9 Stunning Ladies Harry Styles Dated After His Split from Taylor Swift

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Harry Styles has come a long way since he first joined One Direction. In the past few years, it seems like he’s evolved from boy-band cutie to ‘even your mom is in love with him’ hot. And don’t even get us STARTED on what he’s been doing since he went solo. HO-LY HOTNESS, BATMAN! You guessed it — we *swooned* over him at every stage…and we weren’t the only ones!

In the years following the 23-year-old’s split from Taylor Swift in January 2013, he’s been linked to several stunning women. Jealous? Us too. Especially since one of them was just a regular college student from South Carolina. WTF? Read on for a look at Hazza’s dating timeline since his infamous breakup with Tay:

Kimberly Stewart

Kimberly Stewart is the daughter of rock legend, Rod Stewart. In May 2013, the rocker confirmed that his child was dating the One Direction guy. At the time, Harry was only 19 and Kim was 33 — that's a 14-year age difference!!

Photo: Instagram (@thekimberlystewart)

Cara Delevingne

Several months after Rod Stewart confirmed that Kimarry was a thing, the 1D crooner and Cara attended the Book of Mormon together in London. Immediately, people started speculating that they were dating. Later, Harry was seen attending the model's Burberry fashion show.

When MTV asked him if he was there to see his "girl," he said, "She's not my girl! I know what you're doing." Case closed!

Photo: Instagram (@caradelevingne)

Kendall Jenner

Kendall and Harry were first linked romantically in January 2014 when they hit the slopes of Mammoth Mountain together. Sources say the two were acting like a couple all weekend, but their ~relationship~ eventually faded into the abyss.

Fast forward to a year ago, however, and Hendall reunited for a romantic rendezvous on a yacht to celebrate New Year's Eve. That was basc the last time we saw 'em together.

Photo: Instagram (@kendalljenner)

Paige Reifler

Harry was first linked to Paige Reifler in July of 2014, when the NYC model confirmed their relationship status in an interview. Her exact words were, "Yes, I am seeing him," which definitely cleared up any rumors.

Apparently, the two had flirted before, but due to conflicting work schedules, nothing came of it until July. Although slightly out of character for Harry, maybe it was kind of fun to date someone a few years younger than him!

Photo: Instagram (@paigereifler)

Nadine Leopold

Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold was first linked to Harry in early 2015. They were a gorgeous couple, and the press was addicted. The two split up in March of the same year, but there was tons of controversy over who dumped whom and (for goodness sake) WHY? Now, the commonly accepted story is that the blonde was just too focused on her career to be in the market for a serious relationship and she broke up with him to focus on modeling.

Photo: Instagram (@nadineleopold)

Sara Sampaio

Not too long after his split from Nadine, Harry tried his hand with another Victoria's Secret model, Sara Sampaio. Although the two apparently never dated seriously, the brunette was seen leaving the Brit's hotel in NYC early in the morning...in the same outfit as she was wearing the night before!!! O. M. G. #Scandalous

Photo: Instagram (@sarasampaio)

Townes Adair Jones

Okay, this one is cray. You know Harry's song, "Carolina"? Well, it was recently discovered that he wrote it about this mystery girl — Townes Adair Jones.

Mutual friends set them up on a blind date, and although they only hung out once, she clearly holds a special spot in his heart.

Hey Harry — if you're interested in dating any other regular humans in the future... we're single!!!

Photo: Instagram

Dua Lipa

Rumors started swirling that singers Dua Lipa and Harry Styles were an item early this year. The two were seen out to dinner one night, which #obviously means they're #inlove. JK though, because when asked whether she was dating the 1D guy, DL replied, "He's a friend of mine. We've been friends for a while and we were just catching up. We just went, believe it or not, to a little risotto ball restaurant, and just hung out and caught up. My heart is set on someone else. He's a chef and a model.”


Photo: Instagram (@dualipa)

Tess Ward

Ready to hear all about the cutest/most private Harry Styles relationship, like, ever? Currently, Harry is dating Tess Ward, a chef/writer with her own cookbook. The couple is mad cute, doing things like sharing clothes (she wore his shirt to the Audi Polo Challenge in London! *sigh*). Sources close to the two say they're "a great match" and "everyone that has met them has only had good things to say."

We can't even be mad at her for dating our boy — they're adorable!

Photo: Instagram (@tessward)

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