10 Secondary TV Couples You Care About So Much More Than the Main Pair

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Different things attract us to the shows we that love. Sometimes it’s the comedy, sometimes it’s the mystery, sometimes it’s the action… But one thing it seems that a show can’t get by without is, *DUH*: the romance! Whether love is the main reason you’re watching a show or not, you can’t deny that a strong couple is basically essential for a kick-ass television series.

Jim and Pam held it down on The Office, as did Damon and Elena on The Vampire Diaries, but sometimes we can’t help but notice that the TV writers kinda missed the mark. While they spent all their time focusing on one couple, it was actually the side couple that everyone gave an eff about (or maybe we loved the main pair, too, but it was the secondary one that just really gave us all the ~feelz~, ya know?). No matter what the reason, we need to give those overlooked couples the attention that they deserve… because, let’s be honest here, they were a huge reason the show was the success at all:

Stiles and Lydia on Teen Wolf

When Allison was still alive (RIP, BTW), her relationship with Scott was EVERYTHING. But after the brunette beauty got impaled (ugh), Scott's relationships seemed pretty unimportant. Stiles and Lydia, on the other hand, became all the more essential, even if Stiles was dating Malia for a pretty decent chunk of the past few seasons.

At this point, no one really cares who Scott ends up with (unless, of course, the writers decide to bring Allison back from the dead, in which... YAAASSSS PLZ), but if Stydia isn't endgame by the series finale, there are going to be a lot of TVs with fist-sized holes in them.

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Magnus and Alec on Shadowhunters

Matthew Daddario and Harry Shum Jr. are total babes, so seeing them together is pretty much a dream come true. While Clary & Jace and Clary & Simon get the most screen time, no other relationship got an entire episode titled for its ship name.

"Malec" is the twelfth episode of Season 1 and features the duo's first smooch, so let's just keep our fingers crossed that the relaysh keeps going strong.

Photo: Freeform

TIE: Santana and Brittany & Kurt and Blaine on Glee

When Finchel was a thing, both Brittana and Klaine took the backseat for Rachel and Finn's romance in terms of screen time... yet the LGBT couples were really the ones we cared about.

Basically, same-sex couples FTW on Glee, now and forever — that's why they got married!

Photo: Fox

Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl

Dan and Serena's creepy step-sibling-but-also-lovers relationship was a little too incest-y for some viewers, making Chuck and Blair's on-again, off-again flirtationship the one to watch. Those two are both so cunning and conniving, it's obvious they were made for one another.

Photo: The CW

Oliver and Lilly on Hannah Montana

Even though Miley Cyrus' character was the center of the show, her relationships were pretty forgettable. Like, honestly, we can hardly remember them. Lilly and Oliver, on the other hand, were OTP from the start. Commonly referred to as "Lolliver," the pair's couple name alone is enough of a reason to ship the duo

Photo: Disney Channel

Shawn and Angela on Boy Meets World

Cory and Topanga were cute and all, but let's just face the facts: They were kind of boring! While they had the whole "Are they rivals or are they in love?" thing going in middle school, once those two got together, it was predictable AF — right down to the high school graduation proposal.

Shawn and Angela, on the other hand, were not only MEANT. TO. BE. but they were full of drama, passion and some REAL conflict. Basically, it was just so relatable and we've gotta appreciate that.

P.S. We're just going to ignore that whole Shawn speech on Girl Meets World in which he says he loved Ang because he was "supposed to." Like, don't mess with our hearts like that. We know it's not true.

Photo: ABC

Nathan and Haley on One Tree Hill

Lucas and Brooke? Or Lucas and Peyton? Or Lucas and Lindsey? Honestly, who cares?? While Lucas' love triangles were fully dramatic, it didn't really matter who he ended up with — as long as Nathan and Haley were keeping it real!

Despite their 100% unrealistic high school marriage, Nate and Hales kept us grounded with all the BS that was Lucas' crazy love life.

Photo: The CW

Seth and Summer on The O.C.

Marissa and Ryan's confusing relationship took up the most time during the first three seasons of The O.C., even though everyone was obvs most concerned with Seth and Summer's oddly perfect coupling. Come on, that Spider-Man kiss?! Iconic.

While the relationship certainly had its ups and downs, their wedding on the last episode proves what we all knew to be true: Everything is okay as long as Seth and Summer are 2gether 4ever.

Photo: Fox

Tara and Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer

While Willow and Oz were contenders for this title as well, Willow and her man-love were slightly overshadowed by Buffy and Angel, who had so many twists and turns it was impossible not to be totally swept up in their slayer-vampire forbidden romance.

But when Tara came along on Season 4, compared to Buffy's new relationship with Riley (and later Spike), there was something about Willow's first ladylove that was all-consuming. Plus, Tara was undoubtedly the chillest, most down-to-earth character on the entire show. #sorrynotsorry

Photo: The WB

Sierra and Victor on Dollhouse

Like Buffy, this is another one from Joss Whedon, who seems to be a huge fan of the strong AF side couple.

Echo's relaysh with Paul Blart Mall Cop Detective Paul Ballard is wholly nonessential and, at times, straight-up creepy, but Victor and Sierra, the for-hire humans with computer-operated-brains who override their own programming to stay in love, keep romance alive on the show.

Photo: Fox

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