What the F*ck?! YouTube Star Arrested for Child Porn Released from Jail

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When YouTube star Austin Jones was arrested and charged with two counts of production of child pornography earlier this week, prosecutors urged the judge to hold him in federal custody until his detention hearing because he is a “risk to the community and there’s a danger he’ll flee.” While U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Mason kept him locked up for a few days, he ultimately decided to let the 24-year-old be released to his mother’s custody on a $100,000 bond.

The musician must remain in his mom’s house in a Chicago suburb for 24 hours a day and cannot use the Internet, including any forms of social media, as he awaits trial.

CBS Chicago unsealed the criminal complaint against the YouTuber on Tuesday, which describes him allegedly pressuring two 14-year-old girls to send him sexually explicit videos on separate occasions. A portion of the affidavit read:

“Victim B stated that she was Jones’ biggest fan. Jones repeatedly told her that she was ‘so lucky’ to have his attention and that she needed to ‘prove’ that she was his biggest fan. Jones stated that he wanted to ‘spank’ Victim B, and told her to ‘[t]hink about how amazing that would be for you!! To have your favorite singer spanking your ass!’ He then said, ‘If you’re lucky, maybe I’d let you suck my d*ck.'”

Austin also allegedly asked Victim A to dance on camera and “make it clap super loud and talk about [her] age the whole time.”

If the YT guy is convicted, he faces at least 30 years in prison, as both charges come with a minimum 15-year sentence.

11 YouTube stars who were involved in alleged sexual-abuse scandals:

Sam Pepper

Sam Pepper, a.k.a. Certified A**hole, has risen to fame thanks to countless notorious scandals. Last July, several women started to speak up about being sexual harassed by the 26-year-old Brit, including popular vlogger Marina Joyce, who claimed Sam assaulted her at a 2012 UK Warped tour concert.

Not only did he deny any accusations against him, that September, he showed how much he really DGAF, and posted one of his many D-bag pranks called, "Fake Hand A** Pinch Prank," where he went up to random females and groped them with a hidden hand under his sleeve. Right... but he's totally innocent.

Photo: Twitter (@sampepper)

Steven Fernandez

Our jaws are still on the floor from this one. Last month, the 15-year-old pro-skateboarder slash YouTuber made headlines when a sex plot to lure an underage fan into engaging in sex acts with himself, as well as two male friends in their 20s, became public. Luckily, the cops intercepted before any damage was done, and the teenage punk now holds a high spot on our D-bag List.

Photo: Instagram (@stevenfernandezdoe)

Luke Conard

Joey Graceffa's good friend proved himself to be the ultimate manipulator last year when Kristina Horner and Whitney Milam, his ex-girlfriends, said that they had been forced into engaging in sexual activity with the green-eyed personality. Both girls claimed that while he was getting around with multiple girls, he wouldn't let them date other people and would make them have sex with him to prove their loyalty. Following the allegations, Luke took a hiatus from social media, slowly transitioning his way back in.

Photo: Instagram (@lukeconrad)

Brandon Dylan Ashur

Known for his popular gamer/challenge channel, he was initially under fire for having online relations with a minor, but was never charged as a sex offender, and let off with a slap on the wrist. Then, 11 years later sh** hit the fan when an alleged victim explained she was 17 years old when the then- 28-year-old gamer made advances on her, along with several other women. Like usual, he tried to play the victim and muster up pity from the attacks he was facing from the online community, but we can't really find it in us to care. #SorryNotSorry.

Photo: YouTube (Bashurverse)

Tom Milsom

A former musician under John and Hank Green's DFTBA label, Tom was given the boot after a female shared on Tumblr that the 26-year-old "sexually coerced and abused" her when she was 15 years old, as well as when she was in her 20s. Hank confirmed the accusations, and shared with his fans that he was, "horrified and extremely disappointed," Same, Hank, same.

Photo: Twitter (@tommilsom)

Alex Carpenter

Rosianna Halse Rojas, better known as John Green's personal assistant, described how she was manipulated, lied to and coerced by the then-25-year-old Alex, while she was merely 16 years old. Proving to be a real man (NOTE: sarcasm), Alex pulled from DFTBA Records and peaced out on social media.

Photo: YouTube (Alex Carpenter)

Alex Day

When a minor spoke up that she was sexually manipulated by the YouTube musician while attending a sleepover (and THIS is why mixed sleepovers are a bad idea!), it prompted over ten other females to speak out against the 26-year-old with similar accusations.

After he was pulled from DFTBA and a book deal was canceled, he made a public apology on Tumblr. In the post, which is now deleted, the singer said, "I created situations that put people under enormous pressure," he wrote. "I'm deeply, deeply ashamed of this." He's since made his way back to the online community, and hasn't taken to well to any of negative feedback he's received. Sucks to suck?

Photo: Twitter (@thatalexday)

Ed Blann

Good friends with Tom Milsom and Alex Day, apparently you really are who you hang out. After Hannah Thompson told all in a griping YouTube video, she accused the YouTube musician of emotional and sexual abuse. In a now-deleted post, Ed owned up to the allegations; needless to say, his music was pulled from DFTBA Records and he disappeared almost entirely from social media.

Nearly a year after the claims were made, he released his first video, which wasn't met with too much praise from his former fans, because obviously. Yet he and Alex Day still teamed up for a video where the pair defended their right to be on YouTube. *side eye*

Photo: Twitter (@eddplant)

Jason Sampson

With over 400,000 subscribers and millions of views on his account, VeeOneEye, the blue-haired boy faced major heat once fans started calling him out for sexual abuse in 2014. The claims ranged from minors who he got intoxicated and then sexually harassed, as well as others who accused the online personality of persisting that they send naked pictures to him. Sounds like a real winner.

Photo: Twitter

Craig Dillon

The blond-haired-blue-eyed beauty started sweating when Tate Wolverson, a former fling, came forward about being raped. While he initially didn't out the 18-year-old Internet celebrity, Tate later issued a statement that put him on blast.

After the news hit, it lead a bunch of others to speak out on similar sexual passes by the teen. Following the accusations, he posted a video claiming he was innocent and never raped anyone. Over the summer, the case against Craig was dropped due to lack of evidence, and he has continued to be a strong online personality.

Photo: YouTube (Craig Dillon)

Mike Lombardo

The first of many under DFTBA Records to spark controversy, the 27-year-old musician was arrested in 2012 after a federal search showed him encouraging several minors to send him explicit pictures and videos. The YouTuber plead guilty to receiving child pornography and was sentenced to a minimum of five years in jail this year.

Photo: Twitter (@mikelombardo)

8 YouTubers Who Survived a Sexual Assault

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