8 Famous Celebs Who Publicly Shaded Bella Thorne Like it was NBD

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There’s no doubt that Bella Thorne is a Disney alum constantly covered in controversy. When she’s not live-Snapchatting the first wax of her ~nether regions~ or gallivanting around Cannes with someone 15 years her senior, the 19-year-old has been known to speak her mind… even when that means rudely shading the network that made her famous or another celebrity in the biz.

With all the scandals that surround the Famous in Love actress, it should be no surprise that people def have some opinions on the girl… both good and bad. In fact, even some huge stars have been quite outspoken about their lack of love for Zendaya‘s former co-star and were willing to hurl some harsh disses Bella’s way… publicly. Here are eight such stars:

Demi Lovato

Battle of the Disney stars! Well, not really... especially because Bella has actually admitted to crushing on Demi Lovato!

However, back when Bels was on Shake It Up!, Demi actually skinny-shamed her on Twitter. "Is it just me or are the actress' getting THINNER AND THINNER... I miss the days of RAVEN, and LIZZIE MCGUIRE," the "Heart Attack" singer tweeted after raging about an eating disorder joke on Bella and Zendaya's popular show.

While Demi probably didn't intend to body shame a fellow celeb, that's unfortunately EXACTLY what she did here, and B and Z just happened to be on the receiving end.

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Gregg Sulkin

Gregg and the actress-singer may be hooking up yet again, but after they broke up last summer and she quickly moved on to Tyler Posey, it seemed the male lead on Faking It had something to say.

After T.Pose and Bella were photographed all over Hollywood together, Gregg tweeted, "Children want attention," which many read as a sly dig towards his former boo. The word "children" is especially relevant because Bella is actually six years younger than the 25-year-old MTV star.

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Charlie Puth

Bella's constant need for attention is actually a common critique from the girl's exes. While Charlie pulled a Taylor Swift and penned a song called "Attention," that most infer is a shade towards Miss Thorne, he most explicitly dissed Bella during a Twitter rant after the two were caught red-handed seen hanging out when everyone thought Bella and her Teen Wolf bae were still together.

"I can't believe what I'm reading... No one should have their heart messed with like this, and I'm not going to be in the middle of it... I don't know Tyler personally, but I know he shouldn't be treated this way... She told me she was not with him anymore. This is all news to me," the singer said in a series of tweets.

Apparently, the whole thing was a misunderstanding and Bella and Keke Palmer clapped back at Charlie for not just texting Bella to clarify things.

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Scott Disick

It was just a few weeks ago when Bella was scandalously photographed canoodling with Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy in Cannes.

While the pics of their hookup were controversial enough, it was the string of much-younger-than-him women that Scott was seen flirting with after Bella left Cannes that really made headlines.

According to reports, Bella went back to the U.S. feeling "embarrassed" after he moved on so quickly to other women like Chloe Bartoli and Ella Ross. Over the week he was seen with a handful of other women, which is basically just a slap in the face to Bella, with whom he arrived in Cannes in the first place.

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Luke Hemmings' ex loves to go off on people over social media, so when Bella commented on Arz' (then-)boyfriend's Instagram photo, the brunette didn't let it go unnoticed. In fact she replied to Bella's "Oh my god" to Luke's pic with a cold, "Stay in your damn lane honey." OMFG.

Later, when Bella reignited the feud out the blue, Arzaylea called out the Disney star for not even @ing her in the rebuttal.

Photo: Instagram @Arzaylea

Pia Mia

Pia and Bella went from BFFs to frenemies after the "We Should Be Together" singer broke up with Bel's bro, Remy Thorne. When Bella and Zendaya posted a GIF for the first time, Pia and Stella Hudgens seemed to mock them in a GIF of their own!

While it was fairly obvs that they were responding to the Shake It Up! stars, Bella tried to make it seem like the whole thing was NBD and tweeted, "Everyone has their own opinion but @princesspiamia and i were great friends. We are both very busy but she will always be dear to me." Hmm... NGL, we don't exactly buy it! (Plus, notice the word "were?")

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Savannah Chrisley

Remember when Bella totally tried to swoop on the 5 Seconds of Summer guy but didn't quite accomplish her goal? Well, it seems she did the same thing with NBA player Chandler Parsons.

Just after Sav was raving about how the two were "see[ing] where it goes," Bella was all up in Chandler's grill and it seemed the two were ~hanging out.~

Savannah fired shots at the new fling with a IG post mentioning, "@chandlerparsons who?" and then also shared post reading, "Self-absorbed people only think about what makes them feel good at the moment — they don't have any respect or regards for anyone else. Then they wonder why their relationships fail," which many assumed was pointed at the controversial redhead and her flavor-of-the-month athlete.

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Burger King

Looks like Bella will be a loyal McDonald's customer moving forward because BK told the world that BT will not be getting any special treatment from the fast food establishment.

Bella responded to a mysterious tweet from the chain restaurant saying, "@BurgerKing and Cheetos? I want this, I need this, what is it??? NOW! #bkpdpartner," asking for the inside scoop on its "major news coming."

But, let's just say, the King of Burgers wasn't starstruck and responded to Bella saying, "Sorry Bella, it's a secret. Check back tomorrow to find out." Burn!

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