisdell

One half of the popular fashion blog, Sugar & Spice, is another one of Arzaylea's former friends who took Luke's side by unfollowing the brunette.

Photo: Instagram (@kaykayblaisdell)

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