6 Popular Bands That Lost a Member at the Height of Their Success

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Are we the only ones who get confused AF when a member of a super-popular band decides to up and leave out of the blue? It’s kind of like… why fix something that’s not broken? Despite it seeming like total nonsense to do such a thing, it happens legitimately all the time. Every music fan out there probably can remember at lease ONE time their world was basc shattered by such drama within a fave band. Boy-banders, girl-groupers, rockers and pop artists alike bail on their crew looking for independent fame, and leave their former “family” in the dust.

Though guys like Zayn Malik and Kevin Richardson left their boy bands, One Direction and Backstreet Boys, respectively, slightly after their peak in popularity, others decide to ditch in the midst of their glory days, thus, breaking the hearts of their fans and, in a lot of cases, forcing their peeps to take sides:

Fifth Harmony

WHO LEFT: Camila Cabello

2016 was 5H's YEAR. The girl groups single, "Work from Home," featuring Ty Dolla Sign, peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 list (the then-fivesome's best performing song to date). The 7/27 album was also the girls' highest charting album. In that same year, the five-person group went on a world tour and won two VMAs.

While Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Ally Brooke and Dinah Jane should have been feeling on top of the freakin' world by December, their worlds were rocked with news that Camila had decided to drop the group to go solo — a choice she reportedly failed to mention to them face-to-face.

Harmonizers took sides and many believed the girls couldn't make it without Camila. But considering what a bop their new single, "Down," featuring Gucci Mane, is, 2016 might not be the ladies' popularity peak for long...

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Spice Girls

WHO LEFT: Geri Halliwell (a.k.a. Ginger Spice)

A lot of people forget that Ginger Spice left the other girls in 1998, apparently, after management refused to let her speak out about breast cancer awareness, though, at the time she cited exhaustion.

This announcement came just months after the group released the Spiceworld album, Spiceworld: The Movie, launched the Spiceworld Tour and was referred to by Nelson Mandela as his "heroes." OMG.

Her departure shook fans, but ultimately the gal decided to rejoin Scary Spice, Sporty Spice, Baby Spice and Posh in 2007 when the whole crew ended their hiatus.

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Destiny's Child

WHO LEFT: LaTavia Roberson & LeToya Luckett

Pin-pointing Destiny's Child's most popular era is hard to do, but nowadays, many fail to realize that their favorite DC songs were actually originally performed by LaTavia and LeToya not Michelle Williams — tunes like "Bills Bills Bills," "Jumpin Jumpin" and "Say My Name." Those songs were released on the album The Writing's on the Wall, which is considered DC's breakthrough record; out of all of the group's albums, it has the highest number of sales.

However, due to LaTavia and LeToya feeling that their manager (Beyonce's dear-old-dad) favored Bey and Kelly Rowland, and was withholding too much of their profits, they wanted to sever ties with Daddy Knowles.

While they didn't initially plan to quit the group, they found out they were replaced soon after the "Say My Name" music video debuted.

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WHO LEFT: Hunter Lamb

Hayley Williams is the face of Paramore, so many people didn't even notice when this guitar guy left the group to get married.

Hunter joined the group in December 2005 just after the album All We Know is Falling released and left in 2007, the same year Riot! came out, the band's only record to go 2x platinum.

Hayles is the only member who has stuck through all 15 years of Paramore and the band has seen seven other members come and go — so don't be too hard on yourself if you don't exactly remember what Hunter really added to the group.

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Girls' Generation

WHO LEFT: Jessica

It was actually the first-ever member of Girls' Generation who had to leave the girl group just as the ladies reached worldwide recognition. The South-Korean girl group found success in the girls' home country and Japan by 2011, but in 2014 — once they were adored by people all over the world — fans found out that Jessica had been dismissed from the group due to "scheduling conflicts."

The eight other members continue to perform together, but the OG crew is pictured with Katy Perry above.

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Van Halen

WHO LEFT: David Lee Roth

Those of you who are fans of classic rock know that Dave chose to leave the band for his independent endeavors right in the midst of their incredible success. In 1985, the band's popularity was peaking but so was the tension between members over their solo music and certain peoples' drug use. David chose to go his own way for over twenty years before rejoining the other guys in 2007.

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