The Top 10 Questions Fans Want Answered on 13 Reasons Why, Season 2

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Fans are still shook from the explosive season finale of 13 Reasons Why, on which we watched major dramz unfold among the students, as Hannah Baker’s 13 tapes revealed why she decided to commit suicide. You knew Hannah’s fate from the very beginning… but not the fate of everyone else in her life (and death).

However, since the original book by Jay Asher ends where the show finished, the fandom is freaking out over what’s in store for Season 2 — which was recently confirmed, BTW. What happens next? Is Hannah’s story over or nah? The show execs say no, but who knows?? Here are the top 10 questions fans want answered on 13 Reasons Why after that cliffhanger ending.

Does Jessica tell her parents about her rape?

At the end of the first season, Jessica begins to come to terms with her painful sexual assault, and it's implied that she will reveal the details to her military dad.

On Season 2, Jessica and her family need to have more conversations about the assault so she can fully process the traumatic incident.

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Where's Justin going?

At the end of the first season, Justin leaves everything — and everyone — behind, including the girl who he supposedly loves but let his best friend rape, Jessica; the best friend who raped his girlfriend, Bryce; the mom who lets her boyfriend beat him... Yeah, we can see why he fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, and told him to take flight.

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Does Alex survive?

We now know that the anonymous teenager being rushed to the hospital during the season finale is Alex, who was in critical condition following a self-inflicted gunshot to the head.

Next season, fans have their fingers crossed that Alex will push through.

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Will Bryce be brought to justice?

Bryce's downfall is one of the most highly-anticipated moments for Season 2 for obvious reasons. He's the entitled bully who not only played a major role in starting Hannah's reputation as the school slut, plus he assaulted Jessica knowing she was too drunk to consent and raped Hannah. Bryce should be convicted. After all, Clay did tape the confession.

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What is Tyler doing with all of those guns?

When we last see Tyler, he's equipped with a bunch of guns and ammo. Then there's also the curious case of all those school photos...

Despite being one of the classmates blamed for Hannah's suicide, Tyler's also a victim of bullying himself. Fans have a theory Tyler may be involved in a school shooting come next season.

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Does Courtney come out?

Courtney remains deeply closeted, even after a photo of her and Hannah making out leaks. Why won't Courtney Crimson come out? It's a mystery lots of fans are wondering, especially since her dads, and her friends (like Ryan), are gay.

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Hannah fans want to see the ill-fated teen's story evolve, especially now that the tapes are in the custody of the Bakers. Luckily for everyone on #TeamHannah, showrunner Brian Yorkey confirmed that we'll see Hannah appear on season 2, but she won't be narrating each episode.

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Will Mr. Porter be fired?

For real, though... how could he NOT be fired?! The school counselor is literally sitting on Hannah's suicide tapes, plus Bryce's assault confession. It's a mystery whether he'll choose to show them to the public or destroy the evidence (though, we know other people have the proof as well). Either way, Mr. Porter is about to be in some serious hot water!

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How will the Bakers respond to Hannah's tapes?

Unfortunately for Hannah's parents, they had no idea the tapes exist until Tony finally decides to go against Hannah's wishes and let Bakers hear the reasons why she killed herself.

On Twitter, fans say they want to see Hannah's parents use the tapes against the school in some a lawsuit. That's bad news for Bryce especially, since his confession is secretly recorded on the audio files.

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What about closure for Clay?

It's hard to think of this series ending happily, but fans are wishing that the show's most likable character gets some sort of positive closure. Acceptance into his dream college? Finding new love... perhaps with Skye? He deserves it, considering he's the one who feels the most guilt over Hannah's suicide.

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