6 Male TV Actors Who Were Nervous AF Before Their Same-Sex Kissing Scenes

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Sometimes boys like kissing boys and girls like kissing girls — there’s absoutely nothing wrong or weird about that!! While society has come a long way in supporting equality for the LGBTQ+, the small screen also does its part to promote diversity. You can catch at LEAST one same-sex smooch on lots of popular TV shows, including Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Shadowhunters and more.

While fans absolutely LOVE seeing their fave queer characters finally get together on a television series, the actors who portray them sometimes aren’t as pumped…at least at first. Some straight male celebs were nervous because they never kissed a guy before, and some gay stars were equally as hesitant to smooch a member of the same sex. Read on to see which TV guys got the jitters before filming makeout scenes.

Chris Colfer

Chris Colfer and Darren Criss played one of FOX's most lovable couples (#Klaine, duh) on Glee. While the boys seemed 100 percent comfortable with each other on screen, they were actually quite nervous before they started filming kissing scenes.

The 27-year-old explained, "Ryan Murphy came up to Darren and I and told us what the next episode was going to be about, and I think both of our eyes got really, really wide and we were like, 'Huh? What? Really?' And of course I always freak out and panic about storylines that they tell me are coming up because I always think it's going to be raunchy and over the top, but those situations are always handled so well and sensitively and emotionally, and this was no exception."

We totally agree, Chris!

Photo: FOX

Hayden Byerly

Hayden Byerly plays Jude Jacob on Freeform's hit show, The Fosters. His character ends up kissing guy pal Connor, leading to some confusion about sexuality for the the boys. The boys eventually get together for real, bursting hearts of everyone watching.

While the actors understand how important their same-sex coupling is to promoting equality on the small screen, they were nervous before filming their first romantic scene.

"Gavin and I weren't really comfortable early on playing this role and doing such a serious thing with one another," the 16-year-old said in an interview. "It's kind of interesting to kiss someone who you’re friends with who's also the same sex when you're interested in the opposite sex."

Photo: Freeform

John Bregar

Remember the good ol' days of Degrassi? Us too. One of the most memorable parts of the show was John Bregar's performance as gay student Dylan Michalchuk. The actor recalls being nervous about the kissing scenes between his character and other males on the show — "I was nervous and uncomfortable in the beginning, but as the scenes went on, it became more about making the moments real."

Photo: The N

Mark Indelicato

Ugly Betty, we MISS YOU!!! Justin Suarez was a gay teen just trying to navigate his complicated life on the popular ABC series. And to make things even more difficult, the actor who played him had some nerves about taking on the role!

"When Silvio [Horta] sort of first introduced the character and what the character was going to do at the beginning of the season, I was very, very scared," Mark Indelicato said. "And I was very, very hesitant; I really was. It was just so awkward to have to, you know, let alone kiss someone in front of a camera, to kiss a boy, and to have that weight on your shoulders of knowing that it's the first boy-on-boy kiss ever on television, that's tough."

We can't even imagine having that type of pressure on us, but the 22-year-old did an AMAZING job in the end.

Photo: ABC

Omad Abtahi and Mousa Kraish

Everyone is talking about the gay sex scene on American Gods. It was an enormous stride in the right direction for LGBTQ+ representation on the small screen, and overall it was just really dope. But the actors definitely got cold feet before filming!

"Getting a network on board was one thing, but getting two straight men to accurately and passionately portray a sex act they've never performed in their civilian lives was another," showrunner Bryan Fuller told Vulture. "Abtahi and Kraish both said they were nervous about the scene, but that their nerves were calmed by friendship. The pair had known each other for a decade, thanks to being at auditions together and just generally being in the acting hustle."

Photo: Starz

Manny Montana

Manny Montana plays lighthearted and fun-loving Johnny Tuturro on USA's hit TV show, Graceland.While the character identifies as heterosexual, he kissed another male during an episode. When asked about his experience, the actor explained, "It was the most challenging thing I've ever done in my life. When the idea was brought up to me, I was like, 'Yeah, that's a great story line; let's do it! And then the week the episode was filmed, I got really scared."

Manny was eventually able to overcome his fear and shoot an incredible ep.

Photo: USA Network

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