10 Minimalist Jughead-Inspired Products Only Riverdale Fans Will Appreciate

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There are some pretty creepy Riverdale-inspired products in the world. For example, there’s a pillow with the words “I Killed Jason Blossom” written across its face. Claiming you committed the murder of a fictional character? Not exactly something we, personally, would want to see while we’re over at a friend’s house.

BUT, for every godawful piece of merchandise based on the hit CW drama, there’s an awesome product based on the Archie-led series somewhere on the Internet… and we found a couple handfuls of ’em for Cole Sprouse‘s character alone! Here are ten minimalist Jughead Jones-inspired products only Riverdale fans will appreciate:

Jughead Jones Riverdale-Inspired 4x6 Print, $2.50

Clean, simple, yet undeniably Jughead.

Photo: Etsy

'Jughead Jones Wuz Here' Riverdale-Inspired Bookmark, $4.01

The perfect placeholder.

Photo: Etsy

Jughead Jones Riverdale-Inspired Digital Painting Print, $5.68

Even faceless the resemblance to Cole's character is uncanny.

Photo: Etsy

Hamburger Scrunchie, $6.14

Even though JJ isn't emblazoned across the product in any way, shape or form, it was tagged as Jughead on Etsy and, you know something, it makes a lot of sense.

Photo: Etsy

Jughead Jones Riverdale-Inspired Necklace, $7.99

It's basically Bughead... in jewelry form.

Photo: Etsy

'What? Sardonic Humor is Just My Way of Relating to the World..' Riverdale-Inspired Notebook, $12.00


Photo: Red Bubble

'Have You Ever Seen Me Without This Stupid Hat? That's Weird.' Riverdale-Inspired T-Shirt, $23.71


Photo: Red Bubble

Knit Jughead Jones Riverdale-Inspired Crown Beanie, $37.81

And now you can take that "stupid hat" with you wherever you go!

Photo: Etsy

Jughead Jones Riverdale-Inspired Custom Funko Pop, $45.00

It's sold out at the moment, but we have high hopes that it'll return. LOOK AT HIM!

Photo: Etsy

Jughead Jones Riverdale-Inspired Hoodie, $46.84+

No words necessary — the crown says it all.

Photo: Etsy

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