6 Stars That Fans Want to Play Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Riverdale, Season 2

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When news leaked that another beloved Archie Comics character, Sabrina Spellman (a.k.a. Sabrina the Teenage Witch), would be making her way to Riverdale soon, jaws hit the floor. After all, the CW television drama is one of the hottest new TV series of 2017. “Sabrina, I don’t know if you’re familiar with Sabrina from the comics, she’s going to come,” K.J. Apa, who plays Archie, revealed. The showrunner later backed up the faux-redhead, telling The Wrap, “As dark as Riverdale is, the vision for Sabrina is even darker. Riverdale is on one side of the Sweetwater River and Greendale, where Sabrina lives, is on the other.” Umm… do we really have to wait until Season 2 to find out what this means?! (Unfortunately, yes.)

Not only are we excited because such an iconic character is set to hang with Archie and the gang soon, but of course we’re hoping for a reboot of the late ’90s/early ’00s TV show starring Melissa Joan Hart. After all, the production company that brought audiences the Arrow-verse, with its four associated programs, is also behind Riverdale, so we know the powers that be aren’t opposed to a good spinoff.

While MJH’s take on the teenage witch was memorable and pretty much perfection, unfortunately, at age 41, she’s a wee bit too old to play, you know… a teenage witch. That being said, perhaps she could play one of the aunts? We’re just spitballin’ here. Ultimately, the part of Sabrina Spellman is up for grabs, and with so many young and talented up-and-comers, fans definitely have something to say about who they think is the best actress for the role:

Dove Cameron

Since Dove's basically the next big thing and the spitting image of the animated version of Sabs, fans were hoping the Liv & Maddie actress would take up the part of Sabrina Spellman on Riverdale now that her Disney show is dunzo.

Dove herself has even hinted that she might be right for the part by responding to ComicBooks.com on Twitter when they asked who should play the teenage witch.

It also helps that Madelaine Petsch‏, who plays Cheryl on the CW hit, and Dove Cameron are new friends. Seems like everyone is down for this! The only problem would be that Dove is super busy, meaning there might not be enough time for her to take on such a big role.

Photo: Instagram (@dovecameron)

AnnaSophia Robb

Several fans on the Riverdale subreddit said that they would love to see AnnaSophia claim Sabrina on Riverdale, mentioning that The CW loves to recycle actors and actresses — and the Carrie Diaries actress obvs already knows the execs at the popular network.

Photo: Instagram (@annasophiarobb)

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe is a huge fan of Riverdale herself, so could she be joining the cast? During Season 1, the If I Stay star praised the show saying, "Riverdale actually has good morals, shocking and also dope" and "Betty and Veronica are literally perfectly cast."

Some are skeptical that The CW could afford such a well-known actress, but considering her love for the comic-inspired program, who knows?

Photo: Instagram (@chloegmoretz)

Amandla Stenberg

While everyone else on this list is blonde and white, some think that the casting directors should veer from what's expected when it comes to finding their Sabrina.

Amandla has been picking up quite the fanbase lately, meaning she could totally attract new viewers to the show. Plus, Riverdale loves to talk about diversity within the Archie universe... so why not do something different?

Photo: Instagram (@amandlastenberg)

Olivia Holt

Everyone knows Olivia is basically Dove's twin... so if they can't have the Descendants girl, why not Liv? While some think the Girl vs. Monster actress would be perfect, others think one Disney Channel alum (Cole Sprouse) is enough for this series.

Photo: Instagram (@oliviaholt)

Kiernan Shipka

Besides Cole, most of Riverdale's main cast members were relatively unknown prior to the start of the show... which is why many are hoping that Kiernan is going to snag the role of Sabrina.

Not only does she look the part, but she's got a lot of experience in indie films and had a role on Mad Men on which she served some cutting attitude as an angsty teen. Considering the execs said it would be a "darker" Sabrina than the MJH version, we could totally see it.

Photo: Instagram (@kiernanshipka)

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