Ho-ly Crap! Britt Robertson Says She and Dylan O’Brien Are Freakin’ Engaged

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Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson are #relationshipgoals like no other. The actors met while filming The First Time back in 2011 and, like their characters in the movie, fell in love rather quickly. The pair has been together ever since, and despite them being only 25 and 27, respectively, there’s one question that’s on everyone’s mind — is a wedding in the near future?!

Whenever we’d hear that question in the past, we’d automatically roll our eyes; CAN’T THEY JUST LIVE LIFE AND BE YOUNG AND IN LOVE WITHOUT THE PRESSURE OF GETTING ENGAGED?! We were casually scrolling through our Instagram feed over the weekend, however, when we saw something that made our jaw literally drop — The Girl Boss actress uploaded a picture of the Teen Wolf guy with the following caption, “Yes, we are officially engaged. #Brylan is real confirmed by Chikri.” W-H-A-T?!

As expected, people freaked the F*CK out for a few minutes. But then upon further inspection, we saw that Britt’s page was filled with some other strange posts, mostly encouraging people to follow that Chikri person. Ahhh, yes — the actress was hacked. #classic.

The posts stayed up for a few hours, but she was eventually able to regain control of her IG page and delete the pic that stirred up the engagement rumors. So no — Brylan is not engaged as of now, but you never know what could happen in the (hopefully near) future!

6 stars who sparked engagement rumors and never denied them:

Lucy Hale

Lucy sparked major proposal rumors in 2014 after posting an adorable Instagram of her wearing a diamond ring while kissing her (now) ex. Two years later, it's a new guy but the same situation! Several of the PLL star's Instas with BF Anthony Calabretta appear to show the actress sporting a gorgeous engagement ring, but she's kept her lips sealed on the issue. We hope it's true, Lucy!

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Miley Cyrus

It's no secret that Miley and Liam Hemsworth were engaged in a few years ago, but after their highly publicized breakup in 2013 and eventual reconciliation at the beginning of the year, they've been much quieter about their relationship. Although many fans think the two could be tying the knot before the year ends (MiCy IS wearing her engagement ring), there's been no official word from either star if they're actually tying the knot again.

Photo: WENN

Ed Sheeran

Ed not only might be secretly engaged, but he could already be married!! The singer has been with his girlfriend/fiancee/wife? for more than a year, and some fans suspect things are pretty permanent: He's been spotted numerous times with a ring on that finger, and he hasn't really denied an engagement or wedding...!

Photo: WENN

Cara Delevingne

Cara is head over heels for her girlfriend St. Vincent, and the relationship is supposedly on its way to the altar. Although the model has never confirmed (or denied) an engagement, she's been photographed multiple times with a telltale diamond ring on her left hand. Fingers crossed!

Photo: WENN

Ryan Gosling

No offense, Eva Mendes but um... what are you waiting for?! The couple recently welcomed a baby, and their relationship appears to be as strong as ever — so why won't they discuss a future wedding? Fans and tabloids seem to think that the two are engaged on the DL, but may not marry anytime soon.

Photo: WENN

Shia LaBeouf

After months of gossip, it now seems all but certain that Shia is engaged to longtime GF Mia Goff. He hasn't said a word to reporters, but he supposedly spilled the beans to a grocery store cashier and a fan in an elevator in early 2016. Come clean, Shia!

Photo: WENN

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