8 Boy-Banders Who Dated the Member of a Girl Group

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TBH, boy-banders and girl group-ers were probably made for each other. Who else could better understand the loyal — if not obsessive — fans, the flashing lights, rabid paparazzi and fame except someone who is literally going through the exact same thing. Though you might think members of boy bands and girl groups are constantly pairing up, a lot of the time the speculation is pure fiction.

Niall Horan has been romantically linked to two Little Mix girls, including Jade Thirlwall… who was also at the center of some rumors linking her to Nick Jonas AND The VampsConnor Ball… at the same freakin’ time!

We’ve gotta admit, the evidence that Jade & Nick were totes a thing is pretty convincing. The two both made it public that they were crushing on one another, plus Jade’s bandmates suggested there was something going down in the DMs… yet the two hotties were never spotted out together.

Jade and Connor were linked too, but after a bunch of he said/she said, he ultimately claimed that nothing happened.

In both cases, they’d need a bit more evidence (at least some proof that they’d met IRL) to qualify for this list. The following pairs were CONFIRMED duos — both willingly and not-so-willingly:

Liam Payne from One Direction

DATED: Cheryl from Girls Aloud

Despite their 10-year age difference, Cheryl and Liam have a ton in common... including the fact that they both rose to fame as members of a same-gender pop group that was created for a television show!

Girls Aloud was formed in 2002 as part of a show called Popstars: The Rivals, while One Direction came to fruition in 2010 on The X Factor... which Cheryl judged!

Liam and Cheryl recently had an adorable baby boy named Bear. With his genes, he'll be joining a music group in no time.

Photo: Instagram (@liampayne)

Zayn Malik from One Direction

DATED: Perrie Edwards from Little Mix

Liam's former bandmate not only dated a member of a girl group — he was actually engaged to one!

According to rumors, Pez was the reason that Zayn chose to leave 1D in the first place! TBH, we don't buy it... but the name Yoko Ono was thrown around a lot.

The pair started dating when Little Mix competed on The X Factor in 2011; One Direction came back to perform, so the two met and obviously hit it off.

After four long years of cute Instagram photos and their fair share of cheating rumors, the fiances called off the wedding. Perrie inspired Zayn's "It's You" on his solo album, and Zayn served as inspiration for "Shout Out to My Ex" on LM's Glory Days. Clearly, one is a heck of a lot more complimentary than the other!

Photo: Instagram (@zayn)

Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer

DATED: Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony

This duo was never officially "confirmed" by either party, but there's way too much evidence for us to think that NOTHING ever went down between the two.

First, Camila and Michael were seen out on what onlookers deemed a romantic dinner date after the 5SOS guy admitted to crushing on her in an interview. While it's possible that they were hanging "just as friends," many months later, Cam got her iCloud hacked and... let's just say, tea was spilled. Not only did leaked texts reveal that the Fifth Harmony gal wanted to punch her bandmate, Ally Brooke, "in the face," but also that she and Mikey were exchanging some NSFW texts to one another.

"Obama totally isn't stopping you from sending photos of your butt," the Australian dude allegedly wrote. LOL.

Photo: Getty Images

Brad Simpson from The Vamps

DATED: Lauren Jauregui from Fifth Harmony

Yet another 5H girl found herself weak in the knees for a boy-bander with an accent. This time, though, it was a guy from a British four-person group.

The duo dated from April to December of 2014, but it wasn't until 2015 when Brad finally confirmed the relaysh.

Unfortunately, in a joke-gone-wrong, his bandmates acted as if they'd all hooked up with the "Work from Home" singer, leading to a bit of a feud between the two groups.

Photo: Getty Images

Jake Roche from Rixton

DATED: Jesy Nelson from Little Mix

Jesy (and, TBH, all of Little Mix) has got a thing for boy-banders!

Just like Zerrie, Jesy and her Rixton guy were engaged when they split.

While, apparently, the breakup was totally amicable at first, the "Black Magic" crooner moved on quite quickly to date Chris Clark, so who knows if things stayed friendly after that revelation.

Photo: Instagram (@jakerixton)

Jordan Banjo from Diversity

DATED: Jesy Nelson from Little Mix

Although Jesy and the British dance troupe member got together in the early 2010s, the two had actually known each other since childhood.

Alas, it wasn't meant to last — J-Squared reportedly called it quits in 2014.

Photo: Twitter (@littlemix)

Sam Craske from Diversity

DATED: Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix

Looks like there was more than one Diversity-Little Mix pairing! While Jordan and Jesy were an item, their bandmates were getting it on, too!

Sam started dating Jade in 2012. Even though there were reports that the LM girl cheated on her man with Derry Mensah, they stayed together for two whole years.

Even after the couple called it quits, they remained friends and were seen having a platonic hangout sesh with Perrie in 2015.

Photo: Instagram (@jadethirlwall)

Jamar Harding from Cover Drive

DATED: Leigh Anne Pinnock from Little Mix

Yes, the Barbadian bassist dated the LM pop queen.

While the relationship was confirmed in 2012, the pair tried (and succeeded) to keep most deets about the partnership on the DL.

Photo: Instagram (@leighannepinnock)

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