Kat Graham’s Willing to Try Anything! But She’s Not a Fan of ALL Fashion Trends…

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Kat Graham is a force to be reckoned with. At 27 years old, she’s a successful television star, a talented singer and an inspiring philanthropist. Oh, and she’s got a fashion sense that rivals that of Anna Wintour. (Yeah, we said it.) That’s why when we recently caught up with the green-eyed beauty, we simply had to ask about her style, plus a few other juicy tidbits for our readers 😉

Last month, we went behind the scenes of her latest Foster Grant sunglasses shoot to find out what’s new in eyewear.

BTS of yesterday's @foster_grant_sunglasses shoot w @dayvidwilson in NYC

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“You know, I just did Coachella, and so we saw lots of ’70s-inspired frames, and Foster Grant has these really cool vintage frames,” says Kat, who’s been the face behind the brand for three years. (We would know — we were there to celebrate the announcement in 2014!) “I’ve been wearing a lot of the round ’70s frames, too… They have smaller ones that are a bit more ’90s, but I’m really really into these round ones.”

“And you’re seeing them in different places, like, big square ’70s ones from Gucci and these incredible cat-eyes, where it’s, like, almost multi-layered… It’s crazy,” she adds. “I just love a good cat-eye, especially when I travel, because they’re just big enough, and you can still be this fashionable person, but still be a bit more quiet.”

“There’s something for everyone [with Foster Grant], and that’s what I always want to be a part of, and that’s the kind of message I always want to give to girls that are gonna be reading this,” the actress explains. “There’s something for you. Take chances, find your voice in fashion, and find what you like, and find what makes you feel good, and do that. Sometimes fashion designers will be like, ‘This is what’s hot right now and you will be cool if you wear this,’ but sometimes it’s too expensive or doesn’t look good on me or isn’t who I am and I don’t need to just think that what you’re saying is what’s cool if I have my own identity. And that’s what’s so great about Foster Grant. Here we are, here’s the palette of every single color of the rainbow that you can imagine. Find your color, find your voice, find what you like, and let that be you. That’s why the whole thing is ‘many shades of you.'”

However, despite the fact that Kat is willing to try basically everything in terms of style, that doesn’t mean she’s a fan of all types of fashion. “I try and make anything work,” she says. “I mean, in terms of trends, I’m not really into too stretchy of a fabric… If I see too stretchy of a fabric, I’m like, ‘Okay, it’s time to go.’ You know? If I’m in a place with too much stretch happening, I need to, like, get out. That’s not cool.”

Since KG’s got so much going on, make sure to stay tuned for MORE from our interview with Kat. After all, she’s starring in the upcoming film All Eyez on Me, out June 16, AND she has a new album, titled Love Music Funk Magic, out… TODAY!!!
Want more? Here are ten things you need to know about Kat Graham:

She was born in Geneva, Switzerland.

And was raised Jewish. Have you seen her "Black and Jewish" parody? Major LOLs.

Photo: Instagram (@katgrahampics)

She's got a talented tongue.

Kat can speak English, French and Spanish fluently, plus knows a bit of Hebrew and Portuguese. That's nuts!

Photo: Instagram (@katgrahampics)

You may've heard of her first movie...

She was in The Parent Trap!!!

Photo: Disney

OMG, she was a Fantana.

She was Capri/Strawberry in the international campaign for Fanta.

Photo: Fanta

Her secret talent is awesome.

She has a photographic memory! Considering all the lines and lyrics she has to remember, we're sure it only helps.

Photo: Instagram (@katgrahampics)

She's been on tour with The Black-Eyed Peas!

Yes, she went to several countries with Fergie & the gang during the Black Blue & You world tour.

Photo: DISfunkshion

Among the crazy list of hot actors she's worked with is... Zac Efron!

17 Again, anyone?

Photo: New Line Cinema

She's a gourmet chef, too.

I enrolled in cooking school, but didn't finish because of my shooting schedule, but love Mediterranean and Spanish cooking. And I can make a really mean steak. I got interested in cooking when I was filming 17 Again and we had the best caterers on the set. I started to talk to them and ask a lot of questions and asked if I could cook with them when the schedule allowed.

Photo: Instagram (@katgrahampics)

She used to be Pharrell's backup dancer.

...and Missy Elliott's. NBD.

Photo: Instagram (@katgrahampics)

You can hear her voice on will.i.am. songs.

She sang background vocals for "I Got It From My Mama" and "The Donque Song."

Photo: Instagram (@katgrahampics)

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WATCH: My Day. My Life. with Kat Graham!

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