9 Straight Actresses Who Loved Their Lesbian TV Hookups

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Okay, let’s just get it out of the way — if you never shipped #Emison, we don’t think we can talk anymore. Pretty Little Liars is notorious for flaunting same-sex hookups on the series, but most of the actresses who play the members of the LGBTQ+ community on camera publicly identify as straight. But Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse aren’t the first heterosexual women to play lesbian characters, and they certainly won’t be the last! While we’d love for there to be more queer celebs cast in queer roles, we think it’s pretty great that a lot of straight stars love their same-sex TV hookups just as much as fans.

Like most actors, many of the below ladies felt a bit nervous before filming their first on-screen love scenes, but once they got on set they found that smooching a fellow woman is actually quite enjoyable! Read on to see what some of your fave straight females had to say about their awesome lesbian TV hookups.

Shay Mitchell

Emily Fields had quite a few lovers on Pretty Little Liars, but Shay Mitchell didn't mind at all.

"Sometimes I'd rather kiss another girl than I would some random guy I don't know," she said in the past. "They smell pretty, they have cute lip balm on. Emily is quite the player on the show, so it's always fun."

Nothing like kissing a guy, are we right?!

Photo: Freeform

Sasha Pieterse

#Emison #Emison #Emison — It's all people have been talking about during this season of Pretty Little Liars. Although Sasha plays a kick-butt lesbian character on the Freeform hit, she's engaged to the man of her dreams IRL (*sigh*). But just because she's romantically involved with a guy when the cameras stop rolling doesn't mean she can't appreciate the beauty of a girl-on-girl relationship.

After her first on-screen kiss, Sasha said to Shay Mitchell, "Everything was so soft, and your lips were so moisturized!"

Seems like Shay and Sasha have a ton in common!

Photo: Freeform

Lindsey Shaw

On PLL, Lindsey Shaw plays one of Emily Fields' strong-willed and down-to-earth lovers. Although LOTS of the show' fans couldn't wait to see her go, the actress told AfterEllen.com that the two ladies who played the controversial couple felt quite the opposite.

"We are the biggest Paily shippers of all time! It's so easy, the dynamic between us now. I feel like we see each other as human beings, and I feel like we're sort of on the same vibrational path. I couldn’t have more respect for her if I tried. She reminds me all the time of what it's like to be a good person, and that always translates to what we do on screen."

We'll never get past the fact that Paige literally tried to kill Emily, but NGL, this quote is kinda cute.

Photo: Freeform

Naya Rivera

When sultry actress Naya Rivera first appeared on Glee as a lesbian character, audiences were #shook. But the star herself was extremely calm and collected about Santana's identity. She told WetPaint, "On that show, I've had to kiss both men and women, and I would say that it was easier to kiss the women."

No idea why she felt that way, but it seems like lots of others feel the same.

Photo: FOX

Laura Prepon

If all you can see is Donna from That '70s Show when you look at a picture of Laura Prepon, you better readjust your vision. This babe can now be seen cozying up to Taylor Schilling on Orange is the New Black, and their relationship couldn't be hotter.

The actress told AfterEllen.com, "The main thing I learned [playing a lesbian on TV] was, whether it's a man or woman, if there's chemistry, there’s chemistry. Taylor and I have amazing chemistry. We were so comfortable and the chemistry we have comes across on camera. It's really, really cool."

The ladies' great chemistry is probably why people ship their characters SO freakin' hard.

Photo: Netflix

Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor of The 100 hadn't played an LGBTQ+ character in the past, so she was psyched when she got the chance to portray one on the small screen.

"Shooting the Lexa kiss was really great," she told AfterEllen.com. She's a babe, A. And it was something that I've never gotten to do before… It was really cool to be able to do something like that."

We're fans, too, Eliza!

Photo: The CW

Allyson Hannigan

This Buffy the Vampire Slayer star was not shy about sharing her feelings with MTV about her character's lesbian relationship. She said of her role, "I was so grateful to have been part of such a wonderful [on-screen] relationship. The people that it's touched that I've met… it's such a gift to have been able to do that."

While Alyson didn't say she enjoyed filming Willow's makeout scenes in particular, we think it's safe to assume she was a fan.

Photo: The WB

Rita Volk

Faking It star Rita Volk is as casual as it gets when it comes to hooking up with a member of the same sex for television cameras. In fact, she didn't flinch at all when she told Marie Claire magazine that it "came pretty easy" to film steamy scenes.

"Obviously, we'd have to get our giggles out when we were shooting those scenes," she continued. "And now I kiss her all the time, so it's no big deal."

If only EVERYONE could view same-sex relationships in the same light...

Photo: MTV

Molly Bernard

Molly plays Lauren Heller, a bisexual publicist, on TV Land's breakout comedy, Younger. While she's straight IRL, she says that acting in a queer role felt unexpectedly natural.

She explained, "I've never had a love scene with a man, and so in a way it felt really right to have a love scene with a woman. And of all women, Debi Mazar, who is just really, really — aside from being gorgeous and talented — she's so kind, and just so supportive. It was easy. It was surprisingly one of my favorite days on set."

Photo: TV Land

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