Jake Paul & Erika Costell’s “Relationship” is Moving Freakishly Fast

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While people thought Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton were dating LONG before they actually became a thing, it seems that Jake Paul and Erika Costell went from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye. The Team 10 duo was simply two people living in the same house just a few weeks ago, but now they’re sleeping in the same bed, going on dates and — wait for it — getting married in Las Vegas.

The 20-year-old guy and 23-year-old girl decided to be spontaneous and walk down the aisle in a wedding chapel in Sin City about a week ago.

While JP claimed the two never kissed or even dated before their ~big day~, he doesn’t seem too upset about calling the new YouTuber his wife in, like, every. single. one.. of his recent videos. The pair also wakes up beside each other every morning, smooches pretty much ALL the time and goes out with #Chessa on double dates. #Goals (*cough* notatall *cough*)

Not gonna lie, we think Jerika’s whole relationship is pretty suspicious. The ~couple~ started appearing in public together around the same time that the brunette launched her YouTube channel, which gained over 1 million subscribers in just a few days. Jake and Erika are also constantly promoting his merchandise line in their videos, sooooo….you can see where we’re going with this one.

But hey — maybe JP & EC really are dating. If so, good for them; at least we know that both Alissa Violet and the blond are finally moving on from one another.

We wonder how Erika feels about Jake’s lengthy YouTube-makeout history:

Alissa Violet

Attention all #Jalissa shippers: there is a video on YouTube of Jake Paul and Alissa Violet kissing. Unfortunately, it was NOT proof of their relationship that fans once wanted so desperately — the kiss we're talking about was just a prank.

The 20-year-old pretended to pass out and the 21-year-old jumped in to do CPR and "save his life." After her lips touched his, the YouTube star jumped up and could not stop laughing. Sneaky, huh? Our suggestion: do not try this at home.

Photo: YouTube

Tessa Brooks

Tessa Brooks is another female member of Team 10 and rumors were once swirling around her and team leader, Jake Paul. Did they hook up? Did they not hook up? Somehow, even though it's all over the Internet, the Team is great at keeping secrets (ugh).

In this video, the 18-year-old makes out with multiple members of Team 10, blindfolded, to decide who's the best at kissing. To us, her smooch with the 20-year-old looks suspiciously steamy... but maybe we're overthinking it.

Photo: YouTube

Amanda Cerny

Viner/model/actress Amanda Cerny has been spending quite a lot of time with Team 10 lately. Fans are even starting to ship her with JP, so it's no surprise to us that he's posted several videos of the two making out on his YouTube channel. Give the people what they want, right?

In this video, Jake plays the same trick on Amanda that he did on Alissa Violet — he pretends to pass out, and the girl tries to do CPR on him! Is this, like, a thing now?

Photo: YouTube

Teala Dunn

Anotha one! YouTuber Teala Dunn was recently filmed making out with members of Team 10 in yet another effort to decide who's the best kisser on the squad. In the video, all her kisses look pretty average, except for (you guessed it) the one that happened with Jake! At this point, we just wonder if he's just using these vids for practice? Whether or not that's the case, he's certainly putting in a lot of effort, and it seems like he's enjoying it.

Photo: YouTube

Ivan Martinez

In this video, Jake was challenged to kiss fellow Team 10 member Ivan Martinez — on the lips! The boys agreed to do it, but absolutely freaked as soon as it was over. It's a charming video, but we worry about whether JP's mouth is good for anything besides kissing???

Photo: YouTube

Chance Sutton

Viner-turned-YouTuber Chance Sutton somehow got wrapped up in Jake's antics this time around. Here, you can watch the two boys kissing as a part of one of the blond's challenge videos. Like Jake's kiss with Ivan, this smooch was quick — just a little peck on the lips, followed by lots of yelling and jumping around.

Photo: YouTube

Erika Costell

In this video, Jake marries NEW TEAM 10 MEMBER Erika Costell. Erika recently released her first-ever YouTube video, and her following immediately grew to over 200,000 users within the first day and a half. Now, she's over 800k and people are shipping #Jerika. Looks like there's a new Alissa Violet on the scene....

Photo: YouTube

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