10 Britt Robertson Quotes on Love, Dating and YEP — Dylan O’Brien

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Britt Robertson clearly has a handle on her career AND her love life — she’s starred in several major motion pictures, is headlining Netflix’s hit show, Girlboss, and has been seriously dating Teen Wolf heartthrob Dylan O’Brien since 2012. How DOES she do it?

The 27-year-old actress used to stay relatively silent about her love life, but recently has become more vocal about romancing the Maze Runner guy, despite their busy work schedules. Here, we’ve dug up 12 instances in which Britt talked about her thoughts about love, relationships and — you guessed it — Dylan!! Who knows? Maybe she’ll even teach you a thing or two!

About Her Best Date Ever

"I had a pretty good Valentine's Day this year; it was pretty special… we went to my favorite restaurant."

When asked about her favorite date ever, Britt talked about her most recent V-Day celebration with boo, Dylan O'Brien. Apparently, it was a cute and cozy one at her favorite place, which is SUCH a thing that Dyl would do.

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About Dylan's Gas Issues

"I flew with my two dogs on a coach flight ... and got there to find out that it was not his appendix… It was a gas issue."

Not all aspects of being in love are romantic. Once, Britt and Dylan were working on separate sets, a country apart. When Dylan's producer called Britt to tell her that Dylan was in pain, she flew all the way across America to accompany him to the hospital! Turns out, it wasn't that big a deal after all.

Photo: Imgrum (@screamartin)

About Lessons Learned

"I've learned all of my little tidbits about relationships from people who've been in relationships for a long time. Everything I always hear is just communication — you should be talking about almost everything... The thing I have to be in any relationship is I have to be informed."

One time, the 27-year-old was asked for her secret to making a relationship last, and this was her response. We don't know who exactly she learned from, but it sounds like she's taking some pretty good notes!

Photo: 20th Century Fox

About Her First Love

"The reason why I will remember him forever is because it was my first glimpse at what it means to love someone, to appreciate someone and to care for someone and to be kind. You have all these idealistic versions of what a relationship is or what it is meant to be, or what love is, and then you get your first little taste and you go like: 'Oh that's not what I want!'"

Everyone has fond memories of their first loves, and Britt is no exception! However, we think she's probably doing a little better this time around, with Dylan.

Photo: Castle Rock Entertainment

About How She's Not That Romantic

"I don't know that I'm that romantic… I'm not into, like, the mushy stuff, and it feels like romance can be a bit mushy sometimes, don't you think?"

Amen, sister. excessive PDA is not cute. A little hand-holding and quick smooching is adores, but when it gets into tongues and bumps and grinds....no. Just, no.

Photo: Walt Disney Pictures

About Online Dating

"I encourage it. I've got a lot of girlfriends who are looking for dudes out there, and I just tell them to hit up the sites. Everybody's doing that online dating stuff."

True that! We live in a day and age in which it's totally appropriate to try online dating. Maybe your #soulmate lives really far away, and the only way you'll ever meet him/her is on Tinder! Just saying.

Photo: Twitter (@teenwolfbr)

About Her First Kiss With Dylan

"The first time Dylan and I did a kissing scene, I was just like, 'I do not feel good about this. Like, this feels so bad!' Not that the kissing was bad, it was just like, 'I don’t feel right. This doesn’t feel good.' And I was right, because we ended up filming it again the next day."

Sparks don't always fly on the first kiss, and in Britt and Dylan's case, they definitely did not. Ironically, the two started dating shortly after this scene went live in the movie, causing fans everywhere to #freak TF out. Guess the second time's a charm.

Photo: Castle Rock Entertainment

About Dylan Kissing Her Best Friend

"We're sort of used to us having to be in those situations where you’re making love with strangers or whatever… it's all acting. We try to just keep it professional and trust one another. But I have watched, with him, episodes of Teen Wolf where he's making out with my best friend. And, like, having sex with her. And we've watched it together. It is funny, but it's more just like, 'Huh, that's what it would be like to see you cheating on me with my best friend…. Interesting. Okay, cool.'"

Britt is confident AF, which makes her relationship strong and healthy. If she and her famous bae didn't trust each other, their relationship wouldn't be nearly as cute as we know it is RN.

Photo: MTV

About Her First Time Meeting Dyl

"I was confused… The first time I met him was during our chemistry read, and he was like, drinking a coffee, and he had his head shaved for Teen Wolf, so he looked really young… I was like, 'Is he a grown man in a little boy's body?' Mixed signals.'"

This story of the first time Britt and Dylan actually met is hilar. She literally thought he was, like, 10. LMAO!!

Photo: Twitter (@___kaytiee___)

About Her First Kiss

"The guy, like, pretended that we didn’t kiss. He told everyone that I was, like, making it up… so it was traumatizing."

OMG, it's a wonder she even still kisses people after that. #Rude. Good thing she got over her fear, though!

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