9 Pairs That Committed Accidental Incest on a Teen Television Show

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Incest is still totally taboo in our society — as it should be — yet, when it comes to Hollywood… not so much? Not only are super-famous celebrities casting their IRL family members as their on-screen love interests (WTF?!), but fandoms are consistently hoping that blood-related ships will somehow become canon.

While we can pretty much guarantee that Supernatural‘s Winchester bros will never actually become a thing (sorry, #Wincest shippers), some TV writers are not def afraid to add a little bit of steamy familial connections in order to add intense drama to a show. Outright incest tends to be a little ~extra~ for a casual viewer (for instance, the incest on Game of Thrones is way too much to get behind), step-siblings getting it on is, like, not even surprising anymore (hear that, Gossip Girl?). So basically, it’s only when the sexy couple is unknowingly related to one another that the twist can be pretty thrilling.

Check out the gallery below to see nine TV pairs that were surprised to find out they’re actually related. (Fair warning, this will bring a lot of cringe into your day.)

Jason & Polly on Riverdale

While many assumed there was some creepy twincest going on between Jason and Cheryl Blossom (in fact, even on the show someone hypothesized Cheryl murdered her bro over her inappropriate feelz), no one could've foreseen that it was actually Jason and Polly who were related!

Polly and Betty's dad was the one who broke the news that the teen couple was actually made up of third cousins — thus, making it way more understandable why he was completely opposed to Cheryl and Jason having a freaking baby together!

Photo: The CW

Jace & Clary on Shadowhunters

Everyone who hadn't read The Mortal Instruments books was thoroughly grossed out when it was finally revealed that Jace and Clary — who had, so far, spent a lot of time getting ~steamy~ with one another — were brother and sister!

While some shippers were totally unfazed by the familial relationship and shipped it all the same, others had their fingers crossed that somehow, their siblingship would be proven a lie so the pair could get back together.

Ultimately, on the midseason finale of Season 2, Jace was made aware that he's not actually Clary's brother (phew!) but it was a pretty close call.

Photo: Freeform

Charlie & Jo on Twisted

We guess it makes sense that a show called Twisted would have a ~twisted~ incest-y story line.

Basically, Jo and Charlie went on a date, engaged in a few passionate makeout sessions and then Charlie found himself obsessively in love with Jo.

While the feelings were unrequited, it's ultimately revealed that Jo's mom gave Charlie up for adoption many years before... making those former makeout buddies half-siblings! Eww.

That revelation drops in the final scene of the series, making it a helluva cliffhanger.

Photo: Freeform

CeCe & Jason on Pretty Little Liars

While the whole Cece Drake formerly having been Charles DiLaurentis was problematic because it was a completely transphobic plot twist, it was also effed up because it meant that her ex-boyfriend was also her biological cousin AND her adoptive half-brother. Da eff?!

Jason was unaware that he and CeCe were blood related... but the girl totally knew... making the whole thing even creepier.

Photo: Freeform

Tommy & Thea on Arrow

Long after Tommy sadly *SPOILER ALERT* died on the end of Season 1, it was revealed that his evil AF father was actually Thea's biological father after her mom had a secret affair.

While nothing really went down between the two siblings, Thea made a pass at him during the early episodes, asking if he wanted to "have some fun" and the pair became a pretty big ship in the Arrow fandom.

Their relaysh is not too bad in comparison to some of the other duos on this list, but Thea was (understandably) squicked out when she figured out Tommy was her half-brother.

Photo: The CW

Duncan & Veronica on Veronica Mars

Veronica had no clue why Duncan randomly dumped her one day. The answer? His mother finally revealed the reason why she was so opposed to him dating Veronica: because only she knew that the two are actually half-siblings and shared a father. Umm... gross!

While he tried to stay away from his bio-sis (though never told her why), he still fell into temptation leading them to get ~intimate~ at a party post-split.

Duncan finally fessing up to Veronica about everything will go down as one of the most dramatic scenes on the series (and the show was already pretty dramatic to begin with)!

Luckily, another twist (Veronica's dad isn't actually her dad) proved that, in the end, the whole thing wasn't nearly as screwed up as we were lead to believe. That being said, it's still pretty weird that Duncan had sex with Veronica when he thought they were related.

Photo: The CW

Lucy & Ian on Happyland

Happyland didn't last very long, which is pretty surprising considering that an incest twist seems to be a prerequisite for a successful TV show, as indicated by the other programs on this list.

On the first episode, Lucy Velez finds out that her hunky co-worker, whom she had already smooched, just might be her half-brother.

Surprisingly, the show got a lot of flack for including this bombshell, but Bianca Santos, who played Lucy, wasn't tripping. "Incest is hot, and we're going to have fun," she blurted out in a press conference. Uhh... maybe that's why the show didn't last more than eight eps.

Photo: MTV

Clark & Kara on Smallville

Like Tommy and Thea on the other CW superhero show, Clark and Kara never got beyond flirtation, but Clark still felt seriously perverted when he found out that Kara, the woman he'd had his eye on for romantic purposes, is his cousin!

After Kara reveals she's the daughter of Zor-El, Clark's uncle, he obviously takes a step back to take on a more appropriate relationship with Supergirl. There's no incest-y plot for Supergirl on the newer CW show, so that's a win, we guess...

Photo: The CW

Eric &... His Cousin on Boy Meets World

Have you ever been to a rave/anniversary party and spent the entire night connecting with someone, just to find out that they are actually your cousin? No? Well same, BUT that's totally what happened to Eric on a Season 3 episode of Boy Meets World.

After Mrs. Matthews tells Eric that he's currently dancing with her niece, whom he'd spent the entire night with, Eric completely freaks out and, TBH, rightfully so.

Photo: ABC

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  • jatenk

    I get that incest has and should have a huge threshold but instead of just bashing with “eww”s and not even explaining why you sustain the tendency of a lot of people not actually questioning things. Let me help you out:

    Babies whose parents share genes within a closer family relationship, about up to cousins, have a very high likeliness of suffering from serious genetic damage and a life full of suffering, pain, and also stigma. (Children are not at fault for anything their parents did.)
    Since few contraception methods are 100% reliable and you definitely do not want to end up with a child from it – for any family member’s sake, and the child’s – you just don’t do it. Even condom and the pill is too much risk. Of course, that reason would imply that if it’s impossible to get pregnant, due to a vasectomy or loss/removal of the uterus for example, so the existing public view on it still has to be recognized. On top of that, sex changes things, so if something goes downhill you’ll have a huge problem forever as you can’t really delete your biological relationship.

    I get that keeping up the image of it being a bad thing is important. but education as to why also is. Stigmata also hit children who are not to blame if it happens anyway, it can happen on “accident” in specific situations like emotional compromise or drugs, and just assuming something is wrong without knowing why is very counter-productive to critical thinking. You have a great opportunity of reaching younger people here; make use of it and educate – don’t just point to things and say “No! Bad! Don’t! Ew!”. That’s what you do with 3-year-olds, not with teens.