The Real Reason Why Emblem3 Split is More Dramatic Than You Thought

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It wasn’t too long ago that we grilled Wesley Stomberg about the status of his band, Emblem3, because no one could really figure out what was going on with the trio. One of the group’s members, Drew Chadwick, left the band in 2014 to pursue a solo career, which ultimately caused the X-Factor act to throw in the towel all together. A couple months after Wes, Drew and Keaton Stromberg went their separate ways, however, they decided to get back together and give it another shot as a threesome. Annnnnnd that was basically the last we heard from them.

Emblemers have a TON of unanswered questions at this point. While the boys usually stay pretty quiet on the topic of their disbandment, other than, ya know, saying that they’ll always be brothers, love each other, blah blah blah, the 24-year-old recently decided to reply to a fan who asked him why he left the group.

“I didn’t leave,” Drew tweeted. “The band fell apart because we don’t get along and don’t collaborate with finesse. Art is about freedom, not confinement.”

Shots fired. The 23-year-old simply couldn’t bite his tongue any longer and jumped on his own Twitter page to stand up for himself and his younger brother, basically calling his former BFF a liar.

Drew then retorted, “It’s evil for you to spread this fallacy publicly. I have my perspective that you will never understand. So immature. I won’t respond again.”

He has since deleted all his tweets.

Soooo, we guess this means this tweet was BS? *shameless promo*

Although Wes was obviously extremely upset last night, he is feeling much better this morning and wants everyone to move past the drama.

Can’t we all just get along?!

8 times a boy-bander savagely dissed a member of his own band:

When Liam bashed Harry's solo music.

When One Direction went on their hiatus and told the world they'd be pursuing individual projects it was bittersweet. On the one hand, we want more 1D! On the other, it gave each of the boys a chance to shine on their own.

Harry Styles was the first to put out a complete album, so while Liam Payne was promoting his first single shortly after, he was obvs asked what he thought of his band mate's new tracks! Unfortunately, the new father-of-one went with brutal honesty instead of vocally supporting the "Sign of the Times" singer. "I'll be honest with you, it's not my sort of music," he told Music Choice (this was after he praised Niall Horan's tunes). "It's not something I'd listen to." ... okay, rude boy.

Cheryl's boyfriend (husband?) backtracked saying, "But I think he did a great job of doing what he wanted to do. That's the way I'd put it best, I think." He also mentioned that Harry "would say the same thing," but still... that's mean.

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When there were possibly fists involved?!

If you're a big 5 Seconds of Summer fan, then you know that Luke Hemmings and Michael Clifford weren't exactly the best of friends when 5SOS was still in school. In fact, Luke has admitted, "We actually hated each other for a solid year of my life." But what many don't know is that their feud has turned violent on occasion. In fact, the lead vocalist once punched the main guitar guy in the face!

Tbh, we're soooo happy the guys have put the fighting behind them because their friendship is #goals now.

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Every time Nick made it painfully obvious that the JoBros were a mistake.

Honestly, Nick Jonas has taken every opportunity to diss his brothers, Joe Jonas and Kevin Jonas. He admits that he was the one pushing for a break up and that it caused some familial tension afterwards. In fact, he has been so vocal about his regret over even being a part of The Jonas Brothers in the first place that we had to give those disses their own post!

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When Justin Timberlake told the world why he wanted to go solo.

J.T. is basically the standard when it comes to boy-banders gone solo. Sure, you still remember his NSYNC days, but "Cry Me a River" and "What Goes Around" completely stand on their own. None of the other guys in his group reached the same level of success, leaving many to wonder if there was any bad blood. In early 2017, he may have set the record straight — yes, yes there was.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Britney Spears' ex not only revealed he felt he was "growing out of [the band]" when he left, but also that the dynamics of the group were far from ideal. "I felt like I cared more about the music than some of the other people in the group," he said.

(FYI: the band is officially "on a hiatus" and has been since 2002, leaving some to wonder if a reunion could still be in store).

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When Nick freaked out on camera.

Nick Carter of The Backstreet Boys has a bit of a temper. We've seen him fight with his little bro, Aaron Carter on their fam's reality show, but on Backstreet Boys: Show 'Em What You're Made Of, we saw him get nasty with another Backstreet boy. After getting riled up feeling asthough Brian Littrell wasn't speaking to him with respect, Nick threw out some insults like "Don't be a f*cking d*ck like everyone knows you are," "I'm not afraid of you anymore" and "are we gonna talk about the fact that you don't necessarily sound as good as we used to?" The Dancing With the Stars alum proceeded to rail on Bri for his singing skills (or lack thereof).

Once Kevin Richardson chimed in to dissolve the situation, Nick calmed down but his words definitely hit Brian below the belt.

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When relationships tore The Wanted apart.

When The Wanted first announced they were taking a break, it was very unclear whether this was really just a break or a permanent split but Max George's unexpected interview with Mail Online definitely made it look like the break up was for good and cast a negative light on the band as a whole."As upsetting as it might be to some of the other guys, I have to live my life," he told the tabloid. He also mentioned that fights over girlfriends led to him and Nathan Sykes teaming up and deciding the whole thing was dunzo.

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When Siva railed on Max.

But when Max made the big announcement that the boy-band was gone for good, Siva Kaneswaran called him out for that not actually being part of the plan.

"We had no idea, literally because we had all released a statement and that was what we had agreed on it. It was a shock and uncalled for." He also spilled, "I wouldn't say he betrayed us but he didn't communicate enough with us. There was a major lack of communication. It was disappointing," mentioning he found out they were never getting back together at the same time as the fans! That's effed!

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When Wesley dished the deets on who caused the Emblem3 ~hiatus~.

Emblem3's timeline has been seriously confusing. They finished fourth on the second season of The X Factor, were signed on Simon Cowell's records and things seemed to be going pretty well.

But in 2014, Drew Chadwick decided to ditch Wesley and Keaton Stromberg to do his own thing. Wes and Keaton, then, started pursuing their own projects making fans wonder if Emblem3 was a thing of the past.

Until, HOLD UP — they were back together in 2016 and touring again? But THEN they dropped out of a gig and left Drew to perform as a solo artist. While this year they've released some more new music, it's safe to say everyone is v confused about the current status of the band, especially because some of Wesley's interviews have seemed to blame Drew for all the drama.

After saying that making solo music feels like "a breath of fresh air," he also admitted that Drew had been kind of jerking the brothers around. Wes told us in an interview, "Shortly after the tour ended in 2016, Drew decided he wanted to go solo again and so I was just kind of like, 'Okay, if we're gonna keep going back and forth and going on this roller coaster, then I need to set myself up.'" The guys obvs can't decide if they're better together or apart, but Wes has since said that, "Emblem3 will always be a band."

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