8 of the Most Highly Anticipated Kisses in Teen TV Show History

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Honestly, what’s not to love about a romantic on-screen kiss? Usually, a good TV smooch is hot and heavy, occurs between two of our favorite characters (#ship #ship #ship), and the first one is HIGHLY anticipated, basically torturing us for weeks (sometimes even YEARS).

Just like normal humans each of their own tale about their first kiss, the stories that are behind initial makeouts on the small screen also vary. Some first-peck moments between our fave characters were steamy, while others were bittersweet. But no matter what variables surrounded ’em, they all have one thing in common — they were SO HIGHLY ANTICIPATED IT HURT.

Stiles & Lydia, Teen Wolf

While Stydia technically kissed while Stiles was having a panic attack in an episode of season three, their first real smooch didn't happen until season freakin' SIX! The wait was long and painful, but it was so, SO worth it.

Photo: MTV

Damon & Elena, The Vampire Diaries

This Vampire Diaries couple is the ultimate #ship. Delena is dark, brooding and mysterious — making them the actual sexiest duo alive. Their steamy first kiss was long-awaited, and fans were stoked when it finally happened. Emphasis on finally — the real one didn't occur until well into season 3!!

Photo: The CW

Alec & Magnus, Shadowhunters

After reading Cassandra Clare's beloved books, The Mortal Instruments fans were PUMPED to see Malec's first kiss come to love on Shadowhunters. Although Alec was at the altar ready to marry Lydia for both of their benefits, they both knew what was really in his heart — he was in love with Magnus.

Luckily, Lydia told Alec that he "deserves to be happy" and the tall, dark and handsome man marched right over to the Warlock and planted a passionate kiss on his lips. #ROMANCE

Photo: Freeform

Clay & Hannah, 13 Reasons Why

If you watched 13 Reasons Why, you started shipping this could from the very first episode. The pair had one of the most heartbreaking relationships (can you even call it that??) in TV history in general, but the flashback of their first kiss was definitely a dagger straight to the feels. It was beautiful, but we knew the couple wouldn't have a happy ending from the beginning, sadly.

Photo: Netflix

Emily & Alison, Pretty Little Liars

These PLL girls are a perfect match (#EmisonisEndgame, hellooooo), and fans ship them harder than perhaps any other TV couple in history. While their first kiss was completely adorable, the episode in which it was featured was pretty sad. Em clearly had feelings for Ali and made that known, but the latter shot down the brunette's emotions by playing off the smooch as "practice for the real thing."

Photo: Freeform

Kurt & Blaine, Glee

DO NOT. PRETEND. YOU DIDN'T LOVE THIS. The first kiss between Kurt and Blaine was the ultimate creator of anticipation — not only was it to happen between everyone's favorite Glee characters, but it was also an LGBT makeout. At the time, this was virtually a TV revolution, and everyone rejoiced. #Klaine was (is?) the bomb, and don't you forget it.

Photo: FOX

Nathan & Haley, One Tree Hill

Naley went from being the most unlikely pairing to the most shipped TV couple in, like, no time at all. OTH fans knew that the characters were trying to hide their feelings for each other for various reasons, so when Nathan finally planted one on his tutor in the eighth episode of season one, people FREAKED THE EFF OUT!

While One Tree Hill has been off the air for several years now, this smooch will forever be one of the most memorable and romantic of all time.

Photo: The CW

Felicity & Oliver, Arrow

This pair's relationship can def be compared to a roller coaster, which is prob why their season three kiss was all the more sweet. While Oliver confessed his love to Felicity during the second season finale, it was until several episodes later that he decided to show those feelings in the form of a smooch.

Photo: The CW

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