6 Celebrities Who Almost Got Fired from Their TV Series

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Celebrity life doesn’t look too hard from over here on the bleachers. Heck, actors get paid a whole lot of money just to pretend they’re someone else for a few hours a day, right? Wrong. As fans, we tend to forget that acting is a real job, even if it does come with some cool perks, like kissing cute people and being rich AF. And just like any other job, sometimes the hardest part is keeping it.

Some stars choose to walk away from a television hit for various reasons, including to pursue other opportunities, problems with the cast, etc. Others, however, don’t have much of a choice. The following is a list of celebrity actors who (almost) got fired from their respective TV series, but were able to hold onto their roles just tightly enough to survive the storm. And thank goodness they did, because they turned out to be some of our favorite characters in the end.

Tammin Sursok

Tammin Sursok plays Jenna Marshall on Pretty Little Liars, but tons of fans don't know her as well as they do her character. For example — she has a thick Australian accent IRL. So thick, in fact, that it almost got her written off the show!

"My Australian accent kept coming up [during filming], so I decided to just speak in an American accent from then on," she explained.

Luckily, the actress was able to conceal the twang well enough to fool viewers and got to stay on PLL.

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The Olsen Twins

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are the OG Hollywood twins (we still love you, Dylan and Cole), and they were definitely the cutest cast members of the hit TV show, Full House. But shockingly, John Stamos didn't feel the same way when they first started filming!

A recently released clip of The Unauthorized Full House Story, set to debut on Lifetime on Aug. 22, shows a re-enactment of the actor asking a producer to replace the twins.

John now recalls asking for replacements because they were smelly, and sometimes they cried. News flash — they were babies!

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Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon was the memorable and lively host of America's Got Talent on NBC for YEARS, but there was a time when that title was almost taken from him! He was "shaken to his core" after NBC considered firing him for a racially charged joke he told at the network's expense during a recent Showtime comedy special.

While the comedian didn't get fired in the end, he later decided to leave AGT because he felt undervalued as a performer.

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Terrence Howard

Empire star Terrence Howard ran into some legal trouble after finding out his role on the show was in jeopardy. Turns out, the actor asked his former management team to help him save his part and once they did, he didn't pay them for their help!

While we might never know why he was almost written off the series, now we do know never to lend him any money.

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Jay Pharaoh

The hilarious — and we mean hilarious — Jay Pharaoh ended up getting fired from Saturday Night Live right before season 42 was set to start filming. But this wasn't the first time he faced the wrath of NBC.

Back in the day, JP was almost fired from the sketch series, because "he tried to speak out about getting more black women on as writers and on the cast."

"I think me speaking up, they were ready to get rid of me in 2013, September," he said in the past.

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Lisa Kennedy Montgomery

You probably know Lisa Kennedy Montgomery best from her days as a VJ on MTV! In 1994, she attended the Video Music Awards alongside Roseanne Barr, who made a cheeky joke about the VJ hooking up with Rush Limbaugh backstage during the show. Later, LKM fired back at the actress by reversing the joke to land on her instead, but the network didn't like it. According to Today.com, the "incident almost got her fired."

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