11 Teen Television Shows That Started Off Great, But Got Terrible Over Time

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When you fall in love with a new show, you usually spend every minute you have to spare binge-watching all episodes available while starting to follow every lead actor on Instagram and Twitter, YouTubing their promotional interviews and searching for fanfiction online — or is that just us? No matter how intense your obsession is at one point, we’ve all also probably experienced that moment where seemingly all of a sudden we just don’t give an eff about the show anymore. Maybe you haven’t tuned in for weeks or maybe you notice that you are technically watching, but you’re actually just scrolling on IG as the series plays in the background. While maybe you’re just distracted because life is crazy, a lot of the time it’s just because unfortunately, the television drama or comedy kind of got bad.

It’s a tough pill to swallow and it definitely can feel like a loss — maybe even a breakup. Something you once loved isn’t around anymore and has been replaced by this monster wearing your favorite TV program’s face. Sorry, are we being dramatic? Either way, shows taking a turn for the worst is something that happens ALL. THE. TIME. — especially when it comes to shows that have been on for a bajillion seasons and have to deal with cast members coming and going like it’s NBD. The 11 programs on this list were awesome in their glory days, but sadly got pretty effing bad as the seasons progressed… at least, according to former fanatics on Reddit:

Teen Wolf

Certain shows just never recover from the loss of a major character, and for some, Alison Argent's painful and bloody death was what ultimately ruined Teen Wolf. Others say it happened even earlier than that, when the writers started putting way too much of an emphasis on the supernatural stuff and not spending enough time on the personal relationships.

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The Vampire Diaries

Remember when we were talking about TV shows not being able to overcome having an actor leave? Well, Nina Dobrev departed from The Vampire Diaries before the last season and, TBH, the people were pissed.

Honestly, the show started getting boring after it was clear that the Damon-Elena-Stefan love triangle was dunzo and Elena had made her choice, but some were still sticking around hoping to see what kind of complicated romantic situations Caroline would wind up in.

Photo: The CW

Pretty Little Liars

PLL is one of those shows that was all the rage when it came out, but as it kept going, it just got crazier and crazier and happened to lose a lot of fans. Many got irritated that 'A' kept changing and wasn't consistent throughout the whole series. As one Redditor, who goes by violentcoffee, explained, "the writers are just making up random sh*t to drag out the storyline. Thank god it's ending this season though."

We'resure we've got a lot of people disagreeing with the "thank god it's ending" thing, but after seven seasons, it did seem like the showrunners were grasping at straws to make things interesting.

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Lots of teen shows don't know how to handle following high schoolers into college, and Glee definitely struggled with that... earning them a prime spot on this list.

During Season 4, when a lot of faves left McKinley High for college, the show ultimately just started feeling like something completely different. Trumpet_23 says, "The first season was great. Fantastic high school drama satire. Then it stopped being satire and stopped being good." Well put!

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Gossip Girl

The "basically unwatchable" Season 6, plus the fact that it "became too ridiculous" led to Redditors calling this one out as a show that wasn't even worth finishing! Also the whole Blair-Dan romance is just SO unbelievable, making it obvious that the writers would do anything to find a new plot twist.

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Jury is still out on whether this show always sucked or if it just took a plummet after Season 2, but most agree that once The Flash started to air, Arrow became pretty lame.

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One Tree Hill

Even though the later seasons of OTH brought with them the inclusion of the ever-adorable Julian (played by Austin Nichols) and FINALLY Brooke got her happy ending... but having the show without Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) was basically taking away what the whole show was supposed to be about. Plus, everything was kind of ruined by Chad and Sophia Bush getting married IRL, divorcing and refusing to have their characters end up together.

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The O.C.

The first two seasons of The O.C. are honestly fire. There's seriously nothing not to love. But on Season 3, the show got rocky and then Season 4 was just like... terrible.

First of all, they kill off one of the main characters and leave another character scrambling to find a great new love interest, which is just annoying. (We're trying not to give spoilers for those of you watching for the first time on Hulu!). As someone on Reddit put it, "I love The O.C.. It's my favorite show of all time. But even I have to admit, it started getting bad in the middle of Season 3. That entire thing with Johnny felt idiotic and then after he died, Ryan met Sadie and you had to deal with all of that stupid drama. Season 4 was alright but, it wasn't like Season 1 or 2. It didn't have the same feeling." FYI: Johnny's death isn't the huge one we were talking about before!

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Supernatural has been going strong for twelve years... and by going strong, we kinda just mean "staying on air" because, according to basically everyone, the program's quality has really started to decline.

To be fair, after 12 seasons, it must be hard to keep up the momentum and find new plot lines to work with, but SERIOUSLY!

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Like Supernatural, Smallville is a show that many fans admit went on too long. Sure, it kind of paved the way for future superhero show successes on The CW, like Arrow and The Flash, but ten seasons?? It's hard to keep up the stamina!

Movieman56 said, "Honest opinion, anything after the high school years was trash. I loved the first four seasons and will still watch those episodes but after high school the writing is f*cked."

Another Reddit user felt a little more enraged and wrote, "I watch NINE f*cking seasons of this crap. And about two episodes into the TENTH SEASON. I just couldn't deal anymore [...] Plot literally goes nowhere and they focus on his ability to fly being OH SO important when EVERYONE ELSE F*CKING DOES IT BUT OH NO, HE CAN'T. AND HE STILL COULDN'T FLY WHEN I STOPPED."

Let's be real, we've all gotten a little ~overly passionate~ about a TV show before, so we can understand where this person's anger is coming from.

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For those of you who are into British teen series (we know you're out there!), you've probably heard of Misfits. After Skins, it's probs one of the most popular teen shows in the U.S. that came from overseas. But like The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, The O.C. and One Tree Hill, the show suffered when one of the leads decided to dip out on his character for other employment opportunities.

Robert Sheehan, who played the annoying but funny and lovable Nathan, left after only two seasons, even though the show kept going for three more years.

TheMightyGoatMan reports, "Watch seasons 1 and 2 and the Christmas special. Only keep going after that if you enjoy suffering." Noted!

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