10 YouTube Stars That Awkwardly Got Asked to Prom by a Fan

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It’s no shocker that there are hundreds of awkward promposals on YouTube. Some are to friends and some are to celebrities, including those that made a career for themselves on the video-sharing website. People like Cameron Dallas and Hayes Grier get asked to strangers’ school dances so often that it’s pretty much impossible for them to respond, let alone attend, all of them. But just because chances are low that a person’s fave will actually attend their prom, doesn’t stop them from popping the question!

Even though not all promposals get answers, there’s still the chance that your video will be the lucky one to garner a reaction, or, better yet, a +1! We scoured the depths of YouTube to bring you some of the most awkward promposals to your fave YT stars. While watching these made us cringe a little bit, we have to give the people credit for putting themselves out there!

Cameron Dallas

It's no surprise that this YT star has girls swooning over him enough to ask him to their IRL proms. We found 9 videos of promposals to Cameron, some more awkward than others.

One of the most awk videos we've seen was posted by a girl who got her parents involved in the asking. There were even a few people in the vid who didn't want to be there and walked away from the camera making for some awkward fill-in comments. Unfortunately, the fan couldn't convince Cam to go to prom with her, but we give her credit for trying!


Photo: Instagram (@camerondallas)

Jacob Sartorius

Jacob may only be 14, but he gets asked to prom more than any high school student we know! In April of this year, a girl named Katie took to YouTube to ask the Muser to her prom, and things got pretty awkward. As of now, JS hasn't commented on the video publicly, but you never know!


Photo: Instagram (@jacobsartorius)

Jack Gilinsky

In 2015, the SPK Prom Project by Sour Patch Kids partnered with YouTube to created a special prom for teens and their fave YT Stars. One girl promposed to half of Jack & Jack by creating a video montage with some awkward singing in the background.


Photo: Instagram (@jackandjack)

Jack Johnson

The other half of Jack & Jack got asked to the SPK prom by a few other girls. One made a video where she danced awkwardly around her room the whole time, and accidentally ended up tweeting it to the wrong Jack J!


Photo: Instagram (@jackandjack)

Kian Lawley & JC Caylen

JC and Kian have gotten quite a few promposals recently, but an awkward invite that was posted last year shows two girls, Maria and Gloria, going around different spots in their town to beg the pair to go to the dance. Things get weird when they go to their local park and start playing on the children's equipment.


Photo: Instagram (@jccaylen)

Hayes Grier

Last year a young girl went to the beach to ask Hayes to prom by writing the word in the sand. Though a cute idea in thought, it was a bit awkward to sit back and watch.


Photo: Instagram (@hayesgrier)

Nash Grier

Hayes isn't the only Grier brother on the receiving end of awkward promposals on YouTube — Nash has gotten some of the action, too! The below vid is a little strange, especially because the girl shows a side-by-side pic of herself and the Internet star and explains that they basically look like twins. That and he friend is int he background stretching her leg the whole time!


Photo: Instagram (@nashgrier)

Mikey Murphy

Two girls started their question to Mikey by belting out "The Heart Wants What It Wants," then proceeding to write about wanting to go to prom with him and Nash Grier in a notebook! Though there was no response from Mikey or Nash, we applaud the girls for their effort!


Photo: Instagram (@itsmikeymurphy)

Lilly Singh

In 2014, this ~superwoman~ was asked to prom in a really awkward, yet kinda cool way. A high school student known on YouTube as He_Ran_Awayy made a homemade movie with a full intro asking Lilly to be his prom date. But it got awkward when he got a bunch of people at the school to scream her name in different segments.

Luckily for this fan, the 28-year-old saw the vid and even commented, "This is so precious and flattering. Thank you so much for putting so much effort into making me blush! I wish I could attend but unfortunately I'm scheduled to do a video shoot all day long. I tried getting out of it but no luck! I hope you have an amazing night sweetheart. You're such a cutie x."

In the end, however, Lilly actually showed up at his prom to surprise him!


Photo: Instagram (@iisuperwomanii)

Dolan Twins

Kat and Bri's cover of Ed Sheeran's made viewers cringe, especially since they couldn't control their laughter while singing. Props to the girls for giving it a shot, though! No word on whether or not the Dolan Twins saw the video yet.


Photo: Instagram (@dolantwins)

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