A Member of a Popular Band Pulled a Zayn Malik and Suddenly Quit the Group

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If we’re being totally honest, we weren’t THAT surprised when Zayn Malik announced that he was leaving One Direction. The 24-year-old was at the center of some serious drama for weeks prior to his departure and, NGL, he seemed pretty darn miserable in 1D for a long time. What we ARE shocked to hear, however, is that Avi Kaplan is saying goodbye to Pentatonix.

The 28-year-old old singer made the announcement that he is leaving the group last week and couldn’t keep his emotions at bay. Avi was joined by the rest of the group as he explained to fans that he decided taking a step back from PTX would be the best decision for him at this point.

“These past six years have been the most unbelievable years of my life,” the crooner said while trying to hold back the tears. “All the things we’ve accomplished, all the music that we’ve made, and the people that we’ve touched with that music, it far surpassed anything I could’ve dreamed for my life.”

Avi basically said that he could no longer keep up with the the fast-pace lifestyle of Pentatonix and it was “extremely hard” for him to be separated from his family and friends for such long periods of time. You can watch the full announcement video, as well as read his statement, below:

We’re gonna miss you, Avi!
You never know what could happen down the road…these artists quit their band and then returned 5+ years later!

Zac Farro

Paramore lost not one, but two members in 2010 when brothers Zac and Josh Farro decided they were out. Josh even proceeded to bash his ex-GF and lead singer Hayley Williams, saying she took too much ownership of the band and acted like a D-I-V-A.

Even if there's bad blood between the former loves, it looks like the 26-year-old stayed out of the drama. In July 2016, it was announced that he would be back playing drums on their new album. He told Idobi, "We've always been friends, and yeah, there was a little bit of weirdness 'cause I left the band for a few years, but all that stuff is not even there anymore and there's no hard feelings and it's just been rad."

While no one was sure to what extent the drummer was back with Paramore, a recent email that the band sent out with the subject "Zac's Back" proves that the guy is officially a full-fledged member of the pop-rock group... again!

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Kevin Richardson

A lot of hardcore Backstreet Boys fans have opted to forget the dark times between '06 and '12 when BSB was a 4-person group. Apparently, former NSYNC guys Lance Bass and Joey Fatone had offered to join the Boys in Kevin's place (traitors? Not sure..), but A. J. McLean, Howie D., Brian Littrell and Nick Carter declined, saying the door would always be open for Kev to come back to them.

Sure enough, in 2012, the 14-year-old rejoined his friends and they've been a party of five ever since.

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Geri Halliwell

Rumors circulated that a fight between Melanie Brown (Scary Spice) and Geri (Ginger Spice) was to blame for the redhead's unexpected departure from the mega-successful British pop group. In her 1998 statement, the Spice Girl announced, "Sadly I would like to confirm that I have left the Spice Girls. This is because of differences between us."

While the others were adamant that they would stay together and tour, they eventually decided to take a hiatus. When the whole group decided to reunite in 2007, however, Geri was back on board!

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Lindsey Buckingham

Fleetwood Mac's lineup seemed to be constantly changing, and while Stevie Nicks also dropped the group briefly, she could never stay away for long.

Lindsey, on the other hand, was gone from 1987 until 1997 (which is when the group returned from a 1.5 year hiatus). While he claimed his departure was purely to pursue solo endeavors, some wondered if all the band changes had anything to do with Linds' rocky relaysh with one-time girlfriend, Stevie.

Strangely enough, President Bill Clinton was a major part in the group's reunion, since he asked them to come together and play a song for his campaign.

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David Lee Roth

If you want to talk about long band absences from bands, just ask David — the lead singer who exited Van Halen for 22 YEARS before coming back! To be fair, he rejoined the group briefly in 1996, but it wasn't until 2007 when he returned for good.

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Sammy Hagar

Sammy was the lead vocalist and guitarist of Van Halen for 11 years before he decided to go his own way in 1996. In 2003, the rocker briefly got back with his bandmates, but unfortunately the reunion didn't last long. After two years, the musician quit the group again and this time it stuck.

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Eric Schenkman

The Spin Doctors were THEEEE most popular band of the '90s! JK... (obviously) but they did have a lot of dedicated fans. That's why it was so heartbreaking when Eric, who played guitar and keyboards, randomly dipped from the rest of the dudes. His other band member, Mark White, also left shortly before the whole crew took a break from mid-1999 to 2002.

When the guys regrouped in the new millennium, everyone was back and better than ever!

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