So, Tessa Brooks & Chance Sutton Were NOT Dating Before… But They are Now!

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For months, fans of Team 10 have shipped #Chessa. You know Chessa, right? Well, whether or not you do, we’ll tell you: It’s the pairing of the social media crew’s Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton. Though neither member claimed to be the other’s significant other, the public was SHOOK when, after flirting all.the.time, the two finally ~kissed~ on camera earlier this month.

“If Chessa ain’t real then I don’t know what is πŸ˜‚β€οΈ @abz977,” @elliedaley041 tweeted at the time.

“CHESSA IS A 100% REAL OK AND THE KISS MADE IT OFFICIAL (ERICA GOT ME DEADπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)@ImChanceSutton,” exclaimed @jakepaulers43.

Not to burst your bubble… but that was, apparently, not true; the two were not dating then.

BUT, have no fear, Chessa shippers, ’cause the two are dating now! At least, according to Tessa’s latest vlogs. Throughout the past week, the dancing beauty posted a series of videos which seemingly trolled fans of the duo, with enticing titles like “Chessa………,” “WE GOT MARRIED!!!” and “CHANCE MOVED IN WITH ME!!” Oh, and the thumbnails were enticing, too: one featured Tessa kissing Chance on the cheek, one was of the two of them kissing on the lips… in a chapel(!) and another depicted the two spooning in bed. HOWEVER, it’s the brunette’s latest vlog that’s sending everyone over the edge: “OUR FIRST DATE!!”

In nearly 7 minutes worth of footage, Tessa takes viewers along on her oh-so-romantic date with her tall companion, and it is adorbs. No on-the-lips kisses are exchanged (from what we can see), but there is some sweet hand-holding and hand-kissing (and thigh touches, too).

By video’s end, Tessa’s getting ready for Date #3 with Chance, along with her best friend, Erika Costell, who’s getting ready for a night out with Jake Paul. (#Jerika’s “relationship” is a story for another time.)

“Third date, success,” Chance reveals post-night out.

“It was good; I enjoyed it a lot,” Tessa adds.

Are you shipping Chessa? ’cause we just might be.
Did you know that Team 10’s one of the richest social media crews at the moment? See here:


Out of all the social media crews out there, Smosh is probably nearest and dearest to our hearts. Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox started making YouTube videos allllll the way back in 2005, and blew up the frigging internet. Today, the estimated net worth of the group is approximately $11.8 BILLION, which tops out our chart at #1. Recently, Anthony left Smosh to pursue more personal ventures, but to us, he will always be a part of the group.

Photo: YouTube (Smosh)


If you weren't ~swooning~ over these nine Internet hotties a few years back, you were doing something horribly wrong. Although the original Magcon crew has broken up since their extremely popular tour days, most of the members are still bringing in the cash.

As most people know, Nash Grier is one of the sensations that started it all back in 2013 and, to this day, he's still the top earner from the group. The 19-year-old's estimated net worth seems to be controversial, but several sources agree on a whopping $10 million, topping that of stars like Bella Thorne and Lucy Hale.

Add that to Cameron Dallas' net worth of ~$6 million and Shawn Mendes' ~$3 million and you have a squad that's RICH AF.

Photo: YouTube

Team 10

Team 10 is the Internet's new favorite thing to talk about. This summer alone, the teen squad has released dozens of vlogs from each of its members, and even a few professional music videos. All this YouTube stuff might be getting a little out of hand, but we are not complaining β€” we're glued to our screens when Team 10 is in the news!

At the center of it all is team leader Jake Paul, who is not only a member of the squad, but also a Disney Channel actor. He's got the highest net worth of the crew, at approximately $4.8 million as of 2017.

The other members of the squad are still relatively new to the fame game, but with the mastermind that is JP managing their careers, it's only a matter of time before they're rich AF, too.

Photo: YouTube

The YouTube Boy Band

This "boy band" doesn't dance or sing β€” actually, they don't do that much of anything. They're just a couple of super cute vloggers who stole the hearts of millions of YouTube users. And, boy, have they stolen ours!

The drool-worthy group is comprised of Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Jim Chapman, Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg, each of whom is arguably cuter than the last. All of the guys are widely successful both on and off YT, but Alfie reportedly is worth the most β€” $4.5 million to be exact! WOWZA!

Photo: Instagram (@pointlessblog)

The British Crew

These four Internet superstars (Zoe Sugg, Louise Pentland, Niomi Smart and Tanya Burr) are the glammest of them all, especially when the #squad is in full force! The fashion and beauty vloggers took YouTube by storm during the guru craze a few years ago, and each of them is still going strong today. Although the girls' earnings are completely separate, their combined value is enormous β€” and the top earner is Zoella, who brought in over $71,000 A MONTH in 2016 alone. Now we're just wondering how you get paid to be cute, because we're pretty sure we qualify, too!

Photo: Tumblr (Louise Pentland)

The Squad

Baby Ariel, Blake Gray, Zach Clayton and the rest of their crew each got their start on Now, their stardom has spread to their other social media channels, such as Instagram, YouTube and YouNow, etc. The young Internet celebrities are very close friends, and their clan collectively makes a ton of money. But Baby Ariel is the top earner in this crew, at an estimated net worth of $1.75 million in 2017. GOALS!

Photo: Twitter (@britton_gray)

The Comedy Trio

Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart are potentially the three wackiest and most endearing Internet personalities around. They're the ultimate YouTube #girlsquad goals β€” so don't even pretend you don't want in. But besides being fun and cool, these three badass women earn tons of money doing what they love. Does that make them #lifegoals, too? We think yes.

The top earner in this crew is Grace, at an insane net worth of $5. Is it too late for us to become a YouTube comedian......?

Photo: YouTube

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