8 Times Miley Cyrus Was Accused of Being a Huge Effing Racist

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Cultural appropriation — the act of picking and choosing which elements from an oppressed race/ethnicity are most attractive to a privileged group of people, and then adopting those elements as if they are the advantaged person’s aesthetic. Cultural appropriation is a hot topic right now and it’s basically like plagiarizing someone else’s essay and then getting a better grade on it than they did. Annoying. But it’s not only rude, it’s actually racist. Why? Because it’s seen as taking advantage of an underprivileged group of people for one’s personal gain.

Sound like anyone you know? While visions of Kylie Jenner or Bella Thorne might come to mind, possibly the biggest offender is none other than Miley Cyrus.

While cultural appropriation may be the Disney Channel alum’s go-to move, unfortunately, it’s not the only thing that Miley has done that’s gotten her the ‘racist’ label. She’s also had problematic photos leaked and said some pretty WTF-worthy quotes. Check out the gallery below and then let us know: Do you think Miley Cyrus is actually racist or is she just simply ignorant to how others are perceiving her actions?

Every time she wore dreadlocks or cornrows like it was NBD.

At this point, you've got to be living under a rock if you don't know that wearing your hair in traditional African-American hairstyles is considered cultural appropriation and NOT OKAY. Yet time and time again, celeb after celeb keeps making the same darn mistake. While some stars live and LEARN, it's pretty freakin' obvious that Miley does not. Her Instagram feed is full of selfies in which she's donning the appropriative 'dos and, as always, the comments are flooded with users calling her out for racism.

Photo: Instagram (@mileycyrus)

When a pic leaked of her and friends mocking Asian people.

While the Hannah Montana star is typically under fire for being racist against the black community, it was this photo of Miley & pals purposely squinting their eyes that had people questioning if she was biased against Asians. Even if she's not, this shot def proves the singer to be wildly ignorant.

Photo: Tumblr

When she hosted the MTV VMAs in 2015.

During the MTV Video Music Awards in 2015, she started off the night ruffling feathers. While her dreadlocks were bad enough, it was a phrase that she used during the show that had some people really angry — and rightfully so!

The "Bangerz" hitmaker referred to Snoop Dogg's grandmother as "mammy," which is a female African-American caricature with historical ties to the slave trade. Basically, she had no right to use the word. But the real question is how many people actually approved that "joke" before the show even began?

Photo: Getty Images

After her ~controversial~ MTV VMA performance in 2013.

Miley's VMA hosting gig wasn't the first time she received backlash for racism after that particular awards show. Her 2013 "We Can't Stop" performance was critiqued for using black women's bodies as props. People were particularly put over the edge when she executed the move as shown in this photo. These are PEOPLE, not dolls.

Photo: Getty Images

When the music video for "We Can't Stop" dropped and it was problematic AF.

In the same way she got heat for the VMA performance, the music video got slammed for its use of Black female background dancers as overly sexualized set pieces.

Lil Debbie, another white hip-hop artist, claimed she ripped the whole concept from her "Ratchets" music video. Either way, though, it's not a good look.

Photo: RCA Records

When she said she wanted to make music that "feels black."

Need we say more? Her songwriters, RockCity, quoted the star, saying, "I want urban. I just want something that feels black." Sure, she didn't know that those words would be made public, but she should always assume that saying anything as WTF as that will make headlines. FYI, a white person's music should never "feel black" — that's Cultural Appropriation 101.

Photo: RCA Records

When she went through her twerking obsession.

First she was accused of ripping off African-American hairstyles, then music and, eventually, dance moves.

The word "twerk" dates back to black communities in New Orleans in the early '90s, but the actual movement has ties even further back than that and originated in West Africa.

Yet, nowadays, when you Google "twerk," Miley Cyrus shows up.

Photo: Wenn Images

When she publicly denounced hip-hop music.

After ALL OF THAT APPROPRIATION, people couldn't help but notice that Miley's 2017 music had adopted a totally different sound.

When Billboard asked her about it, the "Malibu" singer said, "I can't listen to that anymore... That's what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little. It was too much 'Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my c*ck — I am so not that."

Most headlines picked up on how it seemed she used hip hop (read: black culture) when it was self-serving, but distanced herself from it once it didn't benefit her anymore.

The good news is that this quote hopefully means she'll put a solid stop to all of her appropriation now. The bad news is, obviously, that this quote makes her look really bad.

Photo: RCA Records

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    I think bitching at people’s hairstyles is ridiculous, but the rest of her behavior is pretty damn problematic