7 Stars Who Showed Her Thong on The Red Carpet… on Purpose

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Many stars have found themselves in embarrassing situations in which a surprise wardrobe malfunction exposes their undergarments for the world to see. This happened to Taylor Swift in concert (awk), Emma Watson at the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premiere (poor girl) and Kristen Stewart during a TV interview (oops!). Even though all of those lovely ladies took the incidents in stride and played it off cool, it was obvs 100% NOT a part of their plan.

Some famous females, on the other hand, don’t give a $h*! who sees their panties and have actually chosen to expose their fancy underwear to complete a stylish ensemble. While celebs like Jennifer Lawrence and Demi Lovato have opted for full-coverage lingerie when it comes to completing a daring and revealing look, others have really gone all out and mooned the crowd by flaunting a fabulous thong as the centerpiece of their outfit. It sure is bold, but while most of us probably couldn’t pull off a look so scandalous — the following women totally do:

Kendall Jenner

The Met Gala seems to be the place where all celebs take their most daring looks. Rihanna was getting love (and hate, depending on who you ask) for her big, wacky Comme des Garçons gown at the 2017 event and Kendall was turning heads with her skimpy dress designed by Julia Haart, which completely emphasized her, umm... assets.

Photo: Wenn Images

Miley Cyrus

Miley is far from conservative, especially when it comes to her style choices. The Hannah Montana alum may be Queen of #FreeTheNipple, but her boobs aren't the only body part she's open to exposing — clearly proven by this MTV Video Music Award red carpet look in 2015.

Photo: Wenn Images


If you thought this shot of bad gal RiRi was revealing enough, you should Google a photo of the front of her gown. Let's just say, Robyn Rihanna Fenty's thong wasn't even the main attraction! The "Watch 'n' Learn" singer's nipples were out and about during the 2014 CFDA Awards, as well.

Photo: Wenn Images

Bella Hadid

Considering that the younger Hadid had just strutted her stuff on the catwalk wearing nothing but lingerie at the 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, it makes sense that she would be feeling confident enough to bare her butt for the world to see at the after party.

Taking on the red carpet with her older sister, Gigi Hadid, Bels posed for photos wearing this sheer dress, giving photographers a clear view of her nude-colored thong.

Photo: Getty Images


Kendall wasn't the first superstar who flaunted her bum cheeks at the Met Gala! One year prior to Kim Kardashian's sister's display, Madonna's provocative outfit gave off a strikingly similar vibe.

Photo: Getty Images

Rose McGowan

Perhaps the trendsetter of all the red-carpet-thong business, this Charmed star wore an eye-popping ensemble way back in 1998 while accompanied by Marilyn Manson at the MTV VMAs.

Photo: Getty Images

Bleona Qereti

Some might think you need to be of a certain level of star-status to rock an audacious look like the exposed thong while at a major red carpet event, but Bleona definitely busted that myth.

The Albanian actress and singer donned a thong and pasties underneath her mesh dress at the 2014 American Music Awards. When asked about the see-through number by the Los Angeles News Group, she said, "Why should I be afraid or nervous? I look hot." Confidence is key!

Photo: Wenn Images

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